Wednesday, October 8, 2014

No News is Good News and Neither is No Good News

In complete honesty, Hope n' Change looked at the news today, the news looked back, and then by mutual agreement we decided to more or less take the day off and alternate between sipping Key Lime rum spritzers and beating our head on the desk.

Seriously - look what we had to work with: Jesse Jackson shows up in Dallas to allegedly make sure that the Ebola patient will get "the best humanitarian care," but actually because it's physically impossible for Jesse Jackson to avoid being drawn to so many cameras in one place.

And speaking of Ebola, some experts are now coming forward to say that it may spread more easily than we're previously thought. "Dr. C.J. Peters, who battled a 1989 outbreak of the virus among research monkeys housed in Virginia and who later led the CDC's most far-reaching study of Ebola's transmissibility in humans, said he would not rule out the possibility that it spreads through the air in tight quarters." Which is a terrifying thought, but does make us feel slightly better about Jesse Jackson visiting the tight quarters where the Dallas Ebola patient was staying.

In London, four young men were arrested under suspicion of being about to launch terroristic beheadings. Shockingly (at least to many American liberals and politicians) the men all seem to have ties to radical Islam. What are the odds?

Meanwhile ISIS is about to win a huge blood-soaked victory in Kobani thanks to Obama's "barely there" air support of Kurdish fighters, Barry has departed on a four day fundraising binge, Lois Lerner is trying to break into neighbors' homes rather than face reporters asking questions about the IRS abuse of Conservatives, and the stock market took it up the keister yesterday. Sideways.

And adding insult to injury, we JUST got a notice in the mail today that our crappy, overpriced health insurance is going up in price another $4,000 - with no increase in benefits - due to the "rising cost of providing quality medical services" under Obamacare.

But all is not lost. Things like this video clip still make Hope n' Change laugh. Especially when we're drinking spritzers.


Geoff King said...

Evidently the Revunt Jacksum got jealous when his fellow race-baiter Al Sharpton grabbed the spotlight by sticking his nose into helping Øbama select a new AG. Jesse needed to prove that he too could get media coverage for something he knows absolutely nothing about. Twitter response was overwhelmingly negative regarding his obvious photo-op visit to Dallas:

Jim Hlavac said...

It's not really "news" -- so much as "same old thing" and even "continued flimflammery of dangerous proportions." I'm not sure a single person any of us can identify by name as a "national figure" is not playing some game to line their pockets and stoke their egos, and those of their relatives, friends and sycophants. Though perhaps we each have our favorites.

And some of you people watch it on TV! I marvel. I don't. But it's predictable already -- the same people show up saying the same things and go about the same nonsense.

And I only see it lasting for another 2 presidential terms -- makes no difference really, who gets elected - the thing is set to autopilot while the crew is in the bar. Now, what happens then is anyone's guess -- mine is actually a peaceful death, others argue revolution or societal chaos or even dictatorship forever. One thing for certain, the current game won't continue.

FlyBoy said...

Stilt-That reminds me of an old joke-"What's the most dangerous place in the world?": Anywhere between Jesse Jax-un and a news crew.

JT said...

Barry says "don't get between Michelle and a taco."

Judi King said...

Loved the boat video! Could use a good laugh now.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

If the NFL really wants to study the effects of massive concussion, put Rev. Jackson on one goal line, Sheila Jackson Lee at the other, and a camera crew at the 50 yard line. The impact would probably register on the Richter Scale.

The unfortunate thing about the boat video, that after watching a collection of Joe Biden clips, I can understand the boat...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Geoff King- I just heard on the radio that the Dallas Ebola patient has died (true). Apparently it was the only way he could get away from Jesse Jackson (only maybe true).

@Jim Hlavac- I think you're probably right about the "slow death" theory. Rather than battles in the streets, it will be more like our country says "I've fallen and I can't get up."

@FlyBoy- It's also pretty dangerous looking for leftovers in the freezer at Jesse Jackson's girlfriend's house.

@JT- Unless it's a school-approved kale taco.

@Judi King- The talking boat is unbelievably stupid. But unlike politicians, it makes me laugh.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- You're right; who needs a superconducting super collider when you can point those camera hogs at each other?

Pecozbill said...

The subtle, TIC (tongue in cheek) pokes always make the best points. So it is for your "the men all seem to have ties to radical Islam. What are the odds?" comment!

It addresses every handwringing worrier about profiling doesn't it!!!

Suzy said...

Yeah. News really stinks these days. I love how Ebola is racist, but Enterovirus, which just killed a 4 year old in New Jersey last week, isn't. I guess even now the diseases have to be politically correct, and only kill white straight people. I'm getting so very tired of this.

I'm really sorry about your health insurance. :-( From what I'm hearing, anybody's insurance can change or be cancelled at any given time. So sad and scary that Obama has destroyed this is almost unrecognizable from when he first got in office.


Anonymous said...

So, just to recap, lets take a look at your, and all Republicans, thought process.

A single virologist, speaking in hypotheticals, says that, against everything we know of viruses, Ebola could somehow mutate into being airborne, with no proof whatsoever= ITS HAPPENING! THE PLAGUE IS STARTING! PANIC!

99.7% of scientists have a consensus that man made global warming is real, happening, and the biggest threat the planet has ever seen = NO NO NO NO NO NO THE KOCH BROTHERS SAY ITS NOT HAPPENING!

Do you see why you're an idiot? Or do I need to break it down for you?

Geoff King said...

@Suzy: Ah, yes - Political correctness, where .05% (transgendered people) of the population can demand that the other 99+% bow to their wishes. In Nebraska, the words "boy" and "girl" are now deemed Politically Incorrect:
I recommend that the following words also be stricken from the language so as not to offend one solitary individual on the planet: tall, short, large, small, black, white, average, smart, dumb, handicapped, depressed, happy, rich, poor, athletic, lazy, criminal, good, bad, and ugly.
As long as we restrict ourselves to only talking about the weather, we should offend no one - provided we don't bring up El Niño, the Alberta Clipper, or the name of any hurricane.

PRY said...

Stilt, seems as though there comes a point in time when even something as horrific as a beheading starts to lose a bit of its initial punch to the gut! That kinda scares me.

When the news of the day is five-by-five bad constantly, and then it starts to pile up like one stinking rotten load of sh*t, brother,it's diversion time...such as with your great utube video of the day, or some old movie on cable that I can find refuge from the insanity that is so pervasive right now.

Each day I tune in the news, never disappointed that the evil folks in charge of America have one-upped themselves from the previous day, and one has to be asking..."where and when is this going to end?"

Thank God He is still in control!

Geoff King said...

@ Analmouse or gerbil or whatever: Ebola has already been proven to be an airborne virus. Global warming has not occured in almost 20 years, and we now are recording record cold and record Polar ice. Finally, it is only you socialistic "liberals" who dwell on the issue of race. That is because it is the only thing you can pretend to claim the moral high ground on despite the fact that the Democratic party is the cause of racial division and animosity in this country.

Judi King said...

Well, bad anonymous, again you're resorting to the typical liberal game plan of name calling. Anyone who speaks the truth in your world is labeled a racist. What Geoff just said is right on and all true. You liberals are causing ALL the divisions that are destroying America.

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: So, according to you, a virus that has never been found to exist outside of fluids has magically found a way to not die in those exact circumstances, a spate of record droughts and wildifres, as well as a measurable increase in tidal levels and average global temperatures represents, represents no climate change, record winters showing that the planet is out of whack show there is no climate change, "record" ice being slightly thicker in one square mile than it has been in the last 20 years of climate change, while miles of arctic ice continually fall into the sea every year represents no climate change, and the single most divisive and hateful opposition any opposition party has ever shown to a President at any point in Americas history as shown by any metric you would care to name be it rhetoric, respect, or total, unwavering opposition on anything, being shown by Republicans to the firs Black president, represents no racism.

I know libertarians like to make up their own facts to support their little fantasy/hobby, but you realise I don't have to play along with your delusions, right?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pecozbill- To prevent the scourge of profiling, I sometimes think that there should be no descriptions of criminals whatsoever. Sure, none of them would ever get caught - but wouldn't this be a beautiful and more loving world?

@Suzy- Yes, Jesse Jackson is in Dallas now trying to make Ebola into a racial issue. What an asshole.

And the health insurance situation stinks, but at least I'm not alone. Come "open enrollment" time, I'm going to have to change carriers - though I won't be going through nor taking any subsidy.

@Anonymous- First off, I'm not a Republican. Oh, that's right - YOU decide who and what I am, not me.

Regarding Ebola, you write a big scary statement in caps in order to mock it. The problem - I didn't say anything like that, nor did the article I linked to. You're making up straw man arguments in hopes that you might finally win one.

And then suddenly you're raving about global warming and the Koch brothers. Seriously dude, get a smartphone app to remind you when to take your meds. Or at least a bib to keep the foaming spittle off your keyboard.

@Geoff King- I like to just think of people as "people." Sadly, the Left (in particular) wants to break everything down into tiny aggrieved voting blocs.

@PRY- The day by day pummeling of bad news gets exhausting. And frighteningly, per your beheading example, it starts seeming like bad news - even horrible news - is just the new norm.

That's not the way it should be. And I still believe it's not the way things have to be.

@Geoff King- There you go, throwing facts at a liberal. I believe there's a phrase involving pearls and swine which applies here.

@Judi King- Just to be the soul of fairness, I'll say that liberals aren't causing ALL the divisions - just most of them.

Anonymous said...

@Judi King: Pop quiz - on the subject of racial divisiveness, what "webcomic" recently compared Latin American people coming to America to nuclear holocaust?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Please don't refer to Mr. Obama as the "firs Black president." There's no need for you to stoop to the use of degrading racial dialect.

John the Econ said...

Actually, it's been the warming community that's been busy making up their own "facts". BTW, the arctic sea ice that was supposed to have disappeared forever is back, and the Antarctic is colder than ever. So now since the actually recorded data has stalled, they claim that the warming is actually hidden in the sea where it's not actually recorded. "Just believe us" the "97%" say.

The question should be, "Why only 97%?" Because claiming 100% would sound too much like a North Korean wlection result.

Geoff King said...

Why do I bother? @ Aholemost: Evidently, in your mind, the fact that Ebola has been previously transmitted between two totally separate and isolated species in lab experiments, and the fact that the CDC and your holy grail of liberal news CNN now admit that Ebola can mutate into an airborne variety, plus the fact that it has already been stated that an infected person can easily spread the disease by simply coughing or sneezing within 3 or 4 feet of a victim excludes the possibility of it becoming airborne?
As far as global warming is concerned, I notice that you have changed your weak talking point to "climate change". Let me enlighten you. Climate change is a fact of life on this ball of rock and water orbiting a star which constantly varies in it's output. Guess what? The Earth was much hotter when the dinosaurs were in charge. Do you wish to claim they also were Republicans? We recently exited the " Little Ice Age". Thank God it is getting warmer. As for the drought in California, geological records prove that previous droughts there have lasted up to 750 years. Are you saying that a mere 2 decades or so of drought proves that mankind has destroyed the planet? I imagine you wish to blame mankind for the proven fact that the Polar Caps on Mars are also receeding, not because the Sun is cyclically getting hotter.

Jim Hlavac said...

@anonypuss -- you write: "So, according to you, a virus that has never been found to exist outside of fluids has magically found .. blah blah blah" ...

Did you know that fluids evaporate? and that a virus is smaller than a molecule of evaporated fluid? Way way way, super way supercadifagilistically way smaller ... Hell you can see evaporated fluids -- steam, fog, mist, your hot breath on the cold days that have beset global climate disruption change ... and you can't see a virus without an electron-microscope -- Does this matter of physical reality impede logic for you, or are you sure that all fluids remain as such >> Indeed, anonypuss -- "global warming" states that all the fluids now as solids in the arctic and down below are turning to gasses to beset us with rain like Noah never dreamed of until the oceans are so full Denver will be beach front.

Anyway, to clue you in -- viruses are tiny, like your brains, while the misty molecules of your thoughts seem more to incite then entertain, elucidate or explain, which is so very easy to see.

Jim Hlavac said...

@Geoff King and Suzy -- and others here who wonder about transgendered -- and the ever growing "LGBTITSQAGNC etc etc community" -- (the "gnc" gender non-conforming, don't you know!) well, I feel your pain -- I don't understand it either -- I can't answer it except this: "Transgendered are Heterosexuals"

The reality is, me and the vast majority of my friends are your old fashioned GGs -- Gay Guys -- for whatever it's worth -- we are different than the rest of this crowd and I have no idea how we got lumped in with them, or they climbed on our backs -- I've been against it ... and you should see me poke fun of this on gay sites you don't even know about!

Anyway -- it's weird times, and since I meet your token gay quota as established by myself -- that's my take on it there.

Geoff King said...

It occurs to me that I have never heard one single Canadian, Eskimo, Icelander, Siberian, Greenlander, or Scandinavian complaining about "Global Warming". Would it not be racist against all of them to promote the Climate Change Agenda?

Judi King said...

@ annoymuch....pop quiz....Who cares?

Anonymous said...

This is also a funny cartoon.

Anonymous said...


"Evidently, in your mind, the fact that Ebola has been previously transmitted between two totally separate and isolated species in lab experiments, and the fact that the CDC and your holy grail of liberal news CNN now admit that Ebola can mutate into an airborne variety"

Well done, you've figured out that CNN will run sensationalist BS when they think it will get them ratings, because they're a business trying to get ratings any way they can, unlike Fox, which is and always has been a propaganda machine first and foremost.

And yes, the CDC said that it could mutate. Could. Humans could spontaneously mutate the ability to control metal, read minds and speak without a trace of a Canadian accent. Oxygen could spontaneously transmute into gold. Conservatives could stop being idiotic racist cowards. But it ain't gonna happen.

"As far as global warming is concerned, I notice that you have changed your weak talking point to "climate change"."

Yes, because morons who don't understand the word "global" keep asking "Oh yeah? Well if there's global warming, why am I cold, huh?" and get bored when the people who know what they're talking about try to explain how the impact of a gradual heating trend will lead to periods of extreme weather in both droughts and freezing winters, both of which shattering records and the norm of years without global warming.

"A lot of pseudoscientific crap being regurgitated by someone who doesn't understand it, let alone"

Sorry, I paraphrased to save space. In answer to all of your, lets be generous and call them "points", the dinosaurs and us did not exist within a twenty year span of each other, and neither did those periods of 750 year long drought. While climate change has happened before, never in the history of the earth has it happened this quickly. Mainly cause there's never been CO2 being dumped into the air 24/7 in the amounts it is now across the planet. See, thats the thing about your pseudoscience - you're using it to try and contradict actual science.

"It occurs to me that I have never heard one single Canadian, Eskimo, Icelander, Siberian, Greenlander, or Scandinavian complaining about "Global Warming"."

This is because you are deaf, and an idiot.

Here's what the Inuit (Thats non-racist speak for "Eskimo") people think about the reality of climate change.

Course, its hard to hear all of this when you keep putting your fingers in your ears and saying LALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALALA!

bobtater said...

Oh gawd the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has gone up from the volcanic gases spewing from anonymous's mouth. I wonder how he is going to control all the CO2 that is spewed into the atmosphere by volcanos?? Oh I know!! put a cork in both!! Problem solved.
Oh and I know for a fact those evil Koch brothers gave me athlete's foot at the mens club!! Those evil bastards!! (Indulging my Harry Reid phobia.)

Geoff King said...

Interesting that anon should call Eskimos Inuits. That is as racist as calling all Native Americans a bunch of Apaches. Eskimo is an Objibwa Indian word to describe all of the 9 or more Arctic tribes. Inuit is only the name of 2 or 3 of those tribes.
An excerpt from the Tulugaq, which is a compendium of Alaskan native languages:
What many people do not know is that using the term Inuit as a blanket term for all arctic people in Alaska is offensive. Why? Because there are two main groups of arctic people in Alaska, the Yupik and the Iñupiat. The Yupik peoples are Eskimo but not Inuit. Quite understandably, they don’t like being called Inuit because they aren’t Inuit (and the word doesn’t even exist in Yupik languages). This means that it’s better to call arctic Alaskans Eskimos, not Inuit – or better yet, call them Yupik if they are Yupik, Iñupiat if they are Iñupiat, Cup’ik if they are Cup’ik, and so on.

So, to sum it up:

Canada: Inuit
United States (i.e., Alaska): Eskimo, which includes Yupik and Inuit peoples
Greenland: Kalaallit (Inuit may be acceptable as well, but I simply don’t know)
Russia: Eskimo (albeit in Russian, Эскимо). Mostly Yupik peoples, with the exception of Inuit on Big Diomede. Sirenikski may be separate from both Yupik and Inuit (hat tip to Anthony Woodbury).
Also, the name of the language family encompassing their languages is Eskimo-Aleut. Within Eskimo, there’s a division between Yupik and Inuit languages, much like the division between the cultural groups. Replacing Eskimo-Aleut with *Inuit-Aleut would be incorrect.

The original Eskimos migrated to the Arctic Circle around 900 AD. Shortly after 1000 AD Global COOLING forced them to move south into what is now Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and Siberia. Their main source of subsistance was whaling, which became impossible in the Arctic during the Mini Ice Age. After the MIA, they evidently decided that the extreme cold of the Northern Arctic was no longer for them, and they remained in the latitudes they still inhabit today. If they now complain that things are warming up too much for them, the obvious solution would be for them to move back North to their ancestrial hunting lands.

CenTexTim said...

I don't know why I'm wasting my time, but I'll give it one shot...

@anon - It is not a "A single virologist, speaking in hypotheticals" that postulates Ebola could mutate into an airborne version.

some of the nation's top infectious disease experts worry that this deadly virus could mutate and be transmitted just by a cough or a sneeze

Even if it doesn't: "Even without becoming airborne, the virus has overwhelmed efforts to stop it."

Seems like a legitimate concern. And what are we depending on to protect us? An administration that can't build a functioning healthcare web site. An administration that can't protect it's consulates. An administration that can't secure our country's borders. An administration that thinks taking the temperatures of travelers from infected areas is sufficient to prevent the spread of Ebola. An administration that can't even keep deranged fence-jumpers out of the White House ... I could go on, but hopefully even you get the picture.

Geoff King said...

Also, if Eskimos are that concerned with climate change, why are the majority of them racing to explore and drill for that evil planet-destroying oil on their lands?

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: Ah. So you once more ignore the actual point and content, and have instead decided to use the "Its Spanish for black" argument about how a pejorative term is actually the right term to use, in spite of nobody wanting you to call them that.

"Also, if Eskimos are that concerned with climate change, why are the majority of them racing to explore and drill for that evil planet-destroying oil on their lands?"

Very good, you've figured out that being a greedy motherfucker isn't a trait exclusive to white people, it just so happens that white people are the ones who have abused their power enough to where they are in that position most of the time.

@CenTexTim: An administration that killed Bin Laden.... (Unless you listen to Goeff, who thinks that zombie Bin Laden somehow conceived and raised three kids)

But, to answer this, I will defer to someone a bit more on your intellectual level: Someone paid to write about how funny penises are.

Ben Rumson said...

This one always relieves stress for me. I am not accomplished enough to publish the acutual link even if it was allowed on a private Blog, but look up on youtube R.WYATT Nov.8,2009 on Primate Behavior Reference 21 of 27.
Honestly, what kind of interesting chemicals have you ingested to give a Chimpanzee a loaded AK, and show it how to fire it?
Giggles of joy every time...
I would guess it was something stronger than Single Malt...

Ben Rumson said...

No you don't ,you are proof enough. What kind of meds does your doctor have you on?
Perhaps they need to adjust the dosage.
Have you updated your Freeway Exit parasite sign yet to I'm a Societal Parisitic in need of illgal drugs?
That kind of candor sometimes can get you donations from guilty feeling Moden Liberals.

Judi King said...

@ annoymuch.... Plants NEED CO2! The Polar Ice Cap has reached record high! You are still resorting to name calling and divisiveness and are boring! Nothing new here.

Geoff King said...

Forget it sis. Facts like plants need CO2, humans are only responsible for around 2% of CO2 emissions, and the majority of CO2 is produced by the sun - which is in an active phase - heating the oceans which in turn release more CO2, are lost on simple minds like anon's. Notice he completely ignored my statement that Mars has also proven to be getting warmer. It is the sun's warming the Earth up which is producing more CO2, not the other way around. When this solar cycle ends, the Earth will cool and CO2 levels will plummit. Then we no doubt will be warned of another upcoming ice age. It will be interesting to see how morons like anon spin global cooling to be man's fault.

Geoff King said...

Also, I would like to make the point that if global warming is actually occuring, the entire ecosystem will benefit. Plants will flourish and in turn so will animals. More areas on the planet will become habitable. The entire continent of Antarctica may become choice farm land. True, ocean levels may rise thereby making the coastal areas where the majority of the human race now lives less desireable, but we can move. It seems quite hypocritical to blame humans for the destruction of the planet when humans are pretty much the only ones who could suffer. The rest of nature will do just fine. It is extremely arrogant to believe that humans are so powerful as to be able to destroy God's handiwork. Mother Nature will continue to survive, adapt, and flourish - with or without human input.

FlyBoy said...

To all of you that are attempting to reason w/ Anonymous' usual rantings: Please just ignore him/her/it. While I find his tripe to be somewhat amusing, I feel that it's not worth the effort to respond. I DO enjoy greatly the insights of Jim Hlavic, Geoff King, Judi King (any relation?), Mr. Grumpy, and especially John the Economist-they all have a unique talent for winnowing through the usual bullshit that sometimes appears here from libs.

Just remember: Never argue with an idiot, you have to sink to his level and he's got way more experience.

WMD said...

I was just wondering if anyone else noticed that when the Europeans came here and brought with them small pox etc. it was a major genocide. But now the same people who labeled that a genocide, (like it was done on purpose), now say that not wanting to bring ebola to this country is somehow racist? At least according the usual list of neo-communist talking heads and race-baiters.
And don't give me any crap about infected blankets that has been proven as false.

Judi King said...

@ FlyBoy. Love your "never argue with an idiot" comment. So true! Yes, Geoff is my brother.

Geoff King said...

Point taken FlyBoy. I realize that attempting to reason with anon is pointless, but I have always enjoyed a good argument. I also must say that, unlike the vast majority of braindead liberals, this one actually attempts to conduct a semi-logical discussion. I find that both unusual and challenging.
And yes, Judi is my sister. She and I are 2000 miles apart, but much closer in beliefs than the rest of our family.

John the Econ said...

Today's hopeful insight:

The lasting legacy of Obama will be that he has largely discredited the idea of big government, of which he was so passionate an advocate. Almost every major agency of the federal government, many of them with a hallowed tradition of bipartisan competence, have now been rendered either dysfunctional or politicized — or both — largely because of politically driven appointments of unqualified people, or ideological agendas that were incompatible with the agency’s mission.

FlyBoy said...

@Judi- As much as I'd like to claim credit for that line, I must give Mr. Samuel Clemens his duly earned accolades.

The actual quote is "Never argue with stupid people. They'll drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience."

Judi King said...

FlyBoy...That sounds like Samuel Clemens but universal truths are always relevant and it sure fits it this case.

Colby Muenster said...

Did the moonbat go silent, or is he/she/it just taking a break to go play World of Warcraft for a few hours? Poor, ignorant fool. I was beginning to think he/she/it was going ot wear out he/she/it's mom's keyboard, especially the caps lock key.

I always love it when idiots send internet links to prove "climate change." Huh??? A) The climate has been changing for billions of years as far as I know. Evidence of this is my home state of Wyoming which used to be home to countless dinosaurs.

or B) I have a friend in a distant state who emailed once that he barely got to work through the snow and ice. I emailed, "Dang global warming!" Whooo buddy! I could hear his head explode from 600 miles away. He sent me a few links to websites that "proved" global warming. It took me about 45 seconds to find just as many websites that disprooved it.

Sorry, all you Al Gore gulliblees. The climate is constantly changing; humans can not do shit about it. What do we do, junk all of our cars and ride horses? Nope... methane emmisions. How about shut down all the factories in China and India? Hahahahahahaha!!! I'm all for being a good steward of the planet God gave us, but thes is not one damn thing we can do to change the weather. Was it Will Rogers that said (paraphrasing) "Everybody complains aobut the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it." Weather = climate change = weather =.....

Geoff King said...

In other no news is good news, rumors abound in North Korea about Denis Rodman's buddy Kim Jong Un: He has not been seen in public for over a month. He is addicted to Swiss Cheese. He has been deposed. The Capital city is locked down. There may have been a military coup. He broke both of his ankles walking around in high heels. He is severly suffering from Gout. His sister is actually running the country. Etc.
My opinion on all this is: Mmmm. I love Swiss cheese!

Geoff King said...

Anon: I also can pull articles from the internet to support my opinion on global warming. Of course, my article may not be as reputable as yours since it only quotes data from such unknown sources such as NASA and the UN:

Judi King said...

annoymuch, what does the FACT that plants need CO2 have to do with people needing FRESH water to survive. Not too much of that in oceans or even polluted lakes, where people drown. And you conveniently forgot the largest polar ice cap in recorded history. Gee, in the 70's, the pseudo scientists tried to tell us an ice age was coming. Wow, how'd that work out for all you fear mongers? It's all cyclical, as most thinking people know. PS: I worked for over 50 years you sanctimonious twit!

Judi King said...

You'd be funny if you weren't so pathetic. How dare you?

Anonymous said...

@Judi:" what does the FACT that plants need CO2 have to do with people needing FRESH water to survive. Not too much of that in oceans or even polluted lakes, where people drown"

....are you trying to suggest its impossible to drown in fresh water?

"And you conveniently forgot the largest polar ice cap in recorded history."

Right, because the growth of the area of Antarctica is irrelevant since (a) its depth is miniscule, and (b) the arctic is shrinking at a larger rate. What you provided is not a counterargument, its a factoid.

"Gee, in the 70's, the pseudo scientists tried to tell us an ice age was coming. Wow, how'd that work out for all you fear mongers?"

If by "scientists", you mean one scientist, Hubert Lamb, who the media paid way too much attention to. So, that was one scientist, whereas now it is the aforementioned 99.7% of scientists. Do you see how one is considered a consensus, and one is not?

Anonymous said...

@Goeff: Really? You're going to try and pass off the Torygraph as a reputable and objective paper? We all know that conservative con men can lie, misquote, and misunderstand the data that comes out of the UN and NASA, so lets go direct to the source of both to see what they say, hmm? Oh, both say that man made climate change is 100% real? What a shock.

And since you just said that the UN and NASA are both reputable, I assume this is you admitting that man made global warming is 100% real, right?

David in SoCal said...

OK analmouse; it's time for you to go to bed and rest up for your real job as Secretary of State.

BTW: In case you missed it; yesterday was the 13th anniversary of the start of war against terrorist islam in Afghanistan. 90%, that's right libtards; 90% of ALL injured Military men/women(from minor to severe) have happened during the Barry Soetoro 'presidency'. Why? Because of the restrictive Rules of Engagement policy set forth by dear leader. Ever wonder why we were given a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly death count while Bush was President, but NONE while Ocoverup has been in charge?

JustaJeepGuy said...

Global Warming? Climate Change? Hmmm. I can recall reading a magazine article in 1968 that pointed out the drop in global temperatures. Then, not to be alarmist, claimed we were all going to freeze to death. Naturally, the "industrialized world" was the cause. International socialism as the "cure" was just hinted at. Interestingly, some of the scare-mongers quoted in that article are the same scare-mongers claiming we are going to burn up now. Hence, my doubt of the new position taken by those "scientists".