Friday, May 14, 2010

Holder Your Tongue

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Under intense questioning on Capitol Hill, Attorney General Eric Holder flatly refused to admit that "radical Islam" could even conceivably be a reason that a growing string of Muslims perpetrate terrorist acts against the United States.

The same Eric Holder who called Americans "a nation of cowards" for their attitudes about race, and called Bush administration officials "war criminals," has suddenly developed such delicate sensitivities that he is unwilling to concede that Malik Nadal Hassan, Umar Farouq Abdulmuttalab, and Faisal Shahzad had any ideological links.
No, they just happen to be three guys with somewhat exotic names (sort of like Barack Hussein Obama). It's all just a crazy coincidence.

Most assuredly, the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists. But when America's Attorney General is afraid to even say "Islamic radicalism" out loud...then the terrorists have won.

Mr. Holder, you either need to buy a vowel,
solve the puzzle, or get off the stage.


drozz said...

please don't forget that mr. holder just spoke out against a law he admitted he never read.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

drozz- It was a tough call for today's cartoon to decide whether to nail Holder on his cowardice and moral dishonesty ("islamic radicalism"), or his sheer incompetence and partisanship ("I didn't read the 16-page law that I'm threatening to bring suit against"). We decided to concentrate on the failings that are most likely to get Americans killed, but Holder certainly shouldn't get a pass on the other matter. Clearly, he doesn't give a damn about the law, the principles of law, or the Constitution. Which makes him a pretty sad excuse for an Attorney General.

Suzy said...

You do a great job! Just reading the headlines each day...there are alot of "tough calls"!!!! Lately every headline, almost, is needing a bit of laughter to help it go down...

Anonymous said...

Holder's notions about all things related to radical islamic terrorism reveal that he's already functioning without his head. He acts like Merriam-Webster's description of a drone, a "male of a bee that has no sting and gathers no honey." (No disrespect to the military drones that are actually doing some good against these monsters.) Holder STILL thinks it's a good idea to try KSM in Manhatten. I guess he's too busy studying the Koran to read the Arizona immigration bill.

Front Woodsman said...

Anybody else notice that we have an overabundance of NEA type educators and/or other professorial types on board at the White House who absolutely confirm the theory that "Those who cannot do, teach?"
Seems we've got a TON of theoretical types who not only have total disdain for any and all workingman-type citizens, but also have no capability of using real world experience (of which they have none anyway) to reach a logical conclusion about ANYTHING that their new lives are placing squarely in front of them.
If even ONE terroristic attack perpetrated since Little "o" has been the ditherer in chief had been perpetrated by a bunch of Conservative Middle aged White Guys, do you think Holder would hesitate even one second before sending troops out to to lock away every single Militia member? The depth of craziness and ardently protected inexperience of this Chicago mob staggers the imagination. Would not call a spade a spade if you smashed them in the face with one, and their continuing ostrich imitations when confronted with proof of Islamic Jihadi attacks on US soil are going to get lots of people killed at some point.
Times Square failed only because the Pakistanis did not build a proper bomb or know how to detonate it correctly. Hundreds of people in NYC owe their lives to a botched attack by a Jihadist who lacked proper training. How long before one of these guys gets it right, while Holder, Napolitano, are busy doing their Keystone Kops incompetent boobs act? They sure aren't out hunting for the next bomber, what with having to spend all their time protecting Florida Manatees against attacks by right wing powerboaters, and the whole laundry list of similarly touchy-feely inspired Homeland Security issues needing more attention than these "isolated, Lone Wolf attacks" What's the lone wolf count up to in the Times Square raid so far, about half a dozen in 3 states that we've stumbled upon? And how many have slipped away to bomb us another day, while our people are not even allowed to mount a coherent defense because the pols and profs at the top won't admit to a threat? When I was in the military long, long ago we had a name for officers who wouldn't admit there might be sappers outside the wire...We called them "Stupid Dead Guys"

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- you make a very good point; Holder appoints himself a scholar on (and defender of) the Koran, while opposing an American law he hasn't even bothered to read. To say that's troubling is putting it mildly.

Front Woodsman- Very strong post! The academic political hacks who are running the show can't seem to get anything right - because they allow their imagined expertise to trump actual evidence. And let's not forget that they're the same people who suggested that "military veterans" should be eyed as potential terrorists while protecting the good name of "Islamic radicals."

Anonymous said...

This entire Socialist Democratic Party is anti-american pro terrorist religion. We have a muslim mole as a president who places more muslims inside homeland security secrets. What would you expect from ANYONE who voted for this clown or supports his agenda. No only that but the dude is an illegal alien himself and that exactly why he hates Arizona's anti-amnesty law of which I support 110%