Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Amendment Shmirst Amendment

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Elena Kagan, Obama's nominee for lifetime Supreme Court Justice, doesn't have much of a track record to show where she stands on important issues. But a notable exception exists in the case of Freedom of Speech...specifically,
political speech...which she believes should be regulated and controlled by the government.

Acting as Obama's Solicitor General, Kagan argued this point before the Supreme Court, prompting Chief Justice Roberts to say that she
"asks us to embrace a theory of the First Amendment that would allow censorship not only of television and radio broadcasts, but of pamphlets, posters, and the Internet."

Justice Kennedy said that Kagan's legal argument amounted to an illegitmate attempt to use
"censorship as thought control."

Fortunately, Kagan failed to convince the Supreme Court of the merits of her argument and it was voted down...causing a belligerent Barack Obama to criticize the members of the court (and mischaracterize the findings of the court) during his State of the Union address.

We hope that Kagan's anti-free speech views, and the danger of losing freedom of political speech, will be thoroughly discussed on "television and radio broadcasts, pamphlets, posters, and the Internet"...while they still
can be.

Without freedom of political speech, we couldn't point out that
Dick Morris and Elena Kagan were apparently separated at birth.


Suzy said...

The unanswered question here is, which group does not get freedom of speech? (Well I guess it HAS been answered, actually...) Who (rhetorically speaking) gets to choose what the "accepted" ideas are, and how do they get that privilege?

Even so, 2012, come quickly....but I'm starting to get nervous about the fighting within the ranks of the Rep party....

TheDarkKnight said...

If ever there was a SCOTUS nominee worthy of filibuster this is it...

Old NFO said...

No question as to whom will be restricted... nope, not a bit... All of us that don't toe the dems party line.

Dr.D said...

Why isn't there something like a peremptory challenge for Supreme Court nominees, something that can be used to simply say, "This person is glaringly unqualified; send them away"?

This is so glaring, so obvious, that she should withdraw immediately. We are in an Alice-in-Wonderland world when such a far out candidate is even going to be given serious consideration at all. Those comments should be a priori disqualifiying -- off with her head!

Anonymous said...

Even so, 2012, come quickly....but I'm starting to get nervous about the fighting within the ranks of the Rep party....

If the Republican Party and the Tea Party people are smart which I am a member of both they will vote the party line. read this and understand what the democrats are banking on.

Click on this and the the words-- Sarah Plain Insite

If all those who want freedom don't vote republican America is finished. Don't split the vote as you did with Ross Perot and ended up with eight years of the Klintonista's

Pete(Detroit) said...

Anon - Tea Party needs to ensure that there are CONSERVATIVES running in Repub races - bounce the RINOs.

As for Ms. Kegan - Dude's freakin' me out, just a bit, you know?

Reaganite Republican said...

Dick Morris is cuter, lol

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Reaganite Republican- From what we hear, Dick Morris is easier, too.