Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Deja View All Over Again

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To create the illusion that NBC's "Tonight Show" hasn't had a different (and vastly superior) host in recent months and, in fact, that it's still 2008, Jay Leno returned to the show Monday with jokes skewering Dick Cheney's heart attacks, and President Bush's statement that he sometimes turned to prayer while in office.

Wow...mocking potentially life-threatening illness, and a man's religious faith. When you think about it, Conan O'Brien's "masturbating bear" routine was actually tasteful by comparison. And frankly, a heckuva lot funnier.

So say goodnight, Jay. Your "new" Tonight is sooooooo yesterday...

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colby_ muenster said...

I never watch late night TV because, gasp!, I work for a living (unlike most Liberals). Leno is really missing out, though. Pelosi, Reid and Barry O provide huge amounts of material day after day!