Monday, September 27, 2010


Following the Democrats recent release of a radio commercial that explains to their constituency that "there is an important election coming up and," they're reinforcing their campaign strategy with a new logo that tells their thoughtful voters ""

Which seems like a small thing, but apparently it's been a pretty big problem for Democrats in the past. It seems that when they "get out the vote" on Election Day and drive voters to the polls, a fair number of the people dragged into the vans don't really know (or care about) the difference between a "D" and an "R." Or the difference between freedom and oppression. Or that some
people go to the bathroom indoors.

Some analysts even believe that the somewhat foggy mental state of such "recruited" voters tipped the 2000 Presidential election to George Bush over Al Gore thanks to Florida's infamous "butterfly ballot." People driven to the polls by Democrats were specifically told to vote for "the second name" on the ballot (since "D" and "R" are so confusing). But because of the ballot's baffling layout (designed by Democrats), many votes were mistakenly cast for Pat Buchanan by clueless people who just wanted to get in, get out, and get their promised bowl of soup.

But not this year! The Democrats may not have saved the economy, balanced (or even submitted) the budget, lowered the debt, or made us safer...but they have accomplished one thing: they've shown us that "D" stands for Democrat!

And they got that "D" the old-fashioned way; they earned it.


Anonymous said...

That new "D" would make a great toilet target. Maybe you should have some made as a fund raiser.

Pete(Detroit) said...

"This is a 'D', it stands for 'Democrat'"
"Great, now I know who to be sure NOT to vote for!"

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Great idea to have some fun with it.
I initially thought that there should be two red concentric circles instead of one blue and that every Democrat candidate should wear one as a lapel button...right over the spot where a heart would be on a normal person.

Suzy said...

I don't know that they fully earned the D....after all, it was graded on a curve.

But in November, they're gonna just go ahead and get flunked out.

Niki Hampton said...

I haven't commented before, but I read your blog every day and it's nice to see what I am thinking blasted out there. Love it! Got attacked on FB for liking Glen Beck and other such things, but f@#* 'em I going to recommend you and laugh at the lemmings as they run toward the water.

Bobo said...

Today's cartoon brought to you by the letter D, and the number zero. Can you think of things that start with "D" and the number "zero"?

How about D-feat O-bama in 2012?

Anonymous said...

Bobo - How about the "dodo" which is extinct?

Cindy said...

Or maybe it's Homer Simpson code for their constituents....du-oh!