Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stacked Decade & 100th Follower

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Ring the bells! Shoot the confetti cannons! Hope n' Change Cartoons has just reached its 100th Follower!

According to the Obama administration's right-wing radical scale, that officially makes this blog and its readers a "Festering Splinter." With your help and support, we hope to grow to the rank of "Burr Under the Saddle," followed by "Fly in the Ointment," and maybe...someday...if dreams really do come true, rise all the way to "Pain in the Ass!"

Please know that I'm sincerely grateful to every follower and every daily reader who visits the site. Hope n' Change is a labor of love, designed to inject some wry humor into current politics while also steering people to important and substantive news stories. And of course, it also allows me to scream without scaring the dogs and children.

We're always looking for new ways to build readership - but the simple fact is that YOU can do even more than we can. By telling friends, sending links (there's a little envelope with an arrow at the bottom of the commentary for each cartoon - click it, and you can send the day's cartoon to one friend, or cut-and-paste a whole mailing list), or posting the cartoons to your favorite blogs.

We're all in this together, and Hope n' Change is humbled, honored, and cheered by your support!

-Stilton Jarlsberg, MD


Shang said...

You, my dear friend, are just what the "doctor" ordered!

meatcleaver63 said...

Thanks for giving me a smile a day in this crazy mixed up liberal society!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Shang & meatcleaver63- Thanks for the nice comments!

Anonymous said...

I thought there were more than 100 of us. I've read ever Hope 'n' Change comic strip and keep up every day.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- There are now 103 (yay!) followers who are apparently unafraid to be labeled "The Hope n' Change 103" when Eric Holder flies us to New York to stand trial for conspiracy to commit Conservative Comedy. But the daily readership numbers are quite a bit higher than that.

That being said, "Hope n' Change" is still a teeny, tiny blog while other blogs boast daily readership numbers in the tens of thousands. Then again, OUR readers are of tremendously high quality and intelligence (and probably good-looking too)!

We feel like the numbers will grow as long as we keep the quality high (and we try, honest) and if enough people continue to share the cartoons and web site with like-minded friends. Of course, getting a shout out from Rush Limbaugh would help, too!

Cindy from Oregon said...

I have the "Hope n' Change" page as one of my "Top Sites". I always enjoy the cartoons and commentary; definitely tells it like it is with good humor and candor. I have reposted some of them on my Facebook page. This is a great site and I hope you continue it for a long, long time!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Cindy- Thanks so much, that means a lot to me!

TheDarkKnight said...

Yay - I'm 105!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

TheDarkKnight- Welcome aboard! Of course, everyone who's in the "first 200" club will be the envy of all the other "Hope n' Change" fans in years to come.