Sunday, May 6, 2012

Punny Meeting You Here

Yes, Hope n' Change Cartoons is now building a presence over at Facebook...and it's going to include a lot of fun materials in addition to those which you already find here on the blog. Which is why you should go to the Facebook website right now and click "Like," so you won't miss anything!

Also, the more "Likes" the page gets, the more annoying and threatening Hope n' Change Cartoons will be to Barack Obama and his supporters - and seriously, don't you want a tasty piece of that?

Nothing is going to change here on this website; same cartoons and commentary, and the same cozy forum (in comments) for all of us to get together and chat. And currently, I'm undecided if I'll post the editorial content over there; I think Facebook is perhaps a better forum for the quick and the visual... and "home base" (right here) is a better place for the exhange of detailed ideas. By which I mean, of course, my angry and hopefully funny rants (and links to the best news items I can find).

So what, then, will be so great about the Facebook page?! Lots! People who "Like" it will get updates on their Facebook page every time I post a funny new graphic (sometimes I post things on other sites that don't get posted here), they'll get each new HnC cartoon sent to them for easier sharing (hint, hint), and they'll be able to enjoy a ton of hilarious material from the Hope n' Change archives.

I've already posted quite a few web graphics in photo albums you can browse through, and I'll be posting plenty more in the days and weeks ahead - along with occasional "classic" HnC cartoons from the past three and a half years (I've spent the weekend culling through over 1000 cartoons, selecting the ones which are the funniest and most topical).

And there will probably be other fun stuff happening there once I figure it all out. True confession: when it comes to "social media sites," I'm definitely a short bus kind of guy. But in the run up to this all-important election, I decided I had to put my own sniveling technological cowardice aside and get the cartoons and satirical graphics out there where they can be seen and shared by as many people as possible.

And as I said, YOU can help with that effort by "Liking" this Facebook page, and hitting the "share" button whenever I post something you'd like your Facebook friends to see.

After just one day, there are already nearly 200 "Likes" on the page - which is great! But I'd like to see that number rise to 500 (or better still, 1000) ASAP.

I hope to see you there - but rest assured, Hope n' Change Cartoons and I will still be here, too!

Here's an example of something I posted on Facebook, mocking Obama's "Life of Julia" campaign slideshow. Sometimes, I just want to run with a funny (and in this case, pointed) idea as soon as it hits me.


Steve Burri said...

The dude was wrong. That WAS funny!

Gang of One said...

It's about time, Doctor! I have pasted your strip into my page for some time now, and have gotten a lot of positive [and negative] feedback. The nega-Tories have called the strip racist [of course], infantile [projection], unfunny [cluelessness].
What with the Obama campaign imploding, the Julia idiocy and the cringe inducing Chen Guangcheng debacle, I really look forward to watching many illiberal heads exploding.

Sparky said...

I left Fez Book months ago. It's not the kind of media I prefer. I really don't care how many times someone goes to the bathroom or if they're eating zalads at Zaxby's. However, I may create another account just to "like" you [sans 'Friends']! But just like the Hope 'N Change the Dear Leader promised, I'm sure it will offer only false hopes ...

Sparky :)

Pete(Detroit) said...

Bonus cartoonage - WOOT!
fyi, my Fez Sez 'Dexter French'...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Steve Burri- What can I say, I'm a sucker for puns.

@Gang of One- Yeah, I've been dragging my feet with the whole "Facebook presence" thing. I already feel like in a hamster wheel most of the time and didn't know if I wanted the added responsibility. But the fact is, Facebook makes it a lot easier for more people to be exposed (voluntarily or involuntarily) to my material, and the whole point of creating this stuff is to get it seen. So I'm doing this somewhat reluctantly... though I also like the freedom to post things sporadically, large or small, that might not merit a whole day's editorial over here.

@Sparky- I feel much the same way. With rare exceptions, the whole Facebook/Twitter thing seems to be about being "connected" rather than actually communicating. But if you're hoping for a clever graphic to go viral, well, it's the place to be.

@Pete(Detroit)- And you should always listen to what your fez sez.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- Are you talking about the Dexter French with a neatly trimmed beard and an armful of snuggly wonderfulness?

Cookie said...

I thought "Fez Book" was hysterical! The other cartoon is downright disturbing, but only because it's true! May God bless this great nation. May God bless Mitt Romney. And may God bless people to get a clue!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Cookie- The "Julia" cartoon is disturbing, but I couldn't help but go there. After all, what is the point of hearing the Obama version of Julia's life unless he first makes a commitment to letting the unborn have a life?

There is NO ONE who has lived the "Life of Julia" that Obama depicts, but there are millions who've suffered the "Death of Julia" that I've shown here - and that Obama and the Dems want more of.

Chuck said...

Been there ... done that. I believe I was "like" #2 ... right behind you! Hey, that rhymes.

I particularly like the Julia cartoon ... it really is more meaningful than the Obama series.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Chuck- Thanks for the "like!"

I'm delighted to see how many people have jumped on the bandwagon already, and am hoping that a lot more enlist during this next week.

Basically, I'm trying to "up my game" as the election approaches, because I want to reach as many people as possible. Actually, that's putting it too politely: I yearn to be a personal pain in Barack Obama's ass. Hey, it's important to have a dream, right?

And the whole "Julia" thing makes me crazy - which is why I mounted such an ugly, but entirely legitimate, rebuttal. When there's no respect for life itself, what other promises matter?

Cookie said...

Stilt--"Julia's Life" is such a fairy tale, but then it seems that the liberals out there believe they can actually create a fairy tale life with big government. I wish they'd pull their heads out of the sand (I'd have said something stronger, butt...ha ha, pun intended)and get real. You are so right about them having no respect for life. They have no respect for anything! I applaud you for taking HnC further on. I'll be following on Facebook, too!
Be as big a thorn in obama's side as possible.

Emmentaler Limburger said...


Pete(Detroit) said...

Got it in one, Stilt. That was my Niece, two years ago @ Christmas.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Cookie- Being a "thorn" is my goal, and I'm doubling down through November.

@Emmentaler- Thanks!

@Pete(Detroit)- Great picture (even if you weren't wearing your fez).

JustaJeepGuy said...

I would point out that under Obama, "Julia's" mother wouldn't be PUNISHED with a child. Wasn't that what he said? And the chainsaw....I hope it makes some Obama supporter's head explode, though not their unborn child's.

JustaJeepGuy said...

BTW, did everyone catch Iowahawk's take on Julia's Circle of Life?

79firebirdman said...

You hit the nail on the head regarding Julia. How many problems and diseases do we have that could have been eliminated years ago. I've often wondered how many babies were aborted that would have had the solution to our most vexing problems. There is no doubt that all have suffered needlessly because of abortion, via divine retribution. II Chronicles 7:14 KJV

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@JustaJeepGuy- "Punished with a child" is exactly how Obama refers to birth.

And yes, the chainsaw is a strong and probably offensive visual but it gets the point across. As far as I'm concerned, any device which is used to cut a human into pieces is equally offensive.

And Iowahawk did a great satire of "The Life of Julia," taking her through all stages. He did such a good job that I saw no reason to duplicate his efforts, but I DID want to do the one panel version that I posted here because I thought it was a big missing element: under Obama, millions of Julias won't even get the chance to live. End of story.

79firebirdman- On Drudge this morning, I read the story of a group that's held bowlathons to raise $400k for abortions...and is currently touting the happy outcome for a 14-year old girl who got a "second chance" thanks to abortion. Laughably, the 14 year old says she's really interested in biology and hopes she can now make it her career.

I don't know whether to make "Bowlathons for Butchers" tomorrow's cartoon, or just pour some liquor in my morning coffee and call it a day.