Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tough Guise

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In the face of the BP oil spill disaster, many observers have been dismayed at the president's apparent lack of emotion.

To that end, noted "Steve Urkel" impersonator Spike Lee has told Obama that
it's time to "Go off!" And liberal pundit Bill Maher has enthusiastically embraced racial stereotyping by declaring "
This is where I want a real black president. I want him in a meeting with the BP CEOs where he lifts up his shirt and you can see the gun in his pants."

In order to put a cap on the president's out of control testosterone leak, Whitehouse spokesman Robert Gibbs issued an official statement that the president is actually "enraged"...which he shows by "clenching his jaw." Say what?

So now the president has released a video clip in which he declares that he's going to "kick ass."

And maybe he will. After all, kicking somone in the ass is a lot less risky than confronting them to their face.


CT Yankee said...

Wow, hope he doesn't give himself TMJ, clenching that jaw so tightly.

TheDarkKnight said...

What an embarrassment .. I'm having a hard time trying to think of something less "presidential" that he could have said.

If he were truly such a fan / student of his favorite President then perhaps he should have listened to this sage advice...

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln

Rick said...

Now Hollywood is dictating what Team Obama says snd does. It was bad enough when they were just Progressive Socialists, now they are acting like the Terminator and Karl Marx.

Anonymous said...

Good WSJ op-ed by Dorothy Rabinowitz today titled "The Alien in the White House." She states, "for it was clear from the first that this president ...was wanting in certain qualities citizens have until now taken for granted in their presidents. Namely, a tone and presence that said: This is the Americans' leader, a man of them, for them, the nation's voice and champion." It's interesting how Obama can rhetorically "kick ass" when it involves corporations, police officers, and right wingers, but (per Rabinowitz) avoids any public mention of the indisputable Islamist identity of the enemy at war with us.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Funny how that now, when there is a solution to the leak that is at least partially effective, he starts his tough talk and posturing...
What a dork!

alan markus said...

I think he needs to kiss some Palin azz.
Palin Gives Obama Sound Advice

AngieComics said...

First fix the leak.
Second investigate why the leak happened.
-If an act of God, pray and like the Boy Scouts, be prepared for next time.
-If the fault of Gov. regulators who approved the rig 10 days before the leak, fire the regulator and Gov. affiliate.
-If the fault of a BP worker, say his inexperience caused the disaster, then start hiring only experienced people, regardless of race, religion, quotas etc.
-If the fault of BP management, say they bought cheaper and weaker pipes, then send them the bill and don't... under any circumstances... no matter how tempting... bail them out!

Stiffer regulations couldn't have prevented this, as what's missing is individual moral responsibility, only preventable if the individuals as kids attended Sunday School and/or the Boy Scouts.

drozz said...

it's been near 50 days. "whose ass to kick" should have been evident after the first week or so.

leaders lead the way. if he isn't collecting praise from a bunch of leftist sheep, he's busy incessantly whining and blaming the world for his problems.

what an undignified statement by a worthless president.

Dr.D said...

"Gonna kick ass!" Oh, how people love that phrase because it suggest empowerment. In actual fact, it does nothing but muddy the water and may well impede progress. "Going off" will have similar results.

It is one thing to demand that Obama meet with the BP CEO and require that BP put maximum resources into the solution of this problem. That would be entirely reasonable. I really rather imagine that BP is already doing that because this is a PR disaster of the worst sort for them. But there should definitely be top level coordination between the US govenment and BP.

On the other hand, when Obama, through Holder, decides that he is gong to "kick ass" as he has done by initiating a criminal investigation of all the engineering personnel involved, he has just about killed the effort to stop the problem right there. Why would any engineer want to make any decision knowing that 10 years from now he will have to defend it in a law court, no matter what the decision was? That was the most stupid sort of response that the Obama idiots could have possibly come up with, and sure enough, they did not disappoint; they did it!

I am an engineer, and anyone who comes to "kick my ass" is very likely to walk away with my resignation in his hot little hand. We are professional people, we do the very best we can with what we have to work with. Ass kicking does not improve results, but it is apt to create a new job opening in your organization.

pryorguy said...

Dr. D, youre right on...this bunch in the white house NEVER fails to disappoint the American people! Watching this day by day is very intriguing, I've never seen anything like this, except in some socialist country!

Anonymous said...

He can kick their butts in a lot of ways by use of a pen and phone calls. Yes he should have kicked butt the day it happened and demand BP pay for the entire cleanup out of their pocket without raising prices at the pump, whicj you all know is going to happen, right ?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Excellent points! The whole "kicking ass" thing is ridiculous on so many levels. Sending lawyers as his first wave of attack pretty much guaranteed creating a state of enmity with the only people who could actually help with the problem.

AngieComics did a great job of breaking down the realistic steps that the president should follow, rather than posturing, trying to act "street," or squatting on a beach and looking pensively at the grains of sand between his fingers.

There wasn't much, perhaps, that the president could do...but what could have been done wasn't, and what was done shouldn't have been.

And as long as Obama is in office, this oil spill can only be the second greatest ongoing catastrophe to hit our country.

Spinelessobama said...

Obama assed around so the spill would get worse so he can push his aganda through a lot easier. He is the one who should get his "ass kicked". He is against drilling and will do anything to stop it. He is so spineless he will not do anything until he sees a public opinion poll. A true leader will step up and do what needs to be done and not wait on a poll to see what to do. Doing what is right may not be popular.

Suzy said...

In my limited experience, the people who say they are gonna kick some butt never do. They just like to hear themselves say so. The people who really do kick butt, just go in there and do it minus the fanfare.

gatot said...

The jogged is powerfull, hahahaa

Anonymous said...

This is what comes of an affirmative action hire who's skin is thin as his resume. I bet it still rankles that both his father and mother dumped him and he wound up raised by his grandparents and the white ones at that.