Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Killing Time

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Oh, they grow up and start having others do the killing for them so fast these days (sigh...). But years ago, living in the luxury of Hawaii and attending a private school, we can well imagine little Barry Soetoro longing to gain the acceptance of a peer group by murdering a tourist in cold blood ("That's from the CHOOM Gang, Sucka!")

Because he sure as hell doesn't seem to be bothered about the story of Australian tourist and all around nice guy Chris Lane getting shot to death in Oklahoma by some black teens who were either "bored" or going for a gang initiation.

Despite that fact that Obama deliberately injected racial discord into the Trayvon Martin story and said that it demanded soul-searching from our entire nation, he couldn't care LESS about some dead white Aussie shot by young predators who - yes - look like they could be Obama's sons. Or even Barry himself 35 years ago.

The Whitehouse even claimed to be unaware of the story because, face it, black hoodlums killing a nice white kid for no reason isn't really news...and even noticing that the incident happened suggests that you're probably some sort of horrible racist.

Meanwhile, noted race-monger, wife-cheater, and inventor of the frozen spermcicle Jesse Jackson Jr has boldly come forth to say that the cold-blooded murder of white people by young black thugs is "frowned upon."

Way to take a stand, you overpaid, wall-eyed, jive-talking jackass.

Simply put, Hope n' Change Cartoons is tired of the Lefties trying to invoke race war, while simultaneously showing that they don't care whatsoever about the very real dangers created by raising a generation of young black men who have reverted to ignorance, lawlessness, and savagery.

But Barry is right - it IS time for a national discussion on race, violence and racial politics. And we suggest that it be held in the streets of Chicago, at night, with NO security for any of the attendees.


Sad Update: This 89-year-old World War II veteran, wounded at Okinawa, was beaten to death by two black teens yesterday. At the time of this writing, it's unknown whether they killed him for the change in his pockets, because they were bored, or because the president of the United States strongly suggested that white people - all white people - should be held accountable for the death of Trayvon Martin.

The greatest danger of violence in our nation doesn't come from guns or even terrorists - but rather from a feral population gone wild. 


Coon Tasty said...

Not to worry, Barry: your Obamacare Death Panels will be sure to kill as many elderly White people as they can get away with...and it'll be completely legal!

DavidD said...

The threat of "a feral population gone wild" is, I'm sure, the reason some people have guns.

John the Econ said...

Anyone wanna lay odds on the OK kids being charged with a "hate crime"? Has Eric Holder set up an 800 # for people to call in with tips on these guys yet? (I hear that the disused Zimmerman line is available)

I didn't think so.

Or does merely being a "bored" indemnify you from being charged with a "hate crime"?

Oklahoma has the "death penalty". Will the state be merciful and relieve these thugs of their "boredom"? Or will the compassion fascists see to it that they're out in 10 years or so to inflict more mayhem on the non-bored population? I hear 89-year-old vets are an easy diversion.

And then there's frowning Jesse and the latest fine example of the not-so "soft bigotry of low expectations" that the left has for minorities. Liberals expect and accept this level of behavior out of our black youth because they honestly do not believe them to be capable of anything better. So again, just who are the racists in America?

CenTexTim said...

Following up on David D's comment, 40 years ago I had a deer rifle and a shotgun for hunting, and a .22 rifle for plinking.

Today I have those same rifles, plus a couple of EBRs (Evil Black Rifles, or AR-15 variants), a tactical shotgun, and several handguns.

And it ain't because the deer have gotten more violent...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Coon Tasty- Obamacare will be a death sentence to many older Americans. And nobody has ever made it clearer than Obama himself, when he praised the financial savings to be realized from giving "painkillers instead of pacemakers."

@DavidD- If the old victim had been carrying a gun and used it, he would have been branded a racist by this administration. But apparently he didn't believe that he needed to carry a weapon to protect himself from society's dregs. Sadly, he was dead wrong.

@John the Econ- Jesse Jackson said that cold-blooded murders committed by blacks are "frowned upon." Barack Obama said that violence committed in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict would be understandable, but would dishonor Trayvon's allegedly Holy memory.

And here's the kicker: the worse the violence gets among black teens, the better Jesse, Al, Barry, and Eric will like it. Because it makes good people angry, and makes them start talking about the need for action. Which the Left then incidentally uses as "proof" of racism.

The whole ugly game is about causing chaos and division which the Left can harvest as political power.

@CenTexTim- The deer haven't been told by the president that they should be violent.

Cookie said...

The race war is heating up and has been fueled by the POTUS. We gotta love the DHS employee with his "War On The Horizon" website (which I believe has now been removed). Sure gives me a thrill up my leg!

It's No Gouda said...

"The feral population gone wild" gives the lie the proposition that evolution will always result in "progress".
Once again the movie "Idiocracy" seems to be sadly prophetic.

American Cowboy said...

I know this comment will likely not be the most PC, but I am fed up with PC un-castrated male bovine excrement.

Nearly forty years ago I had a black MAN from the deep South whom I worked with tell me that even he and his relatives classified persons of his race. Blacks, he said, were productive, educated members of society who worked to improve their lot in life. Coloreds, he said, were the ones who sucked the government tit, took every opportunity to whine about their lot in life and yet did nothing to help themselves (sounds a lot like todays liberals). Niggers on the other hand he said were the bottom feeders. The gang members content to steal from anyone, ready to go feral at the drop of a hat, breeding like rats, only expending enough effort in life to make everyone around them miserable as they tried to bring everyone down to their low level of existence. And according to his description the criminals that the MSM are now desperately trying to keep under wraps are in no way black men. When arrested they should be dealt with in the same manner as the animals they imitate would be.

Colby said...

I love your pointed and accurate post today, and am glad you took time from what we know to be a difficult situation at home to post it. There is only one thing in this world crap weasel likes more than golfing, and that's to have some good old racial divide. He could give a rat's ass about Chris Lane's death, or even Trayvon Martin's death for that matter, as long as it distracts from his complete ineptitude, and his desire to divide and conquer.

Nice list. I hope there aren't black Suburban's pulling up to your house today! Sadly, even an arsenal will not stop pieces of shit that sneak up behind you and shoot you in the back. Are we all going to have to start wearing rear view mirrors on our heads?

I hope these punks find out just how boring it is strapped to a gurney with "THE" I.V. stuck in their arms. Better yet, maybe Oklahoma will reinstate death by public hanging.

PRY said...

Crimes such as these have been carried out all along, and are as tragic now as in the past, and more will continue. This lousy and evil president and his minions are making us all crazy, and we forget this fact I think.

I hate to see that this young man from Australia was murdered in MY state. But, not surprised. Each morning on the Tulsa TV news, we find the latest overnight killing of someone on the north side, hmmm...where most of the blacks live. That sounded racial, did it not...but it is just a fact.

So it's just not Chicago, or other large city; the young monsters are the products of too many men, mainly who do not take care of business, besides knockin up some black woman then heading down the road. The men who do this share the blame with the women and girls who allow this to happen.

This, though, is exactly what this administration desires to happen, even though it repeats ad nauseum that they want to help. It is a lie. As is everything else coming out of their mouths. They care not for their country, only the POWER they have over certain groups of people, but will not be satisfied until ALL PEOPLE are under their thumbs. Thanks for the vent.

John the Econ said...

@PRY, don't just blame this on the men. We've engineered a system where men are becoming socially and economically irrelevant, especially in the underclass. The women set a low bar for men they're willing to copulate with, and when the inevitable happens, the state steps in to finance the consequences. Women no longer need or want the men around, except on the occasions that they get a little randy.

The progeny of this non-family environment end up on the street, figuratively or literally until they're old enough to repeat the cycle. Generations of them now cannot conceive of anything else.

That is why welfare as we conduct it in this country is immoral.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Where's, uh, what's-his-name who was accusing everyone here of racism a few weeks ago? You know, because so many people don't like the socialist policies of Barack Hussein we were all racists? That guy?

If Barack Hussein had a son would he look like the two thugs who murdered the 89-year-old vet? Is it racist to ask that?

robsan19 said...

Stilt, you just got a shout out from Neil Bortz substituting on the Hanity show on Sirius! He used your Racist cartoon as an example. How cool is that!!
You desirve the recognition and you got it in a big way!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Cookie- I believe a race war is being fomented and it simultaneously infuriates me and breaks my heart. The steps, by the Left, aren't complicated: 1) put policies in place which make black Americans slaves to the state, 2) Lie to them about who is keeping them down, and suggest that you (the government) will look the other way when the angry victims try to "take back" what is theirs, 3) when innocent Americans get tired of being the victims of violence and fight back, bring in the "big guns" to establish control over the unruly citizenry. We play into the Left's hands even when we express our dismay and a desire for a return to order. It's a nightmare.

@It's No Gouda- You raise a fascinating point; "evolution" doesn't result in progress, it results in adaptation to the prevailing environment. And currently that "environment" is government-created to reward having countless children out of wedlock, dependence upon the state, substance abuse, violence, and rock-bottom ignorance. Evolution succeeds by allowing flies to propagate by being drawn to excrement. Similarly, progressive societal evolution "succeeds" by drawing certain demographics to government programs on which to lay their eggs.

@American Cowboy- I've got to admit that your comment forced me to do a self-administered "ball check." Do I delete your post because of the language - or leave it up because you're right. I went with the latter.

I detest racism, and have deep and abiding respect for many, many black people. That being said, there is a small minority which richly deserve the "n" epithet - just the way celebrated Democrat(and KKK poobah) Senator Byrd referred to "white niggers" when talking to Tony Snow. He wasn't talking about skin color - he was talking about moral degradation. And white, black, red, yellow, or brown, there are some people who do not deserve our respect in the least. Not because of their ethnicity, but because of their moral choices.

In the film of "To Kill A Mockingbird," Atticus Finch shot a rabid dog to protect his family. He did not hate dogs in general, or that dog in particular. But he accepted the fact that sometimes the necessary and even humane thing to do is to eliminate the threat.

Am I calling for open season on rabid humans? Certainly not. But I am saying that it's time for a real conversation of the sort that Barack Obama and Eric Holder have repeatedly said Americans lack the courage for.

@Colby- I've said it before, but my only real hope for Obama was that he could have been a racial healer of the sort never seen in this country. And instead, he turned the races against one another for his own gain. There are no words I can use to describe such a horrible betrayal.

And regarding punishment for the punks who killed Chris Lane and "Shorty," I think we're overdue for quick and highly instructive executions. To hell with lethal injections - I think it's time executions were designed by the team that makes the "SAW" films. And I don't say that with pleasure or glee; I say it because the lessons need to become clearer that crime carries a terrible price.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@PRY- If I had an iota more strength, I'd agree by saying more than "yes." But that will have to suffice.

@John the Econ- Per the above, yes, yes, yes, yes, YES.

@JustaJeepGuy- I believe you're referring to Ted Brist. He hasn't bothered to post anything lately, because he apparently has a long refractory period before he can get off by seeing his name again.

@robsan19- I was listening to Neal Boortz today (always enjoy him!) and had to turn off the show minutes before he mentioned one of my cartoons. ARGH!!! Still, it's a tremendous thrill, and greatly appreciated. And it's also $5.95 in Sean Hannity's pocket, because I'm SO signing up for his website so I can download today's show. Hey, I'm only human!

D said...

I personally challenge ANYONE in the Hate House press corps to ask Jen Psuckie, or Jay Carney's fill in liar if: "Obama had a son, would he be murdering innocent white people"; or would Onarcissist be killing visiting Australians and 89 year old American war heroes 35 years ago. I'm offering 2 dimes and a nickel to the winner, it' about all the 'change' I have left. I love the fact that a few of the press 'corpse' are asking more pressing questions about this politburo's lies, but it just ain't enough. Mo-betta tough questions, please.
Stilt: God has blessed all of us with you presence, wit, and insight; may he bless you and your family with healing and health. Thanks so much for for your contributions while you fight the good fight at the home-front.

John the Econ said...

I wonder if the Obama's let their daughters listen to music like this from a "artist" called "Chief Keef", which was apparently a favorite of both the OK and WA murderers:

(Warning: Not safe for work, or anywhere really)

Lovely, eh? This is what passes for children's entertainment these days. It's nihilism, misogyny, violence, and just plane hate (self and otherwise) on steroids.

One of Chief Keef's hits is called "I Hate Being Sober". After reading some of his lyrics and what must be going through his mind, I can see why. Sometimes low self-esteem is just plain common sense.

PRY said...

Let's face it, Obama's been quite successful....

His mentors have taught him long to despise America.His actions are creating an end result where the US no longer plays a large role internationally. The Obama doctrine is about weakening America's place and function in the world.

Though he does not business expertise, he does have one ingredient all businesses must possess: purpose. Not only did he intend to transform our homeland domestically into his vision, but globally as well.

He has partnered with the MSM to get out his message, used the internet to his advantage, used intimidation to keep the truth at bay, played the race card liberally for the same purposes, created false crises to implement his socialist policies while at the same time downgrading real problems such as all the government scandals, with Benghazi at the top of the list. And no one can seem to touch him....or cares to. Mark Levin has some great ideas about using the constitution the way it was intended but we'll have to find some congressmen with balls to actually do it...but then again, why should they rock the boat on their sweet deal?

From a demoralized nation, to our crumbling economy to so many other things we see as failures, to Barack Obama, he revels in his successes, and we should see it that way also. Sad as that is.

American Cowboy said...

@ Stilton Jarlsberg

You are one of the very few who actually understood what my co-worker was saying nearly forty years ago. We were not then talking about color of skin, but actions. I salute you sir!
And my comment was also in no way calling for a violent open season on people, however it is time that the criminal "justice" system grow a set and began dispensing justice commensurate with the crime committed by whatever ethnic, or political background (past or present) the criminal is from.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how those two thugs would of done against Shorty in 1944.

Bruce said...

@anonymous wrote:
"I wonder how those two thugs would of done against Shorty in 1944."
I have no doubt that in that day there would have been no worry about "political correctness" regarding Shorty's response... they would have had their "asses handed to them"!!!!