Thursday, December 8, 2011

Marx Brother

We now have an answer to the (previously) hypothetical question of what would happen if a sitting US president suddenly declared himself to be an anti-American, anti-capitalist, hate mongering Marxist of the first order. Because that's exactly what Barack Obama did on Tuesday...and there's been absolutely no fallout from it from the institutions which we previously, and erroneously, called "the free press."

The speech, given in Osawatamie (the Cherokee word for "diarrhea") Kansas was filled with jaw-dropping rhetoric in which Barack Obama blamed all of America's economic woes on the evil rich, and did everything short of calling for them to be hung from trees.

Rugged American individualism and a healthy skepticism of too much government? According to Barack Obama, "it doesn't work, and it's never worked." The Internet? It's destroying jobs (despite all of the studies showing that it actually is the single largest job creator) because it's putting "bank tellers and travel agents" out of work when people take care of those functions online.

America's unemployment? It's all due to greedy employers who won't hire American laborers just because they come out of our richly-funded education system not knowing anything...and the answer, according to Obama, is to give more money to teachers' unions to keep doing whatever the hell it is they're doing instead of educating our kids.

The best way to combat jobs moving overseas? More unions! Because what could be more appealing to a potential employer than his overpaid workers striking for longer breaks?

Obama then went on to say that all of these problems and many more are the fault of the top 1% of earners, innovators, and creators in this country...because the bastards are only paying taxes at a rate of 1%, instead of their "fair share." When pressed for any data whatsoever to support this ludicrous claim, the Whitehouse admitted "there isn't any" (but they say they think they might have heard someone on TV say it once). In other words, Barack Hussein Obama was lying through his teeth for the sole purpose of fomenting hatred and turning American against American.

In truth, the much-reviled top 1% of earners pay 40% of all taxes in this country... and an average of around $50 million each. So we just might want to think twice before following the president's suggestions to surround and set fire to their mansions.

Barack Obama's speech was straight out of the Marxist, Leninist playbook because after the abject failure of "Hope and Change," he's decided to run on a platform of "Hate and Chains" - and so far, the mainstream media hasn't blinked or said a word about it. In fact, they're supporting it.

Which is why the coming election will be so important, and why it's so critical to turn off the mainstream media's alleged "analysis" of the president's words, and look at them yourself.

I'd love to come up with a funny, pithy punchline to all of this...but there isn't one. The bottom line is that Barack Obama hates America, hates capitalism, hates individualism, and - if you're reading this blog - hates you.

Which is why, despite the horrors inflicted on our military 70 years ago, the greatest threat to our country to ever come out of Hawaii isn't the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, but the attack on America by alleged-Hawaiian Barack Hussein Obama.


Update: here's a link so you can actually watch this speech...if you can stand it.


Angry Hoosier Dad said...

The LSM has a double lip-lock on this regime and cannot bring themselves to tell the truths that they have suppressed since 2008. Turdboy owns them, body and soul (if you can call that barely recognizable speck within them a "soul") and even the ones who may oppose this rank socialism are still part of the team. They will remain silent.
But take heart in knowing that we are not the only ones who recognize this. The force is strong in the "alternate media" and the word is getting out, however slowly. Sometimes we tend to think the whole country is clueless except for us, but they aren't. They just act that way sometimes.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

Since 2008? It has been going on WAY longer than the past 3 years, my friend. The Traitor In Chief's performance vs. their reporting has simply double underlined it, and lit it up if fluorescent neon letters...

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Emmentaler Limburger:
I was referencing their calumny on behalf of Obama. I think the final nail was driven into the coffin of "objective media" during the Clenis administration. Their death rattle actually began well before then even.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Angry Hoosier Dad & Emmentaler- Even though the media's dishonesty and culpability for our current woes isn't new or news, I take it as a fresh outrage each time they help cover up the ugly truth of what's going on.

Which is why Mrs. Jarlsberg, my favorite editor, accurately labeled my commentary as a rant today. I'm angry about what the president said, angry about what he's trying to do to our nation, and angry that all of this isn't front page news (or treated as news at all).

Mike Porter said...

AHD: I would like very much to believe that the idiots in this country are outnumbered in a significant way, but many days I have my doubts. Interstate traffic does not slow to a crawl because people are being smart and proactive. Jackasses like Obama, Reid and Pelosi do not get elected to office due to thoughtful consideration of the facts. Reality television is not profitable for the reason that intelligent people desire comic relief in the form of the ridiculous. And I know far too many reasonably smart folks who assume that the default setting for humans in the natural world lies somewhere between peace and love, as if all we really need is for Bill and Ted to occasionally remind us to just be excellent to one another, dudes. I once believed that ignorance was mostly willful, in that it was for lack of a desire to learn. But lately I find myself in agreement with Frank Zappa - that the most abundant element in the universe is not so much hydrogen as it is stupidity... at least as concerns the universe in the immediate vicinity of Earth.

Remember that the primary difference between animals and humans is that animals are very best at being exactly what they are, and any stupid ones generally do not survive long enough to become dangerous or burdensome to the group. Stupid humans, on the other hand, can remain so indefinitely, as they can operate motor vehicles, procreate and vote. It is for this reason that only on good days, with plenty of vodka on hand, that I am able to somewhat mitigate my constant, nagging sense of doom.

Stilton: Rant or not, 'exactly' comes to mind. I'd like to think that if there is a God in Heaven, and such a thing as Hell, then there is a very special place there reserved just for these progressive tools. Perhaps a booth at Dante's eighth level bar and grill, where every time they open their mouths to speak, excrement falls out. But then it occurs to me that they may not even notice that they've died. Regardless, though arranging the trip there should be left to fate, it does a soul good to have a dream.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Mike Porter- I had to laugh at your confession that it takes a good day and plenty of vodka to mitigate your "nagging sense of doom." Personally, I'm a bourbon man, but we're using the same coping strategy.

I also like your reflection on where the Progressives will go after they've done enough damage in this life...and your charitable suggestion that "arranging the trip there should be left to fate." It makes me think of a lovely passive-aggressive quote from Mark Twain: "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it."

CenTexTim said...

Perhaps if the commie-in-chief had grown up in the United States he would have a greater understanding of and appreciation for the values that made this country great.

He might also know how many states there are...

(BTW - Beer is my doom-mitigation beverage of choice, but either bourbon or vodka is an acceptable substitute.)

Bacon said...

It's OK Stilt, I too am having a harder and harder time keeping a sense of humor about things. I used to be able to listen to his speeches and just think "man, this guys's a moron" and shrug it off. But lately I can't even stand the sight of him. The sound of his voice makes my blood boil. I just followed the link and read his entire speech and I feel like I could SPIT FIRE right now. Obama obviously hates America, and hates me. And I hate him for the damage he's done and continues to do. I have never before in my life wanted to physically destroy someone whom I have never personally met. I know I know, I need to be careful because "someone" may see what I just wrote. But just the fact that I need to be careful makes me want to SCREAM!!! What the hell kind of country are we living in???? That our "President" can make a speech like this and not be torn apart by the media and the general public??? I feel myself becoming more and more angry as he becomes more and more brazen. I pray to God that He will help guide the minds of Americans and help open their eyes to what's going on. We all need to pray for ourselves and our country. And VOTE!!!!

-End Rant-


Emmentaler Limburger said...

@Stilton: Speaking of Bourbon, have you dabbled in any of the fare I suggested earlier?

My current Doom-Diluent is Irish Whiskey, and I'm pursuing it with my usual "let's see what's out there" method. The commoners go down first, so, right now, it's a toss up between Bushmill's and Jameson (that's as far as I've gotten, though: Ă˜bama's assault on my income prevents me from widening the field at present...). Bushmill's seems a bit smoother than Jameson, and came with some really cool sipping glasses. Jameson is a bit sweeter to my palate, and finishes a bit harsher. And, as an added bonus, came with a couple of nice shot glasses... I love buying booze near Christmas! Lots of free swag! Both are very nice, though, and I wouldn't turn my nose up at either. Unfortunately, though, the traditional Christmas bottle of Tanqueray (gin and tonics are our traditional dessert...) only came with its bottle. But the English have always been cheapskates, relatively speaking.

Maybe my myriad children will be able to scrape up enough shillings to purchase a less pedestrian example for my Christmas present this year, instead of a necktie? One that is higher in the malt range, perhaps? One must have a dream. :o)

In the meantime, be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes!

Gad, I love this site.

@AHD: I hear you, and meant nary a sullying to your cognizance of the current state of journalistic affairs.

I grew up in a "two-paper town" with The Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News. (OK, three: the Dearborn Heights Leader was out there, too, but doesn't really count.) Throughout my entire sentience I recall the complaint that the Freep was so deep up the collective liberal/progressive bung-hole that their editors could only see the world through their eyes - and the News wasn't far behind - maybe enjoying the view through their navel. My recollection of this dates to the ranting of my very conservative parents way back in the early 70's (the 60's are all a blur, but only because I emerged from them with a single-digit age...). I recall my uncle having a subscription to the NY Times back then, too, and the opinion that the most factual material in the rag came from the L'il Abner and Pogo strips in the back. No: "our" media has been in their pocket longer than I've been alive.

John the Econ said...

@Mike Porter, you said it perfectly. They only reason things have arrived at this state is because people of good nature have allowed it to through the reckless application of "compassion". The animal kingdom does not have this problem.

I've been pretty slammed this week, so I was not aware of this speech. I'll have to check it out, but I can't expect I'll be surprised.

As predicted earlier this year, it's quite clear what Obama's campaign theme is going to be this time around. "Hope and Change" is out, and all-out class warfare is in. The left is banking on their efforts over the last 45 years that has created enough of a permanent dependent class that it is all they need to win. They are now free to completely abandon the working middle and entrepreneurial class that up until now they had to at least pretend that they cared about.

As I have been warning for over a quarter century now: How can a "democracy" survive when 51% of the people are dependent upon the other 49%? It simply can't.

John the Econ said...

An aside: Was listening to "Marketplace" on NPR yesterday. This is supposedly an business/economics show. Even though it's NPR with an NPR bias and unquestionably Progressive narrative, they do have interesting stories. (And there is so little else worth listening to on the radio in my town)

Anyway, yesterday I heard one of their reporters state as fact that our economy was a "zero sum game", meaning that when someone makes a lot of money (or "wins" in Liberalspeak) it necessarily means that someone else must be losing money.

Of course, not only is that not true, it's grossly ignorant. No economy is a zero-sum game. If I decide to take tomorrow off and I don't make a cent, it does not mean that someone else in the economy somewhere else will make money equal to what I did not. In fact, it's to the contrary; it means that the whole economy suffers as it is deprived of the added value that I would have created had I worked. (Not to mention the taxes that I would have paid on that income)

In fact, this is the biggest problem we have with the economy today. We have millions of people jobless, and adding no value what-so-ever to our economy while they continue to consume. Nobody is really winning because these millions are not working. (Unless you count the politicians who exploit this fact, anyway)

In light of the President's statements on Tuesday, I don't think this reporter's ignorant comment is any accident. Even the drones who do business reporting at NPR know better.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@CenTexTim- Obama did most of his growing up in the United States (although I'll admit that Hawaii is a helluva lot less like the United States than any other state - and even Obama thinks it's part of Asia) and has no excuse for not seeing the virtues of this country other than the blinders of his own hatred.

On a more important note, beer is good IF it's really cold and has little specks of ice floating in it. Last week, I tried a Christmas beer of some kind that was dark and had hints of sweet chocolate. Yum!

@Bacon- You're not alone in the intensity of your feelings. And of course, voting is our only recourse when dealing with Obama - though certainly raising our voices to help others use their votes well is important, too.

@Emmentaler- Funny that you mention your earlier bourbon suggestions. I live in a "dry" area so only rarely make the drive out of county to a liquor store. But I did so about a week ago, clutching your list of recommendations. I found most of them - but whoaaa, they were pricier than my standard rotgut (justifiably, I'm sure) and so I've postponed a purchase until I have a special occasion. In the meanwhile, I'm drinking affordable barrel-aged (18 hours) listerine every time B. Hussein opens his yap. (I'll add your new suggestions to my list, though - I appreciate the advice of experts!)

And on a side note, I sure wish we still have artist/satirists like Al Capp and Walt Kelly in the papers these days.

@John the Econ- When you read the speech, it's bad enough. But when you HEAR it delivered, it gets a lot worse. When you look at the text, it's possible to think "maybe this isn't as bad as it looks." But when you heard the words spoken (or shouted) it's absolutely bloodcurdling.

Regarding the idiocy of the "zero-sum game" argument, that's exactly the point of today's cartoon. You might as well argue that intelligence is a zero-sum quantity, and the more of it one person has, the less is left over for someone else.

I read a great piece recently asking whose money JK Rowling "stole" when she created Harry Potter and sold a bajillion books to kids (and adults) who didn't normally buy books. The answer, of course, is she didn't take wealth from anyone - she created it literally (or should I say literarily?) out of thin air.

To not understand how this works, one either has to be astoundingly stupid or deliberately ignorant. And in either case, you shouldn't be yammering on NPR. Or president of the United States.

John the Econ said...

@Stilton, unfortunately very few people (even some "economists", surprisingly) really understand what money is, or what really gives it value.

When you ask most people what gives a dollar it's "value", they'll usually repeat something they've heard like "It's backed by the full faith and credit of the US government", which is nonsense. If that was the case, the dollar would be completely worthless since the country is literally trillions in debt (both acknowledged and not) and fundamentally bankrupt. The only thing that gives any currency (be it a dollar, euro, ounce of gold, or dog poop) is the expectation that at some future date it can be exchanged for goods or services equal to the value of goods or services rendered to earn currency dollar. Once that expectation is gone, so is that currency. If everyone were to stop working (creating value) tomorrow, the dollar would become instantly worthless.

That "beer is good IF it's really cold and has little specks of ice floating in it." is right on. Mrs. Econ keeps a large glass mug in the freezer for this very purpose. She is a good woman.

John the Econ said...

Wish to amend the above: If everyone were to stop working (creating value) tomorrow, the dollar would become instantly worthless, as would gold. Mediums of exchange are only worthwhile if there are goods or services to be exchanged for them.

Lesson for today concluded. Go have a beer.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Here's a quick thought experiment that might help clarify the matter for people: if you have $10 million in cash but there is nothing in any store to buy, and no one who willing to work for paper money, are you still "rich?"

Unfortunately, for many people this may not be just a "thought experiment" in the near future.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Emmentaler - I threw the Times Herald for a year or three growing up. Delivered it to every house on the route, they didn't really care if they paid or not. Advertiser supported, the way a local paper 'should' be.

News and Free Press still exist, sort of - both owned by same parent co, and only avail in print like 4 days / week.
But when you suck, you suck.

Some friends of mine turned me on to "Redbreast" recently - I prefer it to either Jameson or Bushmills, and nearly as nice as Tullemore Dew.
If you're still in the area, Slow's BBQ (on Mich ave, by the old train station) has an excellent selection of whiskey, beer, and effing brilliant food.

Cold in beer is like loud in garage bands. It masks all kinds of 'off' flavors / flaws.
Take your lovely dark chocolate-y Seasonal Specialty beer and let it 'warm' to cellar temp - 55 / 60 ish. See how much more flavor it has a bit warmer (note - still cool, not 'room temp' or actually 'warm')

'Calvin and Hobbes' was my all time favorite comic (better, slightly, even than Far Side). Not always topical / philosophical but always brilliant. See also 'Pearls Before Swine'
Pogo was far too deep for me as a kid, as was Doonsbury - and he's still a libtard ass...

LOVED the JK Rowling example. See also Stephenie Meyer (Twilight)
NOT that there's ANY comparison in terms of quality of writing or theme (Honesty, Loyalty, SaveTheWorld at Great Personal Risk vs. GOD he's CUTE...) but still - their work diminished NO one, and lord knows, may well have inspired others (ever hear of "Eregon"?). All to the good.
Zero sum game. My ASS is a 'zero sum game' - the economy, not so much

CenTexTim said...

Pete -

I like my beer more on the cold side - somewhere between your 'cellar temp' and Stilton/John's 'little specks of ice floating in it' (reminds me too much of my ex-wife's heart).

But I agree with all three of you (and the others) about the nature of economics. Unfortunately, in today's environment economics, along with everything else, has become politicized. Facts have become currency, in the sense that their only value is whether or not they can be spun to validate your position.

John the Econ is right. It's time for a beer.

Anonymous said...

I don't drink, but my chocolate consumption has gone up considerably lately. I can't watch him or listen to him at all. It makes my eyes and ears shoot out fire and bleed. I can barely force myself to read transcripts. I never realized I could hate someone I didn't know personally, but I can.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Pete(Detroit)- If I get another shot at the holiday beer, I'll let it warm just a bit (I pulled the bottle from a vat of ice). And I'll keep an eye out for "Redbreast," which sounds like a double entendre waiting to happen.

On the very important topic of comics, I love Calvin & Hobbes on all kinds of levels. Brilliant writing and illustration, and real artistic integrity from Bill Watterson, who never allowed any product licensing of his characters, and moved on from the strip when he felt he had nothing left to say with it. Awesome stuff. I'm a big fan of "Pearls Before Swine" too, perhaps because it's almost as dark as "Johnny Optimism."

@CenTexTim- You're quite right that economics is more about politics than math these days. And the economy shows it.

@sabegsd- Chocolate is an entirely satisfactory source of endorphins when needed. In fact, a neighbor just gifted us with a nice assortment of little replica liquor bottles made of chocolate, each with a dollop of liquer inside - the best of both worlds!

As far as hating someone you don't know personally, it turns out not to be that hard if what that person is doing affects you and your loved ones personally. Although what you (and I) may be feeling isn't so much hatred as the natural desire to protect our families from a threatening predator - an instinct as old as time.

John the Econ said...

Your thought experiment is too close to being reality. A few more years of neo-Keynesian fiscal and monetary policy combined with baseless eco-radicalism, and we'll all be millionaires with nowhere to go.

Anonymous said...

For ten years I have thought there was no one in this world I hated more than Usama bin Laden. I am stunned to find that I hate this President more than UbL. Since this President began his march toward the destruction of our country, I have more than once contemplated the possibility of someone removing him from the land of the living, something else I had never thought I would feel having lived through the nation's grief over the Kennedy assassinations. I thank God I live in such a podunk place that he will never visit us, thus removing me from temptation.

P. S. Hot cocoa and knitting are my drugs of choice.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@John the Econ- Yes, but it will solve that whole "income inequality" thing, right?

@Anonymous (directly above)- First, I need to say (not in an unsympathetic way) that there's a strict non-violence policy here in the Hope n' Change comments section, even though I completely understand the difference between venting (as you did) and making a threat.

But I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't admit that I consider Obama to be a more significant threat to America than Osama ever was, or ever could have been.

That being said, it would be a tremendous tragedy if he were prematurely escorted out of this world; first on a human level (he's a human and a father, after all) and second on a political level (like JFK, his stature and aura would no doubt be improved by not living long enough to have to explain his policy failures).

As I've said before, Barack Obama should be "Cartered, nor martyred." As in, he should live long enough to be universally recognized as a Jimmy Carter-style failure and a political punchline. And fortunately, our great nation gives us the ability to get rid of bad leaders with elections rather than violence...and I can hardly wait for the next one.

And when it comes to hot cocoa, my current brand of choice is Swiss Miss "Dark Chocolate Sensation." With a shot of bourbon if you-know-who is giving a speech.

Anonymous said...

Stil, thanks for understanding I'm NOT a threat, just soooooo incredibly frustrated with this administration and it's less than useless leader.

PS: I'm no gourmet, plain Swiss Miss is just fine with me.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous (above)- Oh, I knew where you were coming from, no problem. But it's a good idea for me to restate the general house philosophy here once in awhile.

And Swiss Miss "Dark Chocolate Sensation" isn't precisely a gourmet treat, but it works for me (grin).

JustaJeepGuy said...

I'm reading a book called "Berlin 1961" by Frederick Kempe. He describes something that happened in 1959, when Nikita Khrushchev came for a visit on a ship. He was met at the pier by--get this--UNION longshoremen, with a banner saying "Roses are red, violets are blue, Stalin dropped dead, how about you?" Those longshoremen would have run Barack Hussein out of the country on a rail, president or no. Whatever happened to unionized Americans like those?
@Stilt, I'd love to see your slogan "Cartered, not Martyred!" spread all over the country. Repudiate him with ballots, not bullets!

Anonymous said...

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