Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Global Harming

The world is holding its breath under the threat that terror attacks, authorized by Osama Bin Laden, may take place in major European airports. The danger is considered to be very real, very credible, and very difficult to prevent.

Clearly, the reason to attack airport terminals is because they're "soft targets;" lots of innocent victims, lots of suitcases in which to conceal guns and grenades, and huge economic impact if people become afraid to travel.

But to try to obscure the unspeakable evil of such an attack, a recent audiotape from Osama Bin Laden says that the terror mastermind is really concerned about Global Warming, and the "great catastrophes to the Islamic world" (such as the flooding in Pakistan) which are supposedly caused by the kinds of energy use (including transportation and manufacturing) that Democrats are also eager to curtail...or at least tax.

And by inference, if terror attacks on airports keep jets from polluting the skies, it will be good for the climate, the Islamic world, the trees, and the forest creatures.

When it comes to combatting so-called global warming, Al Gore is barely tolerable...but blood
and gore is unacceptable. As is every day that Osama Bin Laden continues to draw breath.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Marines could help us all out and seal up the cave he lives in with a few laser guided bombs from their friends over at the Navy and save us all from the hot air he continues to spew by breathing. Better yet, maybe Bin Laden could just solve two problems at once and attack himself.

anombrerose said...

Love it Love it Love it.

So funny (well - not ha-ha - but very ironic-funny) that the truth is that when Osama, Algore, and all the rest of the Global Warming freaks are ice cold, they will all be simultaneously burning hot too! Both being absolute realities in FACT.

- Rose

John the Econ said...

Finally, gravity draws the coalition closer; Al Gore, the Progressives, and chief fascist global terrorist Bin Laden now all use "Global Warming" as the rationale for all things, from regulating cow poots to killing civilians en masse in order to establish a totalitarian global caliphate.

Of course, the only big difference between statist progressives and Islamic fascists is that the latter proactively and openly kills those who oppose their agenda, whereas the progressive left mostly only fantasizes about it (paid for by taxpayer money, no less):


For anyone left who still believes that "Global Warming" is anything other than a totalitarian statist political movement, this should do it.

Also Stilton, please update your lexicon. It hasn't been "Global Warming" for years. Even the term "Climate Change" recently been replaced. The new term is "Global Climate Disruption".

Anonymous said...

The Obama Homeland Security term for terrorism is "man-caused disasters." Puts the evil of terrorism on the same moral playing field as driving an SUV or heating your home in the winter.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

The environmental Nazi's will keep trotting out new titles until they find one that resonates with the most people and keeps their twisted cause alive and the grant money flowing. Personally, I think they've jumped the shark with most Americans and have no more credibility than their icons Algore and Bin Laden.

John the Econ said...

Angry, I agree that it's sop to renew the titles for the sake of re-resonance. But it's reassuring to see that the time that it is taking for the rebranding to wear out is getting shorter and shorter.

As I have predicted for decades now, most Americans have finally turned sour on the eco-fascist agenda now that they are realizing that they will be the ones who will actually be paying and making the sacrifices for it.

Pete(Detroit) said...

Have they 'authenticated' that tape yet? I was rather under the impression that "bin Rottin'" has assumed room temp a LONG time ago..

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

John the Econ- Actually I'm well aware that "Global Warming" is a worn out phrase, but it's a lot easier to make a joke about temperature than it is to make a joke about "disruption." Especially if it's coming out of a talking penguin.

Pete(Detroit)- We'd also hoped that Osama kicked the bucket (or better still, had it kicked out from under him) a while ago. The tape seems like it was squishily authenticated, but frankly we don't have a lot of trust in that anymore. Eric Holder was on TV yesterday describing the great U.S. intelligence work that has caused the warnings to go up in Europe. But what if this administration actually overstated the threat in order to later claim (just pre-election) that they "thwarted" potential attacks? We don't like to think that way, but there were plenty of such accusations against Bush every time the threat level changed. And Bush wasn't a congenital liar.

Emmentaler Limburger said...

It wouldn't surprise me if it was a sham. C'mon! 0bama, er, I mean Osama and Global Warming?! I think someone is really, really stretching what the lib horror author Stephen King termed the suspension of disbelief. Sorry, 0bamanazis: this constitutional conservative ain't buyin' your theater...

(It does conveniently put them all in the same bed, too, though- tip of the cheese wax to John the Econ on that one.)

John the Econ said...

Stilton, no offense; I know you know the lexicon. My point is that the lexicon has become so silly that even Bin Laden, the living cause of the "mad made disaster" moniker hesitates to quote from it.

Moronpolitics said...

I know this. When the stage magician holds up his right hand to show it is empty --- the left hand or the left foot is doing something sneaky. Misdirection. So if Obama is telling us an attack is coming in Europe be careful in Asia and the USA.
Global Warming? These guys read our newspapers and magazines and believe the nuttiest stuff in them. When I was doing some grad work a while back I talked daily with a "Palestinian" about politics and culture. With America all around him for the previous 3 years he STILL thought what he saw on Seinfeld was an accurate picture of how people lived in America. The homeland people should take current TV and movie dramas vry seriously -- THEY do.
Remember in the 70's when the Chinese sent thousands of AK-47's to South Central LA thinking that Black Americans would start a race war and try to overthrow the government? Result: More dead junkies and pushers on the street every day than the bad guy harvest from a whole year of "The Rifleman" and Lucas McCain could really stack 'em high.

Doesn't Obama realize that what REALLY gets America mad is the crappy way they wrapped up "Lost" or maybe an unfair vote on "Dance Your *ss Off"?

Anonymous said...

We've had Blood (David) and Gore (Al) for years now. They own and operate Generation Investment Management, LLP based in London, to "capitalize" on global warming legislation. Gore operates on both sides, using Marxist behavior to get laws passed forcing the people to abide by climate change laws so that he can use capitalisim to reap ten fortunes with his free trade company. Gore is honored by the left who dispises the filthy rich, of which he is a member, and uses Wall Street to his advantage, while the Left demonizes Wall Street. David Blood is the former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management. Can't get any more Wall Street than that. Lefties try to tie the Right to Wall Street and themselves to Main Street, yet it's the Left hurting Main Street, big time.