Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Honesty is the Best Foreign Policy

On Monday morning, Mitt Romney appeared before the assembled men and women of the Virginia Military Institute, and gave a foreign policy speech which made it very, very clear that if he is elected, there's going to be a new sheriff in town. One who is strong militarily, and is entirely clear about supporting our allies and causing our enemies to have sleepless nights.

It's the strongest, most logical, most pro-American, and most Presidential foreign policy speech we've heard in four years...and we can only imagine that when Barack Obama heard this speech and thought about his upcoming foreign policy debate, he responsed immediately and forcefully: explosively filling his adult diapers like a shrieking, diarrhea-stricken infant after a 3-day strained prune bender.

Although the liberal MSM is saying that Romney's speech was "vague" and "lacked details"  (keep in mind, these are the same people who thought "Yes We Can" was the most detailed set of policy blueprints since God layed out the Universe) we thought Mitt was extremely thorough within the confines of a 22-minute speech.

He was able to single out the president's failures in Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. Criticize Mr. Obama for failing to even voice support for the people's uprising in Iran, while simultaneously doing nothing substantive to prevent Iran ("A tiny country that poses no serious threat," according to Barry in 2008) from obtaining nuclear weapons to obliterate our ally Israel. Or make that former-ally, since Romney concedes damage repair will be needed after Obama's policy of "creating daylight" between the U.S. and Israel.

Mitt Romney looked at the disastrous situation in Libya, and the murder of our ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi. A terrorist attack which the president's team lied about for over a week, and about which there are still serious questions regarding why they pulled the Ambassador's security team after he asked for more, not less, security.

Mitt didn't forget the rest of Obama's botched foreign policies either, like caving to Russia whenever possible (and promising "more flexibility" after the election), reducing our missile protection of allies in Europe, and failing to stay strong in the face of pressures - military and economic - from China. Nor did he spare Mr. Obama from the harsh reality that the president's policies are throwing away our military gains in Afghanistan solely for the president's political benefit.

Note to MSM - tell us again, please, about how this speech lacked specifics?

Here at Hope n' Change, we expected to like the speech - but were somewhat surprised to love it. And to be reawakened to the sound of a possible President who speaks like a grown-up and an American, discussing goals and ideals but doing so with a specificity that Barack Obama wouldn't dream of (and which his father clearly didn't dream about).

We've embedded the full 22 minute speech below, and strongly encourage you to watch it (or, you can read the full transcript here). You can even enhance your pleasure by imagining the Tourette's-like screams of agony which must have been occuring while Obama's debate prep team were watching this and imagining Barry "Choom Gang" Soetoro facing these accusations on live television while Mitt demands answers.

There was a time when all Hope n' Change wanted was Obama out of the Whitehouse.

Happily, we now also want Mitt Romney in the Whitehouse. Watch, and see if you don't agree.

Yes, this is the Change we've been Hoping for.

Silly Bonus: I couldn't help but have a little fun with the "Big Bird" story, so created this video.


SeaDog52 said...

@Stilton: first, let me say that I have had to spend a large amount of time cleaning coffee out of my laptop over the diaper visual.

The first question I want answered after Obama sums up his foreign policy with "I killed Bin Laden", is "Mr. President, how many polls did Valerie Jarret take before you were given permission to make the 'Gutsy Call'? We know of at least 3 instances when Bin Laden was located and no action was taken because it 'didn't poll right'.

Second question, "Why is your policy to kill intelligence assets with drones rather than have resources on the ground capture them for interrogation? Is it because your DOJ has crippled the CIA?

Third question "Our forefathers fought a revolution, giving their lives and fortunes, to ensure that we would never bow to a foreign king or leader, yet your policy is to subservient yourself (and thus the US) before any and all. Is Valerie Jarret in fact the one making our foreign policy?

I think this sniveling POS will crater - no teleprompters and no "strong women" (from analysis of his written works (?))to provide leadership and direction. It has been throughly covered up/hidden, but Valerie and Mooch run this country, with Axlerod backing them up. Why have all the COS resigned? Valerie Jarret controlled access and only allowed information that would be presented in the positive to flow to Obama.

TrickyRicky said...

But, but wasn't it only a few weeks ago that we were told that foreign policy is Obama's strong
suit? Everything this fool/tool has touched has turned to shit. What is the opposite of the Midas Touch? The Shiite Touch?

Pete(Detroit) said...

I forget how / where / why I tripped over this the first time (and I'm pretty sure it was in Spanish) but it has remained disturbingly lodged in my mind since. I now inflict it on you.

John the Econ said...

I love the "Big Bird" debate, and believe that Romney should continue to nail this. If Big Bird cannot survive unsubsidized, then what possibly can? I can't think of a better metaphor for the screwed up priorities of the Democrats; We're 16-trillion in the hole, and they want their central rallying theme weeks before the election to be about Big Bird? Fine. Let them.

Meanwhile, the foreign policy debate should showcase the emptiness of this administration even better than the economic one. At least he had wealth redistribution as an accomplishment last week. I really don't know what he has to sell this time beyond Bin Laden and a worthless "Appease Prize". And even a pliant media can't contain all of the stories about the administration's lies regarding the embassy attack. It should be worth watching.

SeaDog52 said...

@Stilton: I plan to steal your Big Bird video - Too Funny - Too Accurate!

@TrickyRicky: From my military days, the opposite of the Midas Touch was the Feces Touch.

@John the Econ: Amen! As to the foreign policy, too many questions, not enough time.

Mike Porter said...

Stilton/SeaDog: That VP named Biden swallowing his tongue, that shitstain Obama with debate bee stings - this administration with their asses in slings - these are a few of my favorite things...

Tricky Ricky: I believe it's an illness known as the Hezebollaa virus that causes mucHamas to run out your nose and Shiite to run out your mouth... even on a Sunni day.

Pete(Detroit): Thanks for the brain tumor I can now never excise.

John the Econ: I can't help but think that this election will be all about America giving this POS the 'big bird'.

Coon Tasty said...

I think of Obama as the Mugatu character from the film Zoolander. - His greatest accomplishment is about equal with inventing the keyboard-print necktie.

Gang of One said...

@ Stilton -- Yes, Hope is not a strategy, and it is time to CHANGE tactics.
And Sesame Street did indeed flip the bird at the Obama campaign.

This campaign is having some major problems, and this is a good thing.

Irene Peduto said...

Stilton - the intelligent comments by your readers gives me Hope for a real Change - Obama's face in today's cartoon was the same face he had in the debate - loved it. As for the Big Bird video, it was so good that I will share it - but being from NJ, I get lots of negative comments from anything I post. Still it's so worth it.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

@ TrickyRicky:
But Obama does have the Midas Touch. Everything he touches "midas" well be thrown away (oldie but goody).
As for Romney's speech...outstanding. Six months ago I would have sworn there's no way he'll hold to those commitments. Today I'm convinced he will. He continues to impress every bit as much as Turdboy continues to induce projectile vomiting.

My Dog Brewski said...

As an aside, Rush has pointed out that the polls would begin to reflect reality as we got to within a month or so of the election. This is because the pollsters who continue to fellate Obama still want to be seen as having some credibility and competence, so their late polls will begin to be more honest. We are seeing that now.
I still think Obama knows he's toast and he's just phoning it in. Of course, he could continue to see himself as an invincible deity who doesn't need to make any effort. As long as he loses, I don't care how he sees himself. I just want to see him in a moving van in late January heading back to the Stinking Onion.

gary said...

So let me get this straight...we're dead broke and Romney wants to INCREASE military spending? I fully agree that Obama's foreign policy is a disaster, but Romney doesn't seem to have a clue either. Ironically foreign policy is one of the few areas were we could actually SAVE money if done right. This is what needs to be done...

Obama's foreign policy is aimless. Romney's foreign policy is clueless. Looks like we're in for a rough ride. Ironically there's a lot of money to be saved if we actually did the right thing with our foreign policy, specifically...


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@SeaDog52- I'm hoping Mitt will ask some of those questions very, very directly.

@TrickyRicky- I never understood the claim that foreign policy was a strength of Obama. He had NO experience coming into office, and has been an unmitigated disaster in every foreign policy experience he's had since. At least, from a traditional pro-American perspective. As nearly as I can tell, his foreign policy is delivering exactly the results he wants.

@Pete(Detroit)- Sweet mother of pearl!

@John the Econ- I agree that there are some tasty layers to the "Big Bird" debate. When libs say that PBS support is "inconsequential" compared to the whopping debts, then they're also saying that they're unwilling to make even "inconsequential" cuts. If they won't go after the easy stuff, what chance do we have of getting them to cooperate on the hard stuff?

Regarding foreign policy, I can't wait for the Romney/Obama matchup. Romney's speech was a hint of his tone, approach, and mastery of facts. Unless Barry actually brings bin Laden's head out in a bowling ball bag, he's going to have nothing to talk about after about 30 seconds. And now, the entirely successful Benghazi terror attack is shown to be due, in no small part, to the deliberate withdrawal of our security forces to show "trust," and a web of lies originating from the president to cover his own miserable ass. Mitt needs to pound Barry flat on this, because it should be impeachable - but an election will be faster.

@SeaDog52- Please share the video! And thank you from the bottom of my strained vocal cords.

@Mike Porter- Great, now I've got "My Favorite Things" playing in my head for the rest of the day (grin).

@Coon Tasty- I don't honestly think Barry has ever created anything at all, nor had a genuinely original thought. He's like the original "Alien," an organism perfectly adapted to survive in harsh environments by destroying anything else that threatens him.

@Gang of One- Good links! Yes, I'd seen that Sesame Street doesn't want to be affiliated with Obama, just as AARP demanded that he stop talking about him. No one wants to get caught in the suction when the good ship Barry Soetoro sinks.

@Irene Peduto- The intelligent comments on this page are a constant pleasure to me. I visit other blogs, and there just isn't the same level of discourse. People here are intelligent, well informed, and well spoken.

Glad you liked the Big Bird video. The points are valid ones: those Sesame Street-aged kids currently enjoying Big Bird are the ones who are going to get the "big bill" for Obama's lack of fiscal discipline (though let me be quick to throw the Dems and most of the GOP into the same category). Out of control spending is child abuse if not outright slavery. Big Bird knows it - it's as clear as A, B, C.

@Angry Hoosier Dad- Hearing that praise for Romney's speech from you gives me additional hope. I know supporting Mitt has been an uphill battle for you (and for me) but I like what I'm hearing. A lot.

@My Dog Brewski- I'd heard that observation from Rush, too, and I think he's right. The pollsters have been in full spin mode, but if their results don't start tracking reality as we get closer to the election, they won't have any credibility when the next elections roll around.

And by the way, I'd pay good money to personally watch this SOB climb into a moving van, helicopter, or Big Black Bus to leave the Whitehouse for the last time. Though it's my understanding that rather than go to Chicago, he plans to head back to Hawaii - the land of his alleged birth and definite drug use.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@gary- The YouTube video is interesting (and is that you?) and I agree that our foreign policy has been inconsistent and unfocused. However, I feel that militarily we need to have the strength to stand up to those who don't seek world peace or favor democracy. Can we cut military spending? I certainly think so - though Obama's sequestration cuts aren't the right way to go about it. Personally, I may be a little cynical about the approach shown in the video but I'd actually like to see it tried as a parallel to other foreign policy overtures.

At the very least, right now we know that Obama's policies DON'T work, so by comparison, Romney's policies can't conceivably be any worse.

Philip said...

Confirmed: Big Bird ad a flop across the entire political spectrum

Democrats on Edge amid Obama Debate Fallout

Portman: Ohio Voters More Energized This Election Year

NewsmaxZogby Poll: Obama Leads Romney in Ohio, 46% to %42

Independents ♥ Romney?

Ohio: Romney Beats Obama In D+9 Poll; Wins Indies By 20 Points

CNN Poll: Romney Takes Lead in Ohio

Romney outpaces Obama in RealClearPolitics poll average

Suffolk pollster: We’re not polling Florida, Virginia, or North Carolina anymore, because Romney’s going to win them

Obama 'believed he had beaten Romney' in Denver debate after ignoring advice of top aides

Hollywood to America: It's OK to Vote for Romney

ROMNEY: 'You have to scratch your head when president spends week talking about saving 'Big Bird''

New civility: Obama supporters threaten to riot if Romney wins; Update: Deleted tweets

WSJ: Goldman turns tables on Obama campaign

Romney takes lead in Rasmussen swing-state tracking poll, 49/46

At Harvard Law School in 1991, Obama approved of restricting speech to favor minorities

Philip said...

The beautiful Stacey Dash:

Stacey Dash: I picked my candidate by the content of his character

Pete D said...

I'd apologize for inflicting that on you all, but when Stilt mentioned that stinker B.O. "explosively filling his adult diaper", well, the image just vaulted to the surface...

Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Pete: No need to apologize - I thought it was hilarious. (Must be a Detroit thing: We've been neck deep in political shit-heads here for so long, that all things scatological are funny to us...)

@Phillip: you missed Obama Supporter Brags About Illegal Foreign Donations on President's Own Website

SeaDog52 said...

@Pete(Detroit): Good Gawd Sir! ROFLMAO.

I laugh every time I hear an Obamabot say Romney hasn't provided any details, like The One has provided more than recycled campaign hopes/promises? For a Constitutional Professor (actually, according to the UofC, just a lecturer), Obama has a problem differentiating the government branch responsibilities, the Executive administers the laws, the Legislative writes the laws. To provide specific details is nothing more than blowing smoke, the 'My Way or The Highway' method of compromise, and we have all seen how well that works. I can only pray that Romney's coattails bring in a majority in the Senate so we can shelve Dirty Harry on the inconsequential shelf and get on with business.

There is no doubt that there is a lot of excessive spending in the military, to use an example (and I'm not picking on you Army guys - we ate a lot of the same mud together...but)how many BDU designs have been 'issued', and the new class A uniforms are hated across the spectrum - hard to tell the difference from a Metro bus driver. Navy cammies???? What are the trying to blend in with?

But the Pentagon isn't the only ones to blame, Congress has heaped its share on the dung pile with the 'extra' F-35 engine (for Connecticut), additional C-17's the AF doesn't want or need, and the overturning of the original AF tanker award to favor the more expensive, less capable, spec failing Boeing entry. But I regress. I'm no military expert, but two things are apparent: 1) we need to be paying attention to China's building of a true blue water fleet - they want SE Asia to be their sphere of influence (a'la WWII Japan), as Kipling said "Beware the Heathen Chinee". Second, we need the flexibility that a strong, diverse Navy (Chesty Puller - please forgive me)provides, with more carrier groups, littoral ships and SpecFor carrying submarines. While we need the capability of turning Nation/States into the Stone Age, we need to address the Libyas and Syrias of the world and pursue terrorists wherever they go.

Philip said...

@Emmentaler Limburger,

Thanks for the link. I followed this case from the beginning (since 2008) :

2008 : Secret, Foreign Money Floods Into Obama Campaign

2008 : Obama Ignores Credit Card Donation Fraud

2008 : Ex-CIA Expert: Obama Took Millions in Illegal Foreign Donations

2009: Obama’s Early Campaigns Financed by Lobbyists

2009 : Obama’s Secret Campaign Cash: Has $63 Million Flowed from Foreign Sources?

2011 : FEC Probes Obama's 2008 Campaign Finances

Necron99 said...

@Pete(Detroit) WTF? That YouTube link you posted led straight to a clip of actual unedited footage of the Democratic National Convention! Now I know why I didn't tune in last month...

And speaking of clips..., Dr. J, you have out done yourself with the Big Bird footage. But I have no fear that Bird & Co. won't be too hurt by losing their jobs. They can retire and live quite off the profits from royalties and sales of their likness.

@CoonTasty, I equate The Mugato more with George Soros, and Barry-0-Soerto with a dumb-dumb male model brainwashed into doing his dirty work!

@PeteD, Thanks for the Stacey Dash link. After reading the article the twees she received just provided more proof that 0bongo's supporters are the most divisive, ignorant, and racist apples in the libtard barrel. Could you imagine the backlash if a white person "tweeted" that caucasion 0bammie supporters were, and I quote; "traitors to their race"?!?!

And thanks to everyone else who posts here! I couldn't make it throught the day sane without ya'll!!!

CenTexTim said...

Speaking of "strong, logical, and pro-American" foreign policy speeches, Lara Logan uncorked a stemwinder in, of all places, obama's home territory - Chicago.

"Her ominous and frightening message was gleaned from years of covering our wars in the Middle East ... I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand, that there is a major lie being propagated . . .”

Logan is the CBS correspondent who was sexually assaulted by a mob of Egyptians during that country's Arab Spring revolution. She also had a recent report on 60 Minutes that was highly critical of obama's foreign policy.

Longtime CBS frontman Bob Schieffer will be hosting the next presidential debate. It'll be interesting to see how (or if) he addresses the issue of consulate security and the Libya attacks.

John the Econ said...

Obama's advice to Joe Biden before tonight's debate: "Joe needs to be Joe".

We can only hope so.

Colby said...

Joe - a beer, he needs a beer

Grey – grey matter, he has none

Pee – his pants when he first sees Paul

Fa – where Joe really wants to run

Blow – the word that goes with “it”

Lost – the state where we’ll find Joe

Tee – the boss’s favorite bit

And that brings us back to Joe

Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Pete D said...


Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Philip- Admit it, you're actually Matt Drudge aren't you? (grin) Excellent and pleasing links!

Regarding Stacey Dash, I'm appalled but not surprised that she's suffering racist attacks from the Left. The venomous remarks directed her way make it very clear which party really wants to put blacks "back in chains."

@PeteD- Oh fine, blame ME!

@Emmentaler- The difference between scatology and political analysis is getting to be a pretty fine line.

@SeaDog52- Great points right down the line.

@Philip- The Obama fundraising scandal should be MUCH bigger news. The pipsqueak goes on and on about raising $3 here and there from people who would like to eat with him (or maybe just eat for a change), but tens of millions are flying in his door from questionable and frequently untraceable sources.

@Necron99- Big Bird already has a nest egg big enough to last him and his fuzzy friends multiple lifetimes.

@CenTexTim- Lara Logan's speech rings terrifyingly true. Obama is strengthening our enemies and weakening our own security for his own political advantage. I was going to say only for political advantage, but I think he also wants Islam to take America down a few pegs by any means possible.

@John the Econ- That's very pragmatic advice, since nobody has ever found a way to keep Joe from being Joe.

@Colby- Your song just caused me to put on a dirndl and spin in happy circles amidst snow-capped mountains. Bravo!

@Pete D- Sorry, the young nazi in the film isn't ROFL, he's ROLF. A common error (grin).

Colby said...


A dirndl?! We didn't know you swung that way, but go for it! I'll stick with my lederhosen, if'n you don't mind.

OK, we've beat Sound of Music to death... let's move on to South Pacific hoping that's where he'll be living come January.

"I'm gonna wash that turd right outta my hair; I'm gonna wash that turd...."

Stan da Man said...

Or Airplane...
"Well, Rex is a Boy dog, isn't he!"
"Do you like movies about gladiators?"
"Have you ever seen a grown man naked?"

(Playing off the Barak's gay meme, there's noever been anyone claim, that I know of, that he's a pedophile)

SeaDog52 said...

OT, but regards to the latest and greatest jobs report (giddily published sans one major state's data 'missing'). Does one remember that the Census Bureau has been and is politically orientated, i.e., they have a dog in this hunt? I agree with Mr. Welch, these figures are just too weird and convenient to be believable. All other economic/employment metrics are indicating a worsening economy and fewer and fewer private sector hires, yet the rate goes down? 800K household jobs added? How many trash can diving, homeless, aluminium can hunters were classified as self-employed, part-time recycling technicians by the census workers?

Ogrrre said...

Some of the programs/departments I'd like to see cut:
Nat'l Endowment for the Arts
Nat'l Endowment for the Humanities
Freddie Mac
Dept. of Energy
Dept. of Education
Head Start
School Breakfast program
eliminate Free Lunch program
Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
Dept. Human Services
TSA (in truth, declare an open season on TSA employees)
Dept. of Agriculture

This is only a partial list of the programs/departments, just off the top of my head.
Most of the functions of DOEnergy can be more efficiently handled by the private sector. DOEducation is a state's responsibility. As for Human Services, government, especially the federal government is terribly inefficient at administering charity.

Colby said...

Rush Limbaugh said it was California that got left out of the job numbers; they were supposedly too late getting their figures submitted (yeah right). It is a pure coincidence that California has the highest population AND the highest unemployment rate in the country... pure coincidence. Has anybody heard what the number would have been had California been included? My guess is in the 8.5% ballpark.

I like your list. As I recall from my high school civics classes a billion years ago, the federal gubmint was set up to provide two things. They are there to make sure our constitutional rights are protected, and to provide a national defense. That's it. No mumbo jumbo about funding art, running trains, financing houses, groping travelers, or giving out free shit. they all burn my ass, but the DOE is the top of the list. They were created to FIND new energy sources. Now they do just the opposite! It shouldn't take 30 years to get a %$@&* permit to build a nuclear power plant.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Colby- A dirndl is like a kilt; if you're man enough you still radiate masculinity. Frankly, it's the sprigs of edelweiss in my hair that might be a little questionable...

The whole idea of big showtunes to celebrate Barry's departure is growing on me. For Oklahoma: "Oh what a beautiful MORning, Oh what a beautiful day, I've got a wonderful FEEling, Barry is moving today!"

@Stan da Man- Obama a pedophile? Surely you're joking! (Altogether now: "...and don't call me Shirley!")

@SeaDog52- It now seems that the jobs report looked extra-peachy-keen because (oops!) they forgot to add in the bad news from California. But hey, when you're trying to keep track of all 57 states, it's easy to forget the little ones.

@Ogrrre- Damn, I like your shopping list. Or should I say chopping list?

@Colby- Funny that California just happened to miss the deadline, huh? But accidents happen all the time. For instance, I expect one to happen to Joe Biden about 4 hours from now.

And per your response to Ogrrre, it does seem like we pay an awfully lot of tax money these days into "progress prevention services."

John the Econ said...

How bad is the Obama campaign doing when even Jon Stewart just has to mock it?

Again, I hope they keep drilling the "Big Bird" meme. It's literally golden.

Pete(Detroit) said...

John, that was awesome. Very true, it's bad, BAD for Obummer when John Daily roasts you for that long. Even worse, he's dead nuts right on!
"It's funny 'cause it's TRUUUU!!!!"

Pete(Detroit) said...

(Announcer voice)
"Annnnnd the wiiinnnnnerrrr iiiissss - The Moderator!!!"
Thought she did a REAL nice job of slapping them both around, "you are NOT gonna roll me like they did Lerher (or whoever) last week"
Other than that, Joe was Joe - folksy, friendly, only occasionally going white eyed and all "they want to EAT your BABIES" on "my friend" Paul Ryan and "the Governor"...
Ryan, OTOH, was that dweeb you know in high school, knew all the math,had all the answers, played in jazz band AND was on the Swim Team so he's a Jock TOO and you Just Can NOT even effing TOUCH him..." Yeah, SHE "won" Ryan a close second, and Old Slow Joe right behind him. Friendly and folksy, but not so tight w/ the numbers. Not bad, but not 'tight' - Ryan was TIGHT. Came off as MUCH more "Adult". And God knows, we need more "Adults" about now.
Did Joe do better than O? No Doubt. Did he "win" (vs. Ryan)? perhaps a matter of opinion.. did he win ENOUGH to re-take the lead for Obama? Please. Did Ryan appear to be a pretty likable guy w/ solid cred, fully behind the HUGE winner from last week? Hells Yes!!!
Unless something HUGE happens for The President in the next few weeks (Foreign policy? REALLY?!?!?) I just don't see any other result.
"Don't cry for him,Venezuela" (er, 'him' being Barry, you know...)

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- I don't like Stewart's politics, but have to say that he's a funny guy - and that he at least SOMEtimes gives it to the Left.

@Pete(Detroit)- There's a trend in popular media to start going after Obama. I don't want to put too much stock in it yet, but it's encouraging.

And hey, thank you for your breakdown of tonight's debate! I was about to make a post, but since I agree with everything you've said I'm not going to bother. Great review!

Anonymous said...


Osama bin Laden is dead - Ambassador Chris Stevens is dead - and Al-Qaeda is alive and stronger than ever.

Even the CIA told Obama within 24 hours that there was a terrorist attack at Benghazi: (Pay particular attention to Item #4 below)

Mr. lied to America. The Ambassador was sodomized and raped while the three staff members were beheaded. For you to tell us that "this was just a bump in the road" shows us that you are more concerned about your re-election than the safety and security of our sons and daughters overseas. You, Mr. President are a complete failure to us and America's values of life and liberty.

"Just another Bump in the Road" by Barack Obama! - Benghazi -Gate!

3. Botched kidnapping?
4. Obama/Treason charges/weapons:

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Benghazi is only one of the many foreign policy disasters I want to hear Obama answer for during Monday's debate. I expect Mitt to do well - and if the moderator helps Barry cover his butt, I want Mitt to demand answers right then, right there, right now.

Mike Hills said...

Joe - a beer, he needs a beer Grey – grey matter, he has none Pee – his pants when he first sees Paul Fa – where Joe really wants to run Blow – the word that goes with “it” Lost – the state where we’ll find Joe Tee – the boss’s favorite bit And that brings us back to Joe Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein.