Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

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Okay, we'll confess. Here at
Hope n' Change, "President's Day" is salt on an open wound. Oh, we try to cope by adding lime wedges and tequila...but it still stings.

Fortunately, we can look to great Presidents of the
past to help us through today...and give us hope for tomorrow. Check out the movie below and enjoy more wisdom, strength, patriotism and leadership in 3 minutes than we've heard from this Whitehouse in the past year.


Elvis "Alfalfa" Bodine said...

Wow! That clip of Ronald Reagan just hammers the current admin.'s shortcomings home.
This country sorely misses great statesmen like Reagan.
Thank goodness we had him at the helm for a little while.
We desperately need a new version of Ronald.


Proof said...

"...enjoy more wisdom, strength, patriotism and leadership in 3 minutes than we've heard from this White House in the past year."

Which begs the question: Was Reagan just that good? Or is Obama just that bad? (Or both!)

Anonymous said...

OK, that one got me to laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Oh, please. Reagan was an ACTOR. He ACTED his way through 8 years of presidency. I'm surprised the Left hasn't employed the same strategy though- at least then they could have a well-known face who didn't need a teleprompter to tell him when to breathe.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Anon - that may be true, but he had MUCH better script writers. They had Pride, and Balls, and called us to achieve our highest selves. As opposed to current policies of punishing success, and rewarding mediocraty. Also, Reagan proved w/o any doubt that massive tax cuts generate massive revenue. Problem was, spending went up faster than income.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous (the second one)- You declare that Reagan was simply an actor, but the facts just don't bear it out. Have you ever read his writings? Are you aware of his own research and encyclopedic knowledge? Yes, he had a huge talent for communication and stagecraft, but those were tools that he employed in tandem with personal intellect, vision, and integrity.

True confession time: when your own Stilton Jarlsberg was a callow youth living in a liberal college town, I wrote off Reagan as "just an actor," and found it easy to roll my eyes at what I thought were platitudes. In other words, I was a liberal dumbass and too young to know better.

Then I got a job, started paying taxes, had a family and started caring about schools and a future for the country which would outlive me. And I saw how the well-intentioned social programs of the Great Society started destroying the very communities they were intended to help.

And at the same time I was moving to the right, the left was moving to the insane-left, and I could be no part of it.

Seriously, I don't think my personal beliefs changed as much as my realization that conservatism could actually make good things happen, while liberal approaches make very bad things happen but are judged only by their intentions.

Liberalism makes you feel good. Conservatism allows us to do good.

And Ronald Reagan - man, actor, patriot, and President - delivered that message so clearly that we can, and must, still hear it today.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

Pete(Detroit) said...

"Liberalism makes you feel good. Conservatism allows us to do good."

Brilliantly put, sir!

Anonymous said...

Hate to rain on your "Holiday" but the 3rd Monday of February has been (since 1971) and will always be "Washington's Birthday". It changed from Feb 22 to 3rd Monday to give Fed workers a 3 day holiday.
Yes I did enjoy the day off as I thought about the few GOOD Presidents I have seen in my 50 years.

moronpolitics said...

You wonder where people get their ideas, eh? I am sitting here working on a promo package for a song we wrote 4 years ago and then recently realized it was PERFECT for your basic "Burn, Obama, Burn" rally. I think that is what druggies refer to as "preloading" as in accidentally taking an MOAI the day before your LSD trip. OOOOOOOOOOPS! For those who don't know, a MonoAmineOxidase Inhibitor will make red wine or Bleau Cheese into powerful Psychedelics. Or --- hell, or anything. net result is that this was for us at flying tree music publishing (who?) about 1200 times funnier. Thanks for the reminder about Obama day. I'll go flip the flag over.