Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Old Grey Maher

If liberal elitism has a posterboy, it must be the ever-smug Bill Maher whose combination of arrogance and condescension is matched only by his complete disdain for facts.

On a recent appearance on CNN's "Larry King Barely Live," Maher asserted that Barack Obama has kept America safer than George Bush because "Obama has been president for 20 months and there have been no attacks. Bush was president for 9 months when we got hit."

Maher conveniently ignores the Times Square bomber and the Flight 253 "underwear bomber" who would have caused catastrophic destruction if they weren't thwarted by alert civilians. But overlooking the Fort Hood killings seems to indicate that in Maher's elite world, the lives of soldiers don't really count.

Nor does reality, as Maher extended his rant to say that the Tea Party movement is "extremely racist. I mean it's so funny because the teabaggers, the one thing they hate is black people."

And to prove it, Maher said that Barack Obama's opponents refer to his Kenyan heritage and "Kenyan, of course, (is) code for nigger."

It's hard to imagine anyone on the Right using that particular word to describe the president without creating a career-ending media firestorm. But apparently it's okay for Maher to use such language because the liberal establishment knows what's really in his heart.

As do we.

Bill Maher admires his new "Walk of Fame" star,
which we hope to visit when our bladder is very, very full.


Emmentaler Limburger said...

I always thought Maher was a comedian. You mean to tell me people takes his crap seriously?!

Philip said...

That's right, Emmentaler. Nobody takes his crap seriously.

Bill Maher says America is a Stupid Country

John the Econ said...

why is it that so many of the spokesholes for the liberal intellectual elite are comedians?

Also, why is that we're always told that it's those on the right that are so full of bigotry and hate, and yet this kind of nonsense get a complete free pass?

The odd thing now is that Maher is funnier now than when we was an actual comedian.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Stupid, disdainful and offensive. The liberal trifecta.

Anonymous said...

I plan on visiting his "Walk of Fame" star after having a four burrito special washed down with a pitcher of my favorite beer.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Gawd, I get so tired of being called racist - I don't care if he's black, brown, yellow, red or flipping BLUE - I oppose his ideas, and policies. Period.
And the "Kenyan Heritage" thing LIKEWISE has nothing to do w/ race, and everything to do w/ citizenship... for me, anyway - I would not PRESUME to speak for anyone else.
But then, I'm not a famous liberal mouthpiece, either...

drjim said...

Maybe he just needs his wealth redistributed to snap out of his Marxism?

Bobo said...

If a person of color, and by that I mean any color or lack of color, labels/calls me a racist because I don't think or believe the same as they do, then I say to them: they, too, are racist for not agreeing with me and labeling/calling me racist.

In my working life it was proposed that if I liked a certain person or group of people then it must be that I disliked other people or groups of people (i.e., if you like the color blue then you don't like the color green), even if I didn't.

I explain this cockeyed way of looking at likes and dislikes as being similar to being called a racist. If I happened to like a particular person of color, then it must be that I have dislike for another person of color, whether I actually do or not.

So, if I am labled/called a racist (which I am not) then the name caller (whatever color they may be - white included) must be racist against my color.

Does that make any sense to anyone??

Anonymous said...

Bobo. It makes much sense and I had similar experiences. I went into the workplace with zero racism. Within months I was labeled a racist because I argued for hiring the most "qualified" person for the job. Apparently, "qualified" was a code word for being a racist. Mind you, I knew my Civil Rights Law and the court cases that shaped the law. I knew the original intent behind Affirmative Action and initially it was NOT quotas. But, in my workplace, "suitable" was the code word for hiring the desired racial fit. I argued, I was labeled, I quit. It was very sad. And now I am knee jerk biased when I hear the word Affirmative Action. Its meaning has changed and it's a new code word for reverse racism.

Anonymous said...

to 'BoBo' & 'Anonymous'(just above), I have found that people call "racist" when they have no real argument or when they want to 'throw you off-stride in your argument'. when this is pulled on me, I respond by calling them a 'sheep-shagger'. we , both, know it is wrong, but it leaves THEM in the position of having to mount a defense.

drjim said...

anon after Bobo....
Boy, did you hit a sore spot with me!
I've lost track of the times I've seen completely UNqualified people hired because some manager had "To keep his numbers balanced"!
It was really bad at one employer because they hired a couple of people who were so incompetent that they were damaging very expensive equipment. And *IF* you honestly tried to help them, no matter how 'sensitive' you were, they went running to HR crying.

Bobo said...

I think another way to explain what I wrote above is to substitute "predujice and without predjudice" for the words "like and dislike."

I think "like and dislike" are feelings of emotions where prejudice may be a state of mind or thinking to prejudge someone based on preconceived ideas.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- We're all on the same page as far as the undeserved accusations of racism go... and in the experience of having suffered from anti-white racism.

Which is one of the reasons that it's so maddening to hear a Bill Maher being given airtime to say that Tea Partiers are racists...while it's Bill Maher calling the president a nigger.

Nothing we can do will convince some people we're not racists. And nothing most liberals do (like using that particular word, or declaring that "ebonics" is genetic, or preventing decent schools for minorities) will ever be accepted as evidence that they really and truly are racists.

David said...

I just turn it around on them. Whenever anyone in my hearing range says anything negative about Sarah Palin, I immediately ask them how long they've been a sexist. Shuts 'em up after some stammering.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to point out that Maher, who thinks Americans are stupid, has stated that he is not "into" Western medicine and also implied that he denies the fact that germs cause diseases.

A lovely quote: "your health issues might have arisen from the fact that you’re being poisoned by America." Right. But tea party people are the ones being crazy and paranoid.


And this article was written by a fairly liberal guy.
(Scroll down to read the part about germ denialism)