Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Depends Department

Poor Herman Cain. When three women accused him of wrongdoing, the mainstream media immediately pronounced his candidacy dead and buried (which it was, by their intent) without doing further digging to see if the accusations could be substantiated.

But why
should they be? After all, women never lie about sex!

Except for that sleazy chick who recently claimed to be carrying Justin Bieber's baby. And the prostitute who claimed she was raped by the Duke lacrosse team. And Al Sharpton's beloved Tawana Brawley who lied about being raped by white police officers. And of course, Juanita Broaddrick must have been lying about being raped by Bill Clinton, as were the
other people who backed up her story.

But except in
those isolated cases, women are incapable of lying about being violated...which is why Herman Cain became the victim of a media lynching.

With that in mind, it struck
Hope n' Change as awfully odd that three elderly women have recently charged that they felt violated, degraded, and almost raped by TSA inspectors at JFK airport and Janet Napolitano has essentially said: "they're all lying."

Considering the presumed truthfulness of women, Napolitano's statement seems pretty harsh - but then again the TSA is
already accusing these senior citizens of looking like dangerous, radical "suicide grannies" which is a heckuva lot worse than being called a liar.

In these scary times, we're told to
look the other way when it comes to unpleasant security issues - whether it's conducting strip searches on children or having TSA agents wave through those angry young Middle Eastern men most statistically likely to be terrorists to avoid accusations of profiling. And we're additionally told that all this is necessary, no matter how "violating" the experience is, because we just can't allow women (even old ones) to bring down an aircraft.

Too bad our media still makes it so easy for them to bring down a conservative presidential candidate.

If this woman claimed she was fondled by Herman Cain
instead of a TSA inspector, she'd have her own talk show
on MSNBC by now.



drjim said...

The cartoon is spot-on, Stilton!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Drjim- Thanks! The juxtaposition of these two stories about "three women making accusations" just nettled me, like having something unpleasant stuck between your teeth.

I don't know for sure what Herman Cain did or didn't do. But I do know for sure that he didn't get treated fairly or honestly.

drjim said...

Yeah, they definitely play by a different set of rules.
They always have, but ever since 0bummer was elected, they've gotten a LOT more vicious!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

What irritates me more than anything about the current state of affairs is that the media is choosing our next president. Again. For no matter how much evidence is heaped up to show the MSM manipulating the "news", there will always be those who will have no other perspective than that fed to them by the talking heads... This TSA incident will go pretty much unanswered but, as you point out, HC goes down in flames. I think the Soviet Pravda of old showed less bias than our supposedly "free press"...

Red said...

Sad and true. Let's hear it for the double standard. Hip-hip- Phhhhbbbttt!::raspberries::

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Emmentaler & Red- On the bright side (which isn't traditionally where I go), I'm grateful that we now have "alternative media" which gives us access to news which would otherwise be successfully buried by the old guard.

Waaaaaay too many people still pay attention to the mainstream media...but the numbers are declining quickly.

Earl said...

Stilton. Help jog my memory. Wasn't there some sort of problem with NBC (I think) not wanting to run the Linda Ellerbee interview with Juanita Broaddrick? It got postponed again and again. I remember watching the interview, but don't remember which channel. And I certainly don't remember any followup reporting by the MSM. It was pretty compelling information that went absolutely nowhere. The double standard is jaw-dropping when you've watched it as many years as I have.

CenTexTim said...

Double standards abound. Accusations of misbehavior by women against conservatives are treated as gospel, while similar accusations against liberals are ignored. Remember who broke the John Edwards scandal? It was a supermarket tabloid - the National Enquirer - which pursued the story while the MSM stuck its collective head in the sand.

Ditto for charges of racism. If they are made by a minority person or group they are de facto true. If they are made by a non-minority, they are mocked and dismissed.

More? The OWS movement is just and noble, while the Tea Party is vile and evil.

I could go on, but I'm probably preaching to the choir.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Earl- It's an ugly story but worth repeating. During Clinton's impeachment hearings related to sex, NBC News became aware of Juanita Broaddrick's claim that she'd been brutally raped by him - an accusation that could clearly affect the outcome of the trial.

NBC had Broaddrick sign a contract guaranteeing them exclusivity to the story, had correspondent Lisa Myers record an interview with her...and then they not only refused to air it, they invoked the contract language to keep her from telling the story anywhere else - essentially raping her for a second time while covering Clinton's ass.

But then the Wall Street Journal's Dorothy Rabinowitz (whom I unabashedly love - she is a great newswoman and an absolute firecracker) printed a piece on NBC's sleazy dealings. At that point NBC coughed, sputtered, and said there had been "scheduling difficulties," then aired the piece with no fanfare on one of their lesser-seen shows, after which it was never seen again.

Astoundingly, even though Broaddrick had made a thoroughly believable accusation of rape against a sitting president, NONE of the major networks or news services made mention of the story afterwards, and it soon died out.

But no one who saw the interview (and I'm glad to say I did) is likely to doubt that Clinton raped Broaddrick, left her bleeding from biting her during sex, and parted from the crying woman saying "don't worry about getting pregnant - I had mumps when I was a child and I'm sterile."

Of course, if that's true, then tests should show that Monica's blue dress has more of Bill's DNA than Chelsea Clinton does...

@CenTexTim- You are preaching to the choir, but that doesn't mean you can't get a shouted "Hallelujah" or "Amen!"

Earl said...

Thanks Stilton. I had totally forgotten all the sordid details. (I've always thought that Chelsea looks like Webster Hubble (sp?).) And apologies to Linda Ellerbee, I suppose.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Gee, and Marv Albert's career was destroyed for nibbling on women.

Stilt, I've wondered about Chelsea for some time - gotta believe if she had Bill DNA she might not look (and sound) QUITE so much like her Mom. (poor kid)

Suzy said...

As a former Cain supporter.... I say this is a miserably good cartoon.....

I'm so tired of feeling like conservatives have no power and no voice in this country anymore. Its not like we're this super small minority or something.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete (Detroit)- And Albert got canned for nibbling women who were at least marginally consenting. Poor Juanita was getting defiled by Hannibal Lecter.

@Suzy- Yes, there's pain involved with this cartoon for me, too. I can't say that I'd ever settled on Cain as my candidate, but I was very pleased to have him in the race in a serious way, and to hear his ideas and enthusiasm getting traction.

Sadly, the more I hear about Ginger White, the more she sounds like a flat out whore (as in, someone who has sex with multiple people exclusively because the money is easier to earn than with actual work). Since Cain doesn't deny knowing her over a long period of time, or sending money to her, I'm afraid he may have stepped out of the bounds of marriage. Which is a stupid and wrong thing to do...but it's not sexual abuse, sexual harrassement, or (oh yeah!) a brutal rape of the type that Democrats are readily forgiven.

I think he did the right thing stepping down, and I hope after the air clears a bit he'll remain a vital and vigorous conservative voice.

And when you're feeling bummed about having no power and no voice in this country anymore, take heart - because it's the BIG LIE that the media and the Left want you to believe. The Tea Party hasn't gone anywhere, and I believe the unity and strength of purpose that allowed us to kick butt in 2010 will be represented in spades in 2012.

Do not believe that conservatives are powerless because you're told so; know that we're powerful because we feel it in our hearts - and act on it!

pryorguy said...

Folks, concerning Herman Cain, you can bet he will always be a steady voice for conservativism and freedom in general! Unfortunate mess he is caught up in, just shows that if a conservative is gonna run for office, your life better be cleaner than the proverbial whistle or you will be fried by the media.

I never felt Herman could get it all together to make it to the White House, but I admire the man very much. Now he can go back to subbing for Rush on the radio, where I first learned of him.

Suzy said...

There is actually a rumor (I guess time will tell if its true) that on the way to the conference on Saturday, where he planned to stay in the race, he got some kind of phone call of sorts that threatened the life of his grandchildren. Supposedly at that time he decided to nix the race, which is why nobody seemed to know that's what he was going to do...and why everyone was so upbeat on Saturday except him.

Time will tell...but if that is truly why he got out of the race....well...I'm speechless at our wicked country. There is footage showing Cain after the speech where 3-4 secret service agents were literally walking shoulder to shoulder with him as he shook the hands of supporters. I mean literally touching him as he went down the line shaking hands. So obviously there was some sort of threat being taken seriously.....

pryorguy said...

Suzy, youre dead on!! Wicked country is right! And right now, we have a wicked person as the leader of our nation and the free world, one who is doing his best to use his class warfare in a way without concience so he can keep on being the POTUS and his party can stay in the fight to destroy capitlism and freedom by forcing those who have to give it those who won't even try and replace it with socialism.
I understand Venezuela is our best model to see where we are headed, it is a shame. But, God is still in charge, gonna get rough though, especially on upcoming generations.

pryorguy said...

let me correct something I wrote...

our nation is NOT wicked in my opinion, but I know what you mean; just wicked people got too much say right now! I still love the USA!

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Amen, pryorguy. The country is by no means wicked, evil, contemptuous. The country is exceptional. Unfortunately, there are those who are exceptionally wicked, evil, and contemptuous (yeah, I mean YOU, soros) working with all their might to subvert our exceptionalism, and turn this country into something like the failed Soviet Union. And there are many gullible fools, and many greedy fools enabling them.

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