Monday, July 21, 2014

One Giant Leap...Backwards

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This past weekend saw the 45th anniversary of two significant events: Teddy Kennedy causing the death of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick (and getting away with it), and astronaut Neil Armstrong taking the first step onto the moon. Hope n' Change is old enough to remember both.

Which is why we're feeling wistful and angry today about what this country once was...and what it doesn't seem to be anymore. The drive for great accomplishments seems to have sputtered to a halt and our past achievements have fallen into disrepair. It seems that no one sane is actually looking forward to the nation's future anymore. Instead, the (ahem) "vision" of the government is simply managing (and not incidentally hastening) America's decline.

Today, the United States has no independent capacity to put a man in space. We are simply passengers in someone else's vehicle - and Mary Jo Kopechne found out how well that works.

So it's legitimate to ask, can we go back? And the answer is yes - in fact, Barack Obama announced just last week his multi-million dollar plan to go back to the place that captured the world's attention 45 years ago.

Not the moon, of course.

He's going back to Martha's Vineyard - the home of Chappaquiddick Island - for yet another vacation from his exhausting schedule of scandals and failures.

"History, we have a problem..."


Bruce Bleu said...

Too bad Teddy (hic) Kennedy couldn't have been lamont's limo driver, oh... I don't know... for 100,000 miles back and forth across the Florida Keys!!!!!!!!!!
(there are golf courses down there Barry! I'm sure Stevie Wonder would LOVE to learn to drive!)

Dick Lowman said...

Good observation, sad but true. In fact all of you work seems to hit the target well. Thanks.

Geoff King said...

I believe that private American industries such as SpaceX will put us back into the glory days of space exploration far cheaper and more efficiently than NASA was ever capable of. As for Ted Kennedy: His Brain Cancer has killed more Liberals than my firearms have.

TrickyRicky said...

Well done Stilton. I am old enough to remember 1969 as well. Quite a year it was. Besides the two events that you mentioned, there was Woodstock, the murderous rampage of the Manson Family, and the event that many feel marked the end of the hippie movement, the Stones debacle at Altamont speedway. On the plus side, I'm still driving a car manufactured in 1969.

Colby said...

Great post, Stilton; it pretty much sums up the sad decline of our national pride and simultaneous advancement of a generation of boob suckers.

Speaking of boob suckers, you left out one of Teddy's most famous quotes. When asked if he was considering a 1972 presidential bid, he replied, "I've given it thought, but I'll run off that bridge when I come to it."

@Geoff King,

You might want to explain your gun statement further for the moonbats out there who can't do math, or we'll be seeing livid posts about your murderous lib killing spree.

CenTexTim said...

There's a great recap of Ted Kennedy's murder of Mary Jo Kopechne at this link. It lays out that night's events in chilling detail, and reveals what a truly despicable creature that icon of the left really was.

As for America no longer having the capacity to send men (and womyn - we mustn't be sexist) into space, that's because NASA has been retasked with a higher priority mission - muslim outreach.

Geez, Stilt, you've done it again. Here it is Monday morning and you're forcing me to start off the week with a double shot of 'coffee'...

Geoff King said...

I could have rehashed the old jokes, such as: "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun has", or " I'd rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than go for a ride with Ted Kennedy"; but out of lack of respect for the dead, I felt I should update my humor.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

11 Weekends in a row, round #180? He likes being President, hates being The President. I saw a video where veterans assembled to show their disgust with Obama...Veteran's Turn Back On Obama...My one observation of the Imperial Motorcade was - how many vehicles do they need for a burger and fries run? I'm surprised that the lead motorcycles didn't have trumpeters leading the way (though I sure The LLIC hasn't thought of that (yet)).

I may have disagreed with President Bush over a few things, but I always thought he had 1) brought back 'honor' to the White House after BillyBob and Shillary trashed it, and 2) he was a man of fundamental honor and espoused the christian belief of doing 'what was right' no matter what the personal cost. Lord can only imagine the result if Gore was in the seat on 9/11.

For those following Shillary and her pontificating on the 'good economy/job growth' of the Clinton years - it only came about 1) because Newt forced BillyBob's hand and made him work with Congress, and 2) the Clinton kids issued an executive order (where have we heard that?) that allowed corporations to literally keep two sets of books. I know my federally regulated company was allowed to move $B's of non-revenue generating capital cost into the 'expense' (and therefore deductible) side of the ledger; also paved the way for Enron and the SEC failures.

One last question for the LLIC: How come 'Moochie' isn't on your burger and fries runs? Enquiring people want to know....

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

This administration is so crooked, filled with liar's, government cheats and fraudsters that it makes Tammany Hall look like a pre-school daycare:

For your reading pleasure:

Valerie Jarret's HUD Slum/Olympic Bid

Valerie Jarret?Obama's South Side Slum,

Michelle Obama/Valerie Jarret's Patient Dumping Scheme Coming To A Hospital Near You

Obamacare Cronyism First Lady's Patient Dumping Scheme

'Course, the nattering nabobs of the effete corps of the main stream media will never pick up on this.

Jim Hlavac said...

Governor Edwin Edwards of Louisiana once quipped, "The only way I can't get reelected is if I was caught in bed with a dead girl or live boy." Well, I suppose Teddy Kennedy disproved that one, somewhat. Edwwards was reelected, but went to jail a decade or so later.

I was only 11 years old, so I don't really 'remember' the events ... though I do recall sitting in the school gym with TVs watching the moon landing. And my grandparents saying "Kopechne? She's Czech!" Well, there went Kennedy for them. Especially since the events of the Summer of '68 in Prague were so close to home for our immigrant family (legal, papers.)

As for other events of the summer of 1969, which TrickyRicky alluded to -- there was that bar raid heard round the world. The aftermath is still being discussed -- I can't wait for the exciting conclusion, I assure you all.

Still, being the eternal optimist, I sure somewhere in America there's someone who will rise to president and reset the nation on the course of greatness it was on ... only no one we are aware of right now.

Judi King said...

I suspect that probably most of the people in place in this "administration" weren't even born at the time of these important events in OUR history. Since history is apparently no longer being taught or, as you said , rewritten, they have no clue as usual. I hope Jim is correct and there is someone who will reset us back on track as Reagan did in the 80's. Loved your joke, Geoff! Truth is often funny.

Anonymous said...

Stilt - thank you for working in the reference to Mary Jo and Ted. NOW if we can stop referring to all DC scandals as "-gate" and begin naming Democrat scandals "-quiddick", it would be one giant step for mankind

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Bruce Bleu- You've reminded me of the joke about Barry meeting Stevie Wonder on a golf course. Wonder explains that, even though blind, he golfs pretty well by using golf balls that beep. "In fact," he tells Obama, "I'll bet I can beat you."

"A thousand dollars a hole," says Barry. "Any place, any time."

"Agreed," says Stevie Wonder. "Right here. At midnight."

@Dick Lowman- I wasn't sure if my sentiments about these two events would translate for others. On a personal level, I feel like the best part of America is sputtering out while the worst part is thriving. And there's nothing quite like the passage of (too many) years to be able to see the trends clearly.

@Geoff King- I think private industries will re-energize space exploration, which is great. My lament is probably less about space exploration per se, and more about the loss of national goals and vision.

And your quip about guns and liberals made me think of something: if liberals believe that laws can stop gun crimes, why don't they also pass laws against cancer?

@TrickyRicky- The late 60's were crazy times. There were good changes and bad changes - and it seemed like the volume was turned up to 11 at all times.

And congrats on that classic car!

@Colby- "speaking of bood suckers" may be my favorite conversation segue now (grin).

And I think Teddy did run his presidential aspirations off that bridge. Strange to think that Mary Jo Kopechne's "great purpose" in life may have been to prevent Teddy's presidency.

@CenTexTim- Thanks for the excellent link which recaps Kennedy's crime.

Regarding NASA and Muslim outreach, I've certainly mentioned it here before - as well as Obama giving credit to Islamics for their huge contributions to astronomics and computer science by inventing the "zero."

@Geoff King- I agree that death shouldn't impart respectability on assholes. Well done, sir.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Seriously, does Barack Mofo Obama do anything other than golf, vacation, and do fundraisers?

Bush was a long way from perfect, but I have no doubt he was a good man. Living in the Dallas area, I keep hoping that circumstances will put us in the same room sometime so I can shake his hand and say "thank you."

Regarding the (ahem) "Clinton economy," there were also upward economic trends in place the day he took office - but those trends hadn't risen to general attention yet. The economy also got a boost from the emergence o0f a little something called the "Internet" which was very popular for awhile there. I wonder what ever happened to it?

Regarding the Valerie/Mooch links, I'll have to read them later. I've got to watch my blood pressure...

@Jim Hlavac- I watched Neil Armstrong climbing down the steps of the lunar lander and I held my breath (as did the rest of the world). Today we watch the news and only hold our noses.

And I sure hope you're right that there's someone out there who can get this nation back on track. Personally, I'm not optimistic - not because I don't believe that there may be someone out there who could do the job, but because I don't believe that enough of the voting public or media want America restored.

I sincerely hope that I'm wrong and you're right.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Judi King- Sadly, there's nothing new about young people only hearing "blah blah blah" when older people try to explain history and perspective. It is somewhat new to have a media culture and government try to reinforce the notion that history is unimportant.

@Anonymous- I like the idea, though I think it's unlikely that we'll be hearing about "Fast & Furiousquiddick" anytime soon.

REM1875 said...

My todays obamaism. These events happened way before my time, damn I got no one to spin it for me.

REM1875 said...

I have always suspected Mary Jo was pregnant hence the quick cremation. Which would put an uncomfortable light on the 'accident' of the gansters son.

John the Econ said...

The upside of the Chappaquiddick misadventure is that it kept Teddy Kennedy out of the White House. It's a shame that Mary Jo Kopechne had to unintentionally pay the ultimate price for that contribution to American history.

I too vividly remember the moon landing, mainly because just before it took place, my mother rushed me into the room in front of the TV (a rare occurrence) and told me that this was something that I'd remember for the rest of my life. She was right.

Unfortunately, how could she have known that this would also likely be the pinnacle of NASA's achievements. NASA used to be about developing and deploying the cutting edge of technology above and beyond. Today, NASA has been converted unto just another Federal bureaucracy run by community organizers more interested in "social outreach", "climate change" agitprop, and justifying outright Marxism. From now on, I predict that NASA will be hiring more people out of the humanities department than from the hard sciences.

But such is what happens in "social democracies"; People become less interested in the bigger pictures, and more focused on what's in it for them; or, more cynically, making sure they get their fair share.

@Stilton, why shouldn't they pass laws against cancer? They're currently passing laws against "climate change". It's not much of a leap.

As for the "Clinton Economy": The latter half of the '90s was a prime example of classic "Reaganomics" at work; A scenario where after the congressional cleansing of '94 and the subsequent gridlock which shut down "HillaryCare", the BTU tax, and other Clinton era government expansionists agendas, it was safe to invest in America again.

Ironic, isn't it? "Reaganomics" made Clinton look like a success. Even most conservatives don't get this simple fact, and that's a shame.

PRY said...

Man, just gotta say...the way you tied historical happenings together with the pathetically sad state of our nation today hit me like a rock in the face!

We boomers have the ability to REMEMBER what is lost, and hopefully not lost forever. I so miss the truly compassionate and moral America of yesterday, a powerful bulwark of truth for the most part, for the whole world!
I pray to experience this nation as it was intended by the fathers before I head off into the sunset!

Please click my name

Judi King said...

Mr. Econ, I'm one conservative who does get that fact. We also had a somewhat valid congress during Clintons presidency.

Krash Kardashian said...


Well, yes, it was "Reaganomics" as well as the boom in productivity increases caused by the so-called information technology revolution of the 90's - neither of which B. Clinton had anything to do with (although, thankfully the Gorepulant invented the internet about that same time, according to archaeologists of note - the same ones who support AGW). See the Fernald's Fed report of 2014.

I would also add that the housing bubble was beginning then, due to the cheap influx of cash into the mortgage market from the CRA and it's henchmen, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

To B. Clinton's credit, he didn't do too much to sabotage it but arguably his tax increases resulted in a severer effect when the bubble finally burst or when the inevitable slow down occurred before that.

I had forgotten about Chappaquiddick. It still amazes me that the so-called "Lion Of The Senate" could have gotten away with murder. The Kennedy's were horrid, although at least John was something of a cold-warrior. This is the key to understanding the "progressives" - if you have the "right ideas", you are above the law. See the current Prez and his overreach or Elizabeth Warren and her lying.

Colby said...

Passing laws against cancer gave me a revelation. The libs keep pushing for laws agains guns, why don't they just pass some laws against shooting people? And hell, why stop there? They could pass laws against crossing our borders without permission, too!

Oh, wait....

Anonymouseseses said...

Colby -

Gold Hat: Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges.

Replace "badges" with "laws" and it sort of works.

And that is a pic from the movie, not a racist thing although it may be a La Raza thing. Ha!

Geoff King said...

I prefer this version:
But then, I always have enjoyed Mel Brook's humor more than an intelligent person should ever admit to.

Honcho said...

Honcho here -

In town for a spell....

The beat goes on.

Is the IRS truly this incompetent? The spirit of Ted Kennedy LIVES! Or is that just gas I have?

Look folks - the corruption is everywhere in the Federal government. I heard the other day of someone who is a (special ed) teacher in the government service and makes a whopping $139K per year. This is from someone who saw this person's tax forms. Oh and this person is a huge Obama supporter. I read somewhere that DC is the only place where salary inflation occurs - NSS.

Waste, fraud, abuse, mismanagement - How did we ever get to the moon?

Omar al Tikriti said...

Allah be praised, this woman is so hot! Though I have her on order, still no word on when she arrives. My loins inflame at the thought! Which is OK, since she is an infidel - loins may inflame with infidel womens. Particularly after so much manly bloodshed, and anal jihad!

And speaking of infidels, we, ISIS, have reports of an infidel named David al SoCal who promised to provide all of us with Double-Doubles. And nothing. He violates the Quran! It is written! Double-Doubles for all, insha'allah! Convert al SoCal or pay!

And speaking of your Wendys, say, this Ted fellow is cleaver, no? You infidels looking up at the moon and he does a deep dive when your backs are turned. Your weakling president could learn a thing or two - but then HE was elected, no? (That was for you, CenTexTim!)

Anonymous said...

When you're rich, you can read all kinds of disgusting, pornographic material.

Geoff King said...

Poor Bill Gates. According to Forbes, Carlos Slim - the man who owns all of Mexico - has just again beat him out as the richest person on the planet...most likely in the galaxy. At just a shade under a paltry 80 billion net worth, and what with all the time he spends promoting abortion, euthanasia, and genocide; it is surprising that Bill has the time to read any books.

Geoff King said...

P.S. I used to have the utmost respect for Bill Gates as he is truly a self-made billionaire. However, he now evidently wants billions of us to disappear so we will no longer be in the way of his yachts and Lear jets.

David in SoCal said...

Just heard that John 'Odo' Kerry announced today (whilst in a meeting with Ban Ki-Moon), that the U.S. will be giving $47 million tax-payer dollars in 'humanitarian' aid to the 'tens of thousands of Palestinians who have fled their homes in Gaza to escape the violence.' Eff me runnin. Betchya most ALL of that 'Hamasitarian' aid goes toward rebuilding tunnels the brave Israelis have just destroyed.(just like ALL of the $900 million went to 'build' a health care website)
@Omar al Tikriti: "I am to be thinking you are not be in the eating of infidel food that is fast. The speaking of 'In and Out' AND a 'Anal Jihad' in sentence of the same will be looked down upon, and may the fleas of a thousand Camels infest your genitals. You are now to be leaving Dawud al SoCal to himself. Shlamaa."
Sincerely, Rev. Al Sheet M-pantz.

Bruce Bleu said...

Geoff King,
THIS is my favorite of the genre...

From the movie UHF:

JustaJeepGuy said...

I see that Jim H. mentioned watching a/the moon landing in the school gym. Jim, you must remember that the FIRST moon landing took place in July, so it is unlikely that you were in a school gym. The LAST moon landing took place in December 1972, when you may have been in school, but it was close to Christmas, so possibly not.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

@JustaJeepGuy: I watched the moon landing in the duty room at MCRD San Diego while stationed there for electronics school. The Quonset Hut was jammed, we all of trying to watch on a 21" TV. As far as your comment re: schools - that was a period when some school districts were beginning to adapt the trimester school year, so it was quite possible to have been in school during July - just a thought, not a complaint.

Omar al Tikriti said...

David al SoCal -

As you infidels say, "Oh man, that was cold!" Here in the desert, we cannot relate to such things. But before I beheaded a Westerner last year, he said that. Meant something according to my translator. But he was beheaded later so I may have forgotten what the infidel said exactly- but you get the idea. And anyway, my camel is much cleaner and less lice infested than Abdul, my jihad buddy. But we all have to compromise once in a while - it is written.

Look at Mary Jo Kopechne after all. And all of your politicians, really.

Neal Hilistic said...

Um .... spoken like a lady?

They, uh, have a lot of, uh er, "fun" down under? Ooppsss - down under - didn't mean to say that.

You know, I am so sick and tired of women objectifying men this way ..."heaps of cash and a [good] package". Women for centuries have demeaned men this way. It is so humiliating. You see these depictions of men all the time on TV, magazines, the internet. I mean look at that stud with "the gun" in the cartoon. A fancy car in the water. And it's always "men on the moon", for cryin' out loud. Women are sooooo misandrogynistic. We men are victims too.

Vestigial Idiot said...

JustaJeepGuy -

My recollection of the moon landing event was that people watched wherever they could, including store front windows with TVs on. It wouldn't surprise me at all if there were special events arranged for beforehand in school gyms. Perhaps Jim H. was part of something like that.

Or like me, he may be moving memories around. The mind is a tricky thing - and sometimes memories get fuddled with time. We don't always know what motivates us and we are seldom honest enough to admit it.

Colby said...

I grew up in a little bitty town in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming where nobody had a lot of money. In the late 60's, there were still a significant number of people who did not own a television, and yes, they set one up at the school cafeteria (a huge 25" COLOR TV - not sure why, the footage was B&W) so TV-less townsfolk could watch Neil and Buzz set foot on the moon. My folks had a small black and white TV, so I watched at home, but many went to the school.

Yes, they are incompetent, but they are also lying through their damn teeth. I forget the exact numbers, but the chances of 20 computers at the same office crashing simultaneously are astronomical. Like you have a better chance of hitting the Powerball 3 times in a row, or some such. Doesn't it burn your ass that the lo fo voters (most of whom grew up knowing computers) buy into this mularkey? I'd bet dollars to donuts EVERY email I have ever written in my entere life is still on a server somewhere, or on a tape backup. The gubmint is spending 47 quadra-gazillion of our dollars on super computer storage sites. What the heck are they storing, old episodes of The Brady Bunch? I think not.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Readers- I hate to say this for the umpteenth time lately, but I've been too tied up to join in all the discussions but MAN do I enjoy reading them!

My schedule kind of got sideswiped today by the "now you see it, now you don't" conflicting judicial rulings on the legality of most Obamacare subsidies. I had to change my cartoon commentary (for tomorrow) in mid-stream...AND deal with my disappointment and anger about the current state of affairs.

Which, again, is why it's so great to read all of YOUR comments and enjoy the wisdom, humor, and multi-cultural insights from some of our newer commentors! (grin)

Geoff King said...

I would like to take this time to thank Stilton for this website. Of all the blogs and websites I frequent and comment on, this one has steadfastly drawn the most logical and informed posters I have ever encountered. Not counting trolls, the majority of sites I visit tend to be full of poorly worded, poorly spellled, and poorly thought out comments. They often make conservatives seem as ignorant as liberals have always been. HnC is a breath of fresh air that I appreciate tremendously.

Geoff King said...

Obviously it was Divine Intervention that caused me to mis-spell the word "spelled" with three l's instead of two. That is my story, and I'm sticking to it.

JustaJeepGuy said...

I'd have to say it's possible that some folks may have watched Apollo 11 land on the Moon in a school gym, but I doubted it because of the time factor. Armstrong's first step was taken around 10 PM eastern time, but I can't recall what time earlier that day when the Eagle landed. I would have thought all school gyms would have been locked up tightly at that time. Since there were SIX moon landings, peoples' memories of exactly which landing they saw and where might have gotten mixed up, especially if they were really young at the time.

This is not surprising for me, as I thought for the longest time that I was in the 4th grade when JFK was assassinated, until I did the calculation and realized I was in the FIFTH grade. However, I was 16 when Apollo 11 went on its journey. I was in boot camp in the Navy when our last moon landing went off. I still blame the Demo_Rats for the death of such explorations.

John the Econ said...

Gone fundraising:

JustaJeepGuy said...

Somehow, my last comment got blasted before it posted. As I was saying, it's possible that some people did watch Apollo 11 land in a school gym; I just doubted it because of the time factor. I can't recall exactly the time it landed, but Armstrong didn't take his first step until about 10 PM eastern time that glorious night. I guess Pacific time-zoners saw it around 7 PM. It was still July though... Perhaps, those who were pretty young at the time may be remembering some of the other FIVE landings?

I can't fault others' memories anyway, as for the longest time I thought I remembered JFK's assassination as having happened while I was in the 4th grade. Many years later, I did the math and realized it had happened when I was in the 5th grade. I now know my most accurate memories are of useless and trivial details, while the IMPORTANT stuff is frequently lost to me.

I DO know that the LAST Moon landing was in December 1972, as I was in the Navy, in boot camp at that time.

Honcho said...

Honcho here.

Geoff! Snorttle! Er ... chortle!

That was priceless! "Spellled" when you are criticizing the spelling of others. Divine intervention. Gump!

Now, if I had written that, I would have blamed my mother for it. She always would smack me for being critical of others.... even though I am ALWAYS wright.

Honcho said...

Honcho here again.

JJG - your timing there sounds about right. My brother and I were at the beach blasting rock crabs with my paternal grandmother knitting on the beach when she suddenly screamed at us to get in the car - and off we went! My prim and proper grandma suddenly became a speed demon, constantly glancing down at her watch. Scared the bejeezus outa me.

And then she let's out a whoop! "Won't make it home in time - gotta get to Auntie Vera's!" and she whirled off the interstate onto a country road in her 50's Buick, bouncing over ruts and potholes. We came to a screechin' halt and commando'd our way into Auntie Vera's - no howdy-do's, just ran to the TV and turned it on. I will never forget the look on Auntie Vera's face. Back in those days, it took a long time for the dang things to warm up - yes, child'n, they had to warm up.

But what a site it was - Man on the moon.