Monday, June 21, 2010

The Emperor's New Suit

Those people who only get basic cable television instead of the 24-hour Ecuadorian News Network ("We Report, You Raise Llamas") are only now hearing about Hillary Clinton's revelation that Barack Obama has ordered the Justice Department to sue Arizona over the state's attempt to enforce the federal government's own immigration laws.

The timing is rather inconvenient for the Whitehouse and Justice Department, as apparently the decision to sue was made before finding an actual reason to sue, leaving a lot of official spokespeople scurrying for political cover.

The vaguely stated argument is that only the federal government can enforce federal law...even when they choose not to. And by attempting to enforce federal law, Arizona is usurping federal powers.

But wouldn't Arizona also be usurping federal powers if, like the feds themselves, they don't enforce immigration law?

And why, really, is Obama so desperate to keep the flood of illegal aliens coming into the United States? According to Arizona Senator Jon Kyl, the president admitted in a one-on-one meeting that he wants the borders to remain unsecured as a bargaining chip to force Republicans to vote for "comprehensive immigration reform"...presumably granting citizenship to tens of millions of "undocumented Democrats" from south of the border.

Put another way, the president is neglecting the constitutionally required duty of protecting our borders and actively sponsoring an invasion of the United States to consolidate his own political power.

Hopefully the next news bulletin we get from Ecuador will be that Barack Obama is on trial for treason.


Anonymous said...

The WORST line I hear from libs (I hear it often from my own "representative" Kucinich) is, "There's NO such thing as an illegal human being!!!" Right. I guess rapists and murderers are simply "uncalibrated protestors of Western morality" or whatever soft name the libs use.

America isn't even worth the fight anymore. You have the next generation being raised to believe that capitalism has "failed" and that America is the genesis of all the world's problems. They'll usher in Marxism faster than Obama can suck oil through a straw. We rationalists need to accept & lament the victory of incessant liberalism and sit back and witness its destruction.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Scary. Anonymous' comments confirm the fear I gave voice to in my own blog just Saturday, quoted below:

[...]Am I the only one terrified by this “president’s” actions? Where is the moral outrage over the abuses of office? Why aren’t we tearing down the media outlets, forcing them to do their job? Is it that we are all resigned to the nazi-like state that these incidents bode for our country? Are we afraid to speak up because we expect this jackass to achieve absolute power and send his minions in Acorn and the “health care army” to collect his detractors?

Or am I simply asleep, having a bad dream - perhaps induced by the delirium of a serious illness? I keep waiting to wake up from this nightmare, but I fear I’m not sleeping. I fear we’ve become a country of sheep. And Obama’s come to quietly lead us to slaughter…

Spinelessobama said...

I have thought about why people don't speak up about what has been going on. This is just my opinion, the majority of the people just plain don't care just as long as they have cable and a cell phone. The government has dumbed down a lot of the people. Our schools don't teach people to think for themselves, just let big brother government do the thinking for you, we know what is best for you. A lot of people are fine with that. They totally trust the government.

Dr.D said...

Kyl's revelation is indeed a charge of treason and it ought to be taken seriously and prosecuted against Obama. He must not be above the law, no matter how much he wants to be above it. The punishment for treason is death, and it is just about time to execute this man for treason.

Pete(Detroit) said...

"They totally trust the government. "

And THAT, is, IMAO, a BIG part of the problem.

Erik said...

(I may as well name myself)

Well, the largest problem is that government creates problems which people think can be solved only by government. The oil leak is a perfect example of this. THEY caused the leak to happen in the first place because of their "environmental" prohibitions while simultaneously lessening regulations; then, when a leak happens, everyone goes crying to Obama saying, "Oh please get angry, your majesty! We need to see you take control!" whereupon he DOES in the form of cap & tax.

It makes me physically sick.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Good comments across the board, although they're unsurprisingly depressing as hell. It is increasingly hard to be optimistic about either this country's future or the willingness of the electorate to stand up and defend it.

That being said, we're not going to sit back and mourn...we're simply going to forego the luxury of optimism and keep fighting anyway. History teaches us that there have been many times when victory was achieved only because people continued to fight during periods in which their ultimate victory seemed impossible.

A special note regarding Dr. D's post; Hope n' Change does not and will not advocate violence in any form as a means of resolving domestic political woes. So ix-nay on the eath-day.

However we do strongly believe in justice being served to the fullest, and feel a charge of treason is justified. As is, if assigned by the courts, any appropriate punishment.

Spinelessobama said...


I was too ashamed to admit it too. The difference now is that we do see what is going on and disagreeing with the way government is taking us. Obama is just a puppet. The real people are the ones who pull the strings, and that is only a handful of people. The dumbing down probably started 50-60 years ago. They did it a little at a time until they had dumbed down enough people who would let others do their thinking that would make a difference when it came time to elect "the feel good people".

My wife was a school teacher. The year she got fed up with all the mess and retired is when she went to a state wide meeting on how to improve reading scores. Guess what they came up with, lower the standards, instead of coming up with a plan to help students read better. I believe that was the plan even before the meeting started. If you can read you can teach yourself if you want to bad enough, if you can't read well then what can you do, "push 1 for english".

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Spinelessobama- speaking of the dumbing down of education, and specifically reading, we saw an article recently that pointed out that the vast majority of kids in school are now "below average" in their reading levels.

Of course, it's a statistical impossibility that you can ever have more than 50% of a group be "below average" ...unless the standard for "average" was set by a different (in this case, previous) group.

We haven't read Glenn Beck's new book "The Overton Window," but understand that this sliding and declining scale of achievement, and the active desire to "dumb down" the populace, is a key component.

alan markus said...

As Stilton said: "History teaches us that there have been many times when victory was achieved only because people continued to fight during periods in which their ultimate victory seemed impossible."

Patience, dear Grasshoppers! A year ago, the conventional wisdom was that the Republicans were doomed to wander in the political wilderness.... not hearing that too much lately. So, keep on keeping on (who said that, Mr. Natural?).

It is absolutely necessary that 1) 2010 election proves that the American people want their government back. A lack of Democrat majority would go a long way to temper the effects that Obama is having now. 2) It is also necessary that Obama finish his term and leaves office in January of 2013. Even if he does something that would rise to level of impeachment/treason, there is a significant portion of the population that would never see it that way & our country does not need that kind of stress put on our political system. Whatever scenario causes Obama to not get a 2nd term (does not run or is voted out), believe me, Obama will be portrayed as a victim.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

alan- Excellent points! And as much as we daydream about tar and feathers, the reality is that attempts at impeachment or other early removal from office would be unfairly spun to increase Obama's presumed martyrdom, and the "racist" nature of his opposition.

But a massive change in the makeup of congress in the midterms can pull the president's fangs, and leave him powerless and exposed as the new and not improved "Jimmy Carter of the 21st Century."

In the long term, that may be the best way to destroy Obama's self-created myth: by letting it crumble in plain sight.

pryorguy said...

keep the faith fellow Americans!!! I too believe we are going to see some things change...doesnt mean all will be well, we're in a heckuva mess all around, but as you guys so astutely put it,the American people have been in hopeless situations before...the only thing for evil to triumph is for good people do nothing.

Erik said...

I've given up on the Republicans. Remember back in 2006 when they were concerned about banning burning the flag and gay marriage? They're not a serious party anymore- they even LOOK like cockroaches in suits, especially that fop Mitch McConnell. They're not even focusing on Obama's criminality & lies (Sestak anyone?) and they're certainly not coalescing like the Dems did back in '06.

The conservative movement is fragmented. We don't even really have serious conservative leaders, and the ones we do have are castrated. Of anyone, Glenn Beck at least tries to get people to understand the substance of the Founding Fathers, but look at how he's treated in the media.

Once the toxin of liberalism has poisoned the minds of enough people, it is an incessant cancerous growth until it kills off its host. Liberals have an actual (blind, fallacious, suicidal) ideology to shout out whereas conservatives want society to follow the natural & rational course (not much of a mantra to shout).

I'll keep fighting, but let's not kid ourselves- we know where things are headed. The only satisfaction we have, if it can even be called that, is that we can see the coming destruction.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Erik- As much as we'd like to say "way to pee in the punchbowl," we agree with virtually everything you're saying (which also explains the taste of this punch).

BUT...the fact that we know where things are headed doesn't mean they'll necessarily get there. There was a (very) brief unity of purpose in this country following 9/11. We hope it wouldn't take another - or larger - "man caused catastrophe" to knock some sense into Americans, but it could conceivably happen.

Or a complete economic meltdown which would simply put an end to entitlement programs (albeit while crippling our nation for a generation or so).

We wish we could come up with more pleasant scenarios than those - and hopefully they exist - but the point is that we've got to continue carrying the torch, in hopes that there will someday be wiser and stronger hands to pass it to.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

On the subject of dumbing down: watch "Ideocracy" After seeing that, I felt like Ebenezer Scrooge: "Good Spirit, your nature intercedes for me, and pities me. Assure me that I yet may change these shadows you have shown me, by an altered life." Yay, if only the entire country felt the same.

On the election: Caution, young Skywalker! A fracturing of the conservative vote between the RNC and some third party will cement Obama's second term, just as the great sucking sound in the south helped Clinton gain his first. Best is to stick with them, and hope for many conservatives in Republican clothing - as has shown to be the case in most recent primaries (Massachusetts notwithstanding - he's about the best you could hope for from THAT liberal stronghold...)

Anyone else feel that Michael Steele is poorly suited to the job? I see him as the perfect DNC plant: ejecting him paints the RNC as rascist. Keeping him paints the RNC as little different from the DNC. Brilliant!

To reader TJH: Thanks for introducing me to this site - I'm hooked. To my cheesey cousin Stilton: Thanks. I really didn't need yet another site to be hooked on. :o)

Erik said...

I guess not all hope is lost. I'm seeing some great conservative leadership out of CANADA of all places. Stephen Harper is the ideal conservative leader: educated, intelligent, eloquent and forceful. The liberals up there have been trying to whining every step of the way and they keep shutting down parliament, but the people finally starting to see how immature and illogical the liberals actually are-

Erik said...

(Whoops, cross out that "trying to" before whining...I desperately need sleep, but I also want to stay up to watch Big Bang Theory...)

Anonymous said...

And why, really, is Obama so desperate to keep the flood of illegal aliens coming into the United States? Why? he's kissing the butts of those who put this idiot in office. That's as simply as it gets. This fool and the socialist democratic party won't be happy until america is destroyed. Now who're the terrorist?

Spinelessobama said...

Read this article about poor ole Obama. It is written by a life time dem.