Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mistaken Ideity

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After the creators of "South Park" had their lives threatened for showing someone who might
have been Mohammed completely hidden inside a goofy bear costume, a Seattle artist tried to show support for them by making a cartoon about "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day," to take place on May 20th.

The point of her cartoon was that artists could draw anything (like, say, a cup of coffee or a box of pasta with a smiley face) and still be accused of blasphemy even if the picture looked nothing like Mohammed.

The idea for "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" really caught on...which is why the artist quickly changed her tune to "I was only kidding! Don't draw any pictures! Really!" and started wearing high-neck, chainmail collars.

Meanwhile, this raises the dicey question of what kind of pictures and cartoons can be safely published, if Mohammed's likeness (and thereby the offense) is all in the eye and mind of the beholder? Can there be any safe pictures of anything? Can we still tell jokes about the Sultan of Jiffy Pop?

And is there still Freedom of Speech when people become too scared to use it?

Bonus: To help clear up any confusion and perhaps save lives, we offer the following guide:

These are not images of Mohammed

According to Jihadists, this is.


Jz said...

ROTFL! Sultan of Jiffy Pop! Phenomenal!

Anonymous said...

The People's Cube came up with an interesting variation on this: Everybody Draw a POSITIVE Mohammed Day

The idea is Mohammed is depicted as handsome, kind, smart, and progressive, so the Islamofascists look doubly stupid when they get angry over the images.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Sultan of Jiffy Pop (tm) - Funny!
Sultan of Juffy BOOM - not so much..

drozz said...

by far my favorite post SJ!

although, admittedly, i've only been following for a few months.

still, nothing shows the hypocracy in the media (and even on fox news)and pop culture than south park. i love those guys.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

drozz- South Park does a great job of attacking hypocrisy on both the left and the right...and we love them for it. They're smart, they're funny, they're politically incorrect, and they have cajones. And frankly, people like that are America's best hope.

pryorguy said...

Tell ya what!!! I'm more than ready for the 'change' we'll see after the mid-term elections this year! Keep up the good work!!

Diane said...

Sultan of Jiffy Pop! it's great!