Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bahrain Damaged

As growing unrest spreads across the Mideast, angry protestors have taken to the streets of Bahrain demanding either greater representation in government, or freedom for the undead to feast on the flesh of the living.

Or perhaps they want both; if undead voters in Chicago can continue voting for tax increases, we suppose it's possible anywhere.

Bahrain is a close ally of the United States, meaning that they've had no real idea where they stand with Barack Obama for the past two years. Which may be why the Shi'ites have hit the fan, and are demanding that the largely Sunni government give them greater representation and the ability to rewrite the country's constitution.

According to King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, whose family has ruled Bahrain for over 200 years, "the situation here is entirely under control. We have boarded the doors and windows, and my Security Council is studying Night of the Living Dead for additional tips on longterm survival."

In the meanwhile, Barack Obama has promised to issue a heartfelt, strongly-worded statement on the uprising in Bahrain just as soon as it becomes clear which side will win.


DeanO said...

Hm - a heartfelt, strongly-worded statement; this should be good

drjim said...

I swear, Obummer is The Manchurian President, and he's out to destroy what we used to fondly call "The Free World"!

Ricko-Tyler, Tx. said...

The situation is deadly serious...Team Obama has either sold out, ignored and/or alienated all of our allies in the free world. He has abandoned long time allies to "appear" supportive of popular uprisings and has shown the world that we, the USA, have been reduced to nothing more than a paper tiger. All the while, having time left over to totally destroy the American Economy and work force by following the classic Cloward and Piven play book and using his Progressive Socialist friends in labor.

He ignores the popular uprising (& peaceful I might add) here at home and belittles us as the unwashed masses of old.

His lack of leadership would be laughable if it were not so damned serious. Congress and the People had better get their houses in order and oust this traitor in 2012. For failure will plunge this country into a deep dark depression that will make the last look like a cake walk. America deserves better than Obama...but, we allowed it to it's time to correct the mistakes and retake our great nation.

Tyler, Tx.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Ricko - not only protests here, but in Iran as well. In Bahrain, I think, they're dispersing crowds w/ riot police - NOT gonna go so smoothly... which may not be a bad thing.

Jim Hlavac said...

Since Obama's sports team win/loss record seems to indicate that whichever side he's for will lose, if I was a Sheik of Arabique I would be mighty nervous if Obama said he was for me (and actually, every time he says something good about me & mine I get nervous for sure.) It's all a game for whomever comes out as the next strongman over there, and Obama's got to pick someone to win. I think our Barack said something good about Mubarak, and poof he was gone. And something good about the former Tunisian leader too, I'm sure; who's gone like the wind. Now it's off to the races to see who will be the next president until revolution does he part.

Chuck said...

“Barack Obama has promised to issue a heartfelt, strongly-worded statement on the uprising in Bahrain just as soon as it becomes clear which side will win.”

You just summarized his foreign policy completely and accurately. Very nice!

Meanwhile, the LSM is cheering about what a great job he did with Egypt and how it all worked out so well BECAUSE of Obama!

Firstly, he had absolutely nothing to do with any of it as he and his “team” sat on the sidelines cheering for whoever had the ball at any given point in time.

Secondly, it isn’t over! We don’t yet know what Egypt will wind up as; but be know pretty well what happens when there is a popular vote in a majority Muslim country … the terrorists are voted in as their leaders, because that is what the majority WANT.

robert said...

@Ricko, "He belittles us as the unwashed masses of old." That's exactly why I call him "King Hussein" And his bride "Michele Antoinette".

And @Pete(Detroit) Has anybody else noticed that most of these so called riots or uprisings or whatever are almost exclusively in countries friendly with the U.S. ?
Makes me wonder if Satan himself (soros) is involved?

robert said...

Oh yeah, and now we have the peanut farmer telling us that the mooslim bros. are nothing to worry about. I'm sure we're completely safe now.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

A certain "hate-mongering, violence-inciting" (per the left) radio host has said that the unrest in Bahrain has much to do with food prices and unemployment. Of course, that can't happen here where unemployment is (per the regime) 9% and there is no inflation and the skittle-crapping unicorns are loaded on the trucks and ready to deliver to every household in America.

Earl said...

Kind of interesting to watch the second day of unionized teacher strikes and protests in Madison, Wisconsin. Complete with signs depicting the new Republican governor as Hitler. I heard this morning on tv that (I think it was Michael Moore) compared the striking teachers to the noble Egyptians. Excuse me, I have to go throw up.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- It's all a grand mess, isn't it? Obama didn't want to commit to a position in Egypt until it was clear that Mubarek was out. Suddenly, the alleged prez was on the side of the protestors. Which seems the likely reason that the mainstream media covered it up when the protestors sexually assaulted a female CBS reporter for 30 minutes while chanting "Jew! Jew! Jew!" No, we wouldn't want that worrisome perspective on Obama's "great victory" in Egypt.

Jimmy Carter's assurance that the Muslim Brotherhood is no problem seems indicative that the Muslim Brotherhood is probably a major problem.

Iran is restating their intent to send warships through the Suez canal, and the US is preparing to denounce Israel in the UN.

Meanwhile, what kind of leadership are we getting out of Washington to address all of these crises? Oh yeah - hiring 81 new IRS agents (at a cost of $11 million dollars) to monitor collection of tanning bed taxes.

Seriously, if brain-eating zombies attacked Washington DC, I'm pretty sure they'd all starve to death.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Stilt - Ghouls-bee?

pryorguy said...

I can just hear the 'strongly worded statement' from Obama, and can imagine the effects of such a strongly worded statement' on the populace of this nation and of the leaders in Japan....on December 7th, 1941!

I know we would all have been so proud of such a measured repsonse!