Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving II - The Sequel

No post today. We're giving thanks for having an excuse to take an extra day off work. Enjoy the busiest shopping weekend of the year! 

PS: Hey wait, we just gave ourselves a great idea! We just posted a limited-time "Black Friday" sale price of $3.99 ($2 off the already stupidly low price) for the beautiful  print edition of "Obama Sutra - A Guide to 57 States of Ecstasy."

We don't make any money at that price, but will take enormous satisfaction from imagining the stunned looks on the faces of any liberal "secret Santa" gift recipients who receive this (ahem) richly illustrated book! Also a great stocking stuffer for conservatives and other fun-loving patriots! For more details and spicy samples, visit!

Bonus: it looks like Amazon will give you 30% off the price of one book (including this one) if you use the checkout code HOLIDAY30 (in the "Gift cards & promotional codes" box).


David in SoCal said...

Dr. Stilton: Hoping you and yours had a blessed Thanksgiving! I ordered-up 2 of the 'Bama Sutra books; one for a 'White Elephant',(yes, i'm racist), gift for our Christmas soiree, and the other so's I can figger out which is the proper position to utilize whilst signing my Tax Returns and getting sexed by the gubment simultaneously.

Dodger Blues said...

David in SoCal - is one of those orders for me for Christmas?!?!?!? You still haven't delivered those Double-Doubles after all this time.

You owe.

HA! I am getting into this entitlement thing. Elizabeth Warren, here I come you minx!

(I am not well today)

David in SoCal said...

Nice pull, Senor Blues! I was kinda hoping y'all had forgot 'bout that one! Tell ya what; elect me for Emperor de Los Estados Unidos in 2016, and there will be a Double-Double in every pot, and a Chevy Volt in every garage!
Mahaps my campaign slogan will be "If you like your In and Out, you can keep your In and Out...Period.