Sunday, July 25, 2010

Please Leave A Message

After failing to get Barack Obama's attention with previous nuclear tests and test-missile launchings (including one directed at Hawaii on the 4th of July), North Korea has decided to up the ante a bit by threatening the United States with a nuclear "sacred war."

While Obama hasn't personally commented on the threat, what with him being busy calling people to apologize for firing them for racism, and staging an all-star "Broadway at the Whitehouse" gala, we assume that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accurately represents the president's "get tough" stance when she warns North Korea: "the door remains open. We are willing to meet with them, willing to negotiate, to move towards normal relations."


As lame as the official response has been, we will say that we're glad U.S. military forces are near North Korea practicing "war games," just to send the signal that we could conduct war if forced to it.

But unfortunately, this administration is also sending signals that there's no limit to the provocation we'll accept from North Korea...which in turn makes an eventual war, even a nuclear "sacred war," more likely to happen.


Anonymous said...

So the Americans carry military exercises next door to North Korea, which of course are not provocative, after accusing them of sinking a South Korean (a charge which has not been PROVED), and expect to walk away scotch free? How many countries has the US attacked in the last 10 years? How many countries has North Korea attacked in the last 10 years? Do you, Americans, in your ignorance and arrogance, ever learn anything?

Anonymous said...

"a charge which has not been PROVED"

And OJ is still looking for the real killer. We hear ya.

Chris Mallory said...

5:05 Anon,
The charge hasn't been proved. In recent days new questions have been raised about the sinking of the ship.
Do you really want to rain death and destruction down on innocents due to an unproven charge?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous #1- Americans are ignorant and arrogant? Gosh, thanks for refusing to stereotype. We didn't mention the sinking of the South Korean ship, precisely because the jury is still out on that one. But the only reason North Korea hasn't attacked another country in the last 10 years - specifically South Korea - is the strong defensive presence of American military, which has been deployed since the Korean War. And directly attacking other countries isn't the only way to be a danger to the world community; North Korea is active in proliferating their nuclear and missile technologies to some of the wackiest and most war-loving countries on Earth. Which, in your personal ignorance and arrogance, you seem not to care about.

Chris Mallory- Wow, way to jump the gun! As we said above, the sinking of the South Korean ship is not open and shut, and we haven't posited taking any action over it...let alone "raining death and destruction down on innocents." (And by the way, since it's North Korea threatening a nuclear "sacred war," why aren't you worried about the innocents who'll be on the receiving end of their missiles?)

Our point is that over the past year and a half, we've seen the world become a less stable and more dangerous place because the Obama administration has made it clear that there are no consequences from America for bad behavior from rogue nations. This president's demonstrable lack of strength and resolve encourage countries like Iran and North Korea to test increasingly dangerous limits.

pryorguy said...

Anonymous #1....YIKES! If memory serves me, the U.S> WAS ATTACKED on 9/11...and we know who did it! THAT'S why we attacked that regime, helping out multitudes of Afghans in the process. Americans are not perfect, but we are the next best thing to it in this world, been that way a long time, my friend. Stilt's right...America is the only reason North Korea hasnt attacked the South all these years.

I am as sick to death of these years of war for our country as anyone, but we might as well expect more with our namby-pamby president. I, like many folks, am not sure our leaders' decisions,(Bush included), were wise ones, time will tell. But, our enemies ONLY UNDERSTAND STRENGTH! Chatting with them only makes us look weak as they laugh at us.

Spinelessobama said...

Anonymous #1

You are the arrogant and ignorant one. Our troops have paid the price to help others that can not defend themselves, by putting their lives on the the line and the ones who were and are killed gave the most. Before you post things you need to put a little more thought in it. If it were not for America's involvement in WWI and WWII would have turned out a lot different. How quickly some people forget. We are not perfect, but at least we do try to help others. What other country has givien what America has?

moronpolitics said...

number of countries usa has "attacked"?? none. Iraq invaded their neighbor. we pushed them back into Iraq and waited for their citizens to overthrow the butcher. They couldn't. If someone is doing to my country what Saddam was doing to Iraq I hope and pray some country will come in and help us get rid of the sob. OK? Afghanistan was ruled by an extremist government that gave refuge to someone who attacked US. Yes, if Mr. Environment had won that election the taliban would have gotten 100 million or so in aid and a big speech about how THEY didn't attack us so THEY were our friends and then and they could have PROMISED with SUGAR on it that they would track down those bad guys. OOOOOOPS. Wrong President A-Ho's. If I walk into a bar, pick out tha baddest MF in the place, grab his wifes b**bs and spit in his eye I deserve what I get. What part of "The Great Satan" sounds like somebody you should **** with? moronpolitics

pryorguy said...

Ya know, before the election in 2008 I remember thinking how awful it would have been under Hilary as president...but it couldnt have been any worse than the Anointed One. Bad, but not worse (I dont think anyway). Still wouldnt support either one of 'em tho.!! Lets keep focused and get those bums outa congress this fall...will be a change for the better! Pray for LEADERS WITH COMMON SENSE!!!!!!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Great and impassioned responses! If Anonymous #1 is out there and reading the comments, we'd be genuinely interested in your thoughts and/or rebuttals. If the arguments above are based on arrogance and ignorance, it should be easy enough for you to do. Right...?

Bobo and Corinne said...

America needs a strong President who will protect America and Americans. I recall the Cuban Missle Crisis with Kennedy looking Russia dead in the eye and telling them "not in my backyard." And, how about President Reagan standing tall against the Russians. I beleive Gorbachev opted not to mess with Reagan because he knew he Reagan would "push the button" if Russia made an unprovoked attacked on the U.S.

President O'kumbaya is going to be the downfall of the United States of America if he doesn't develop a better foreign policy. He scares us to death!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Bobo and Corinne- Exactly. Neither Kennedy nor Reagan "rained death and destruction down on innocents"...but they made it clear that America was strong, principled, and there would be consequences if we were challenged. And this strength prevented wars.

Obama radiates weakness, and the world grows more dangerous in response. North Korea, apparently, isn't interested in receiving the president's new military medal for "courageous restraint."