Monday, March 31, 2014

Where The Sun Don't Shine

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These days, when VP Joe Biden speaks, all we can do is laugh. Only it's not really a happy "ha-ha" laugh, but rather a really disturbing and slightly psychotic-sounding laugh of the type which makes crops wither and die in the fields, cattle go barren, and causes terrified neighbors to bolt their doors and sow salt across their thresholds.

In other words, Biden is driving us almost as crazy as he already is.

The most recent affront occurred when Uncle Joe was addressing the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and declared that in his view, the eleven million illegal aliens living in the shadows are "already American citizens."

Well, that's certainly a time saver! Why bother with pesky details like laws, borders, or immigration agencies when citizenship can just be passed out for free like "Yes We Can!" condoms at a middle school?

Biden's statement is an assault on the very meaning of "citizenship," and an insult to every man, women, and child who is in this country legally. And make no mistake - when Biden applies the word "citizen" to illegal aliens, he's making the argument that they should have the same voting rights as any other group, living or dead, who can reliably be expected to cast their ballots for Democrats.

Frankly, Hope n' Change isn't convinced that the millions of illegal aliens in this country are "living in the shadows" anymore.  It just looks that way because these are dark days for America.

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, humor, biden, illegal, aliens, immigration, stilton jarlsberg, hope n' change, conservative, tea party, shadow, shadows


Anonymous said...

Joe Biden: Obama's life insurance.

Geoff King said...

Not only is the administration in favor of granting amnesty and citizenship to illegal aliens knowing they will tend to vote Democratic, but ICE has released thousands of them onto our streets-including hundreds of known felons. Hmmm. Democratic criminal with a questionable place of origin....Why does that sound so familiar to me?

bocopro said...

What I've never understood is how sneaking into a country and living in the shadows makes you a citizen any more than does sneaking into a house and living in the basement makes you a member of the family.

Grumpy Curmudgeon said...

Maybe this explains Joe's problem...try to imagine how they came up with this s*** to teach our children....

Common Core Math?

Sorry 'bout the ad in the beginning, but the logic will make any sane person wonder home schooling is taking a massive jump.

Jim Hlavac said...

The biggest question never asked by these public immigrant-mongers is "Why are Mexicans leaving Mexico by the millions?"

For first they say there's this glorious culture down there, which we should respect, blah blah, and then they say they are oppressed and being treated unfairly here -- and well, there's got to be a reason that these people leave glory to come to gory -- And well, I've asked illegal-lovers -- and get blank stares.

The answer is, of course, that Mexico is a socialist workers paradise -- that doesn't use the word "socialist" in the country's name.

Now the idiots here want to make this a socialist workers paradise - and well, that'll stop illegal immigrants, for sure.

Bruce Bleu said...

Did you hear about the first incursion of the "Trojan Pinata" into Texas in sight of "legals". Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett were standing on the roof of the Alamo... looking south Crockett saw 1000 Mexicans coming his direction... turning to Bowie he asked, "are we pouring concrete today?"
Another thing... the most confusing day of the year in lamont's family must be "Fathers Day". Lamont Cranston, Lamont Sanford, lamont obama... there are more "fathers" in that family than trees in Aspen Colorado! The difference is that the trees don't abandon their saplings.

David in SoCal said...

So, Dumb-Drunk Uncle Joe spews more verbal defecation; this time about the "11 Million" illegals living in the shadows? What about the other 10-20 million illegals Joe; how ya gonna bring them out? Oh, I know: with a couple un-targeted blasts from your 12 gauge double-barreled shotgun!..Yeah, that's the ticket! I'm thinking I should automatically win a 500 million dollar Power Ball prize, just because I play it once in a while(in the shadows, of course). I guess that if you wish to look like a genius, you surround yourself with idiots; and Barry has more than succeeded at that. This latest oral shart by DDUJ gives credence to the idea that Barry chose Biden as his VP, just to prove he didn't need one. Hope y'all have a joyous Commie Chavez Day; I'll be weeding my own yard, cleaning my own house, and cooking my own meals in honor of this great 'organizer'. Vaya con Dios, Compas!

It's No Gouda said...

Stilton: Thank goodness your notification e-mail only suggested coffee or "coffee" nothing about a cup of "Joe". The man makes Dan Quayle, the former VP that the press vilified as "stupid", look like a MENSA candidate. Obama's "life insurance" indeed!
Grumpy C.: I had to watch that video twice before I could make heads or tails of the "logic". If they can make a simple arithmetic problem that complicated to solve no wonder kids have no interest in higher mathmatics. Sheesh!!
Jim H.: I suspect that Mexico being close to a "failed narco-state" may have something to do with the decision to head North as well.

WMD said...

What Jim H. said.

And by the way I refuse to believe for one micro-second that there are only 11 million illegals here. They have been using that figure for thirty years. I bet my ass there are at least 70-80 million here illegally.

I get why they want to come here. But I'll never understand why they want to leave their third world shit hole behind just to bring it here and demand we adjust to them! They must be democrats.

pastor said...

We are indeed living in the shadow of what this country once was under MUCH better leadership!

Biden is no one. Obama is no one. Pelosi is no one. Putin is no one.

I submit, that even though we live in a country where we are free to believe or not to as we wish, and thank God for that...
our greatest danger is from those in the world who DO choose to believe and exclaim to the world..."God is great", speaking of Allah. Too many in our great nation do not believe that the real God of the universe is great, and that his name is Jesus!

As a nation, we have rejected him, and he is in the process of rejecting us.

John the Econ said...

Well, considering that illegals now enjoy more freedom and freebies than the typical middle-class American, I don't know why anyone wouldn't already consider them de-facto citizens. For too many, we've made "citizenship" both nearly meaningless and too often a liability.

How does being an "illegal" in America make you more free? Well, freedom from income taxes and fees for starters. But freedom from regulation is probably the bigger freedom. If you don't legally exist, you don't have to pay fealty to the system. And "the system" doesn't really want to hassle you for fear of being labeled "racist".

Thank you @Jim Hlavac for another brilliant observation. Just why is it that so many Mexicans flee their supposedly wonderful native homeland for a country as supposedly oppressive and xenophobic as the US?

And Mexico even has genuine socialized medicine! What I don't get is why more poor and oppressed American's aren't fleeing south.

And once again, I'd really wish some real journalist somewhere would ask this administration a real question, like "How do you reconcile your "wealth inequality" and minimum-wage agendas with your open borders agenda, which continues to flood the US with cheap labor that prices legal Americans out of the market?" Why work when the "safety net" pays so much better?

Anonymous said...

If their not paying taxes then they aren't American citizens but are still in unwelcome invading army enjoying free stuff and working here TAX FREE!
Just imagine the taxes that 11plus million tax payers could add to our nations coffers!
Sorry Joe once again your lying and sucking at it!

Chuck Ef said...

Waaaaaay off subject, Doc, but I just got my IRS refund (first one in years).

There is a box on the envelope, "If recipient is deceased, click here and drop in mailbox."

Question: Should I check that box? Will it make them go away?!

Will THAT put ME in the shadows, eligible for all kinds of wonderful things?!?!?!?

Need some advice here, Doc. Desperation is setting in ...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

@Anonymous- Good in theory, but at this point I'd be willing to give Joe a try. He's an idiot, but I don't think he actively hates this country the way his boss does.

@Geoff King- Despite the Obama Administration's claims to be really tough on deportation, it sounds like those numbers (like all others) have been fudged a lot. And as you say, tens of thousands of criminals have been released to our streets, and hundreds of thousands who were supposed to leave are still here (and will be, at least until after they've had a chance to vote in November).

@bocopro- Well put and I couldn't agree more.

@Grumpy Curmudgeon- Oh, sweet mother of pearl! That common core match is preposterous. I think every proponent of that math system should be forced to compute their taxes with it and "show your work."

@Jim Hlavac- I sympathize with people who come to this country looking for opportunity, but I'd also sympathize with the 51st person who wants to climb into a lifeboat which will sink after the 50th person. Immigration needs to be handled with borders, laws, and enforcement. The current system makes a mockery out of "citizenship."

@Bruce Bleu- Here in Texas, where you hear Spanish darn near as often as English, it's pretty hard to believe that anyone is living in the shadows (whether pouring concrete or not).

@David in SoCal- I missed giving a shout out to Cesar Chavez day, but the man was truly outstanding in his field. Or maybe it was some other guy's field.

@It's No Gouda- What really cranks me up is that Biden didn't make a mistake, or misspeak. He said exactly what he believes - and that is frightening coming from the nation's number two man. And I mean "number two" in every sense.

@WMD- I think the 11 million figure is bogus too. Heck, I think we have that many right here in North Texas.

@pastor- I've said before that I'm not religious, but I do have great respect for religion's importance and the good it does. But some "religions" are clearly off the rails and dangerous.

Today, authorities are looking for a man who planned a Ft Hood type terror massacre. His name is "Mohammed Abdul Hassan," but so far authorities haven't said what his religion is. (Wink-wink nudge-nudge)

@John the Econ- Sadly, it all makes a lot of sense: the Left creates monetary policies which benefit only the rich, driving up their wealth... while simultaneously flooding the market with low wage illegals to drive down wealth in the middle and lower class. Having accomplished that, they then cry "income inequality" in hopes of creating a Helter Skelter moment to bring everything crashing down.

@Anonymous- As much as we could use the tax money, I don't want a dime from anyone here illegally because I want them shipped out of here, muy pronto.

@Chuck Ef- As tempting as it would be to tell the IRS that you've gone to your reward, you'd also lose your social security and medicare benefits...assuming they still exist when you're old enough to use them.

So I'd say put an asterisk by the box and add "Not dead, but have felt better."