Monday, March 1, 2010


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In order to flood radio talk shows with liberal viewpoints, the Democratic party subsidiary "Organizing for America" has created a website which helps liberals contact radio talk shows...and provides them with a "talking points" script to make sure they push the president's propaganda points.

The website, subtly named, encourages callers to share personal stories about healthcare, presumably like the previously heard "I'm wearing my dead sister's dentures" or "the doctor cut off my foot to make more money than if he treated my diabetes."

The site also has a "feedback box" allowing users to tell the Democrats exactly how the phonecall went. Although we suppose you could also use the "feedback box" to tell the Democrats exactly what you think of their effort to have "seminar callers" clutter the public airwaves. Hint, hint.


Anonymous said...

Great idea Jarlsberg! Hint taken, "feedback box" message sent.

Anonymous said...

Could there be some "unintended consequences?" Think of the anti-Rush people (who have never listened to him) now having to listen while on hold. If they have any integrity, they'd have to admit they've been bamboozled by the m.s.m. and fellow libs.

Larry Sheldon said...

Be interesting to see what kind of a bump those programs get from this.

Some there I'd never heard of before--I'll have to see if I can check them out.

colby_muenster said...

Oh, man! That was the most fun I've had in a long time hitting the old "feedback box." I wonder if anyone actually reads them, though.... I was sort of surprised it was not shut down. Keep up the good work Stilton!