Thursday, July 15, 2010

Created or Saved or Imagined

As polls show rising numbers of Americans growing frustrated about the Obama administration's inability to stimulate (or allow) job growth, the Whitehouse is striking back with a "new analysis" which claims that the stimulus has created - or invisibly "saved" - millions
more jobs than previously thought. Hooray!

As there's no scientifically accurate way to count "jobs saved" (people who would have lost jobs, but didn't), critics are understandably suspicious of the government's self-congratulatory finding of 3.6 million jobs created or saved. In fact, according to the most accurate reality-based numbers available, the massive governmental spending has created only 682,370 jobs...of which, 4 out of 5 went to people who are now working for the government.

Additionally, the new analysis points out that for every $1 the government is spending on jobs, the private economy is spending $3...which is offered as proof that government spending stimulates business.

But there is no cause-and-effect relationship established between what the government is spending and what private industry is spending (other than the fact that the "government money" has all been taken out of the private economy). Washington is simply trying to grab credit for what the business community is doing on its own.

But there IS a demonstrable cause-and-effect relationship behind the fact that the business community is currently sitting on $1.8 trillion dollars of capital which is not being reinvested in our economy because of fear and uncertainty about what the Obama administration will do to hurt business next.

So in the end, our "new analysis" is that Obama and company really are having a huge impact on business and jobs. And none of it is good.


Emmentaler Limburger said...

Hey - give credit where credit is due! At least they are being true to the adage: "Figures never lie, but liars often figure..."

Suzy said...

Well now gee, there's an opening for mayor down in Texas now...that's a new job.

And truly, I'm not one for sick jokes....but the sick truth is that if Obama is trying to open up jobs by making current job holders so scared and depressed that they stoop to using the gun they hid under the mattress (from the Chicago mob)...and thus opening up their job to someone else....then he's beginning to do a good job of it.

Philip said...

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Philip said...

Wow, so much hate :

Lib Ed Schultz Has On Air Meltdown About Republicans: "Shove Those Bastards Right Into The Dirthole"

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Philip- Thanks for the good links! And holy cow, that clip from Ed Schultz is amazing! You can actually feel flecks of spit hitting you as this raging hatemonger shrieks at his microphone. And are we supposed to imagine that shoving "those bastards right into the dirthole" isn't an advocation of violence?

Seriously, it's time to get the tranquilizer darts out for this guy, if only to keep him from having an aneurysm.

Philip said...

Stilt - I forgot that. He also said :

SCHULTZ (13:21): And oh by the way, the stimulus package isn't working. That's what O'Reilly and Ingraham, those two Nazis, are saying over on Fox News.