Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On The Job Training

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When it comes to selecting someone for an important job, a "lack of negatives" shouldn't be your only consideration...especially if there's no record of "positives."

Yet this is the very standard that Barack Obama has brought to his selection of Elena Kagan as a potential Supreme Court justice. She has never been a judge at any level, never heard a case, never written a decision, and has such a thin trail of paperwork that her judicial philosophies are something of a mystery. But these qualities are being touted as strengths by the president. After all, how can anyone object to the track record of a woman who has no track record?

In fairness, the surgeon who performs his very first surgery might do a great job. A Supreme Court justice who's never previously decided a case might conceivably prove to be competent.

But do we really want to accept the blind risk of giving someone with no experience, no demonstrable track record, and no paper trail a critically important job?

After all, it didn't work out too well when choosing a president.


Pete(Detroit) said...

And, in the case of the President, it's not a lifetime commitment..

Colby_Muenster said...

Come on people! Have you no sense of adventure? It's sort of like picking "door number one" on Let's Make a Deal, except we can't trade for door number two if we win the lifetime supply of anal suppositories!
Ben Dover....

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid she's Obama in a dress. He can't appoint himself, so this is the next best thing. (Credit goes to Rush for pointing this out.) The confirmation hearings will be interesting. Senate Republicans, please have the guts to ask the tough questions.

Dr.D said...

She has already demonstrated to the Court that she cannot put together a cogent argument. They are unimpressed with her. Thus, even though she represents a vote, we can be pretty well assured that she and Sotomeyer will vote as a block representing the Affirmative Action position on every issue. They will effectively isolate themselves and have no ability to persuade anyone else on the Court.

This is actually much better than some of the choices he could have made, such as a really intelligent Leftist (there are some, scary though that is). That would have meant we would have someone who might wield influence as well as vote.

Lee The Voice said...

The clip art doctor looks like a young Ron Paul. (Which certainly is not a bad thing.)