Saturday, July 31, 2010


Barack Obama, the silver-tongued post-racial healer "we've been waiting for" added new insight into America's dialogue on race when he used his appearance on The View to declare that "African-Americans are sort of a mongrel people."


He then unhelpfully added "that's actually true of white people too, but we just know more about it."

OHhhhh, that's better! Black people are mongrels and white people are mongrels, but white people are too stupid to know where babies come from.

But as long as the president has cleared the way for people of good will to use canine descriptives, here's a special Hope n' Change tip of the hat to the mongrel Barack Obama and the bitches of The View for helping race relations go to the dogs.


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Anonymous said...

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

dakotas5 said...

Post racial or most racial?

Anonymous said...

Wow - how much hate would you have to have for a group of people to call them MONGRELS? This man has sunk to a new low. And he got offended because people pointed out his big ears during the campaign???

Anonymous said...

This man is a rhetorical bull in the china shop without a teleprompter.

Suzy said...

Is this hypothetical?

Buzz Bannister said...

He needs to go on TV more often.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

See? Every time he's off the leash of his teleprompters, he does this. You'd think they (Soros? Communists? Democrats? You choose - they are indistinguishable to most...) could have at least found someone who could follow a party line without constantly putting their collective foot in his mouth.

The following is supposed to be funny, but I didn't laugh too much - it was way too close to home:

commoncents said...

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say I really like your blog!

Common Cents

Pete(Detroit) said...

Reminds me of the saying back in Jr High - "I'm not a racist, I hate everybody"

Cindy said...

I just cracked up at your mongrel poster!

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Cindy- Glad you liked it! The truth hurts...unless it has a glittery pink bow in its hair!

pryorguy said...

dont know about you guys...i really couldnt bring myself to watch the view...i get sick when he's in a 10 second soundbite

Anonymous said...

There are many times when I'm glad I don't have a TV. Especially the last 3 years.

anombrerose said...

Stilton, I just sent you an e-mail with more "Mongrels" in it... Love the Poster!

Wait til you see my Charlie Rangel Mongrel!

And after I sent it, I remembered walking through the TV room when the news was playing a short clip of Obama on the View - where he was discussing how he views women THROUGH THE REPTILIAN SIDE OF HIS BRAIN.

Have not heard anyone else mention that - and I cannot stand to listen to him AT ALL!

As fascinating as the Reptilian Side of Odrama Queen's Brain is to me, I left the room moments after realizing he was on the TV at the time.

I can tell you all the women on the View were drooling over the concept, though!

- Rose

moronpolitics said...

Why are people surprised? This straight out of Mein Kamph. Ask Thomas Sowell what economics Slick follows and he will tell you he is a fascist. That's when the shell of free enterprise is left but the government is free to seize anything it wants and parcel it out to friends and sympathizers. sound familiar?

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anombrerose- I got the email and enjoyed it. And it does look like we picked the same mongrel! Glad you're enjoying the site, and thanks for sharing the cartoons with others!

Rose said...

Great - I've been wondering if you did, but hadn't gotten back here due to trying to square my computer around. I'm so glad you liked it!

And I am glad to share your stuff - I'm having a BLAST doing it - really enjoying the graphics, and the Commentary, as well - you usually have something to say that I have NOT seen anywhere else!

Good job!!!

- Rose