Friday, July 16, 2010

Whatever Works

To the delight of late night comedians and conservative webcomic writers, the Obama administration met yesterday with William Jefferson ("Call me BJ") Clinton to get his advice on "jobs." If you know what we mean.

Presumably, the impeached former president gave a lengthy discourse on the most effective application of stimulus, as well as his innovative thoughts on how to create additional business demand for the drycleaning and humidor industries, and how to collect licensing revenue every time a "Big Gulp
" is sold.

But seriously, the country's unemployment numbers are no laughing matter... and analysts are placing much of the blame squarely on this administration's anti-business policies.

Face it, Barack. When you have to call in Bill Clinton for advice on jobs, you've already blown it.

So to speak.


Philip said...

Obama is losing control of the Democratic Party

Obama: I expect to be held accountable on jobs, but I’d prefer that you hold Bush accountable

Three Million Imaginary Jobs

Politico: Obama Is a Successful President, but Folks Just Don’t Realize It

alan markus said...

I've always said that as far as comedy material goes, Clinton is "the gift that keeps giving". Got to admire his "staying power".

Great links, Phillip. Especially the 2nd one, although it did raise my blood pressure a little bit so early in the morning.

And speaking of "jobs", who can forget this little blast from the past:

Joe Biden Can't Count

Anonymous said...

Bill did provide Monica with many opportunities to perform "jobs" for him while he was in the White House... so I guess that makes him an expert.

TheDarkKnight said...

“It’s hard because you don’t see immediate gratification,” the president acknowledged Thursday

Here's an idea.. STOP TRYING TO HELP

You will see near immediate results because the markets will stabilize and businesses will start to spend some of the money they are holding on to for a rainy day.. that is unless the plan is to tax those "hoarded profits" the same way FDR did

Honestly.. I'm convinced that Obama IS a student of history and is doing everything he can to be sure he doesn't make the same "mistakes" his predecessors (Wilson, FDR, Carter) made in getting the progressive agenda completely realized

Colby Muenster said...

There are approximately 130 million jobs in this country right now, and I am puzzled why "That One" isn't trying to claim he saved ALL of them. Why make the outrageous claim that you "saved" 3 million jobs? Go all the way, and take credit for the whole ball of wax. Also, I'm glad he makes it rain every now and then, so I don't have to water my garden.

I am SOOOOOO looking forward to the day this moron is unemployed himself!!

Philip said...

Oh my ! Zbigniew Brzezinski: Obama The New Mr. 'Malaise'

Brzezinski knows malaise when he’s sees it

Anonymous said...

I think I just hurt myself from laughing so

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Good comments, good links!

Anonymous said...

It seems the topic of BJ Clinton is a popular one. (Don't give me that look! Those are his initials, Bill Jefferson! What did you think it meant?)