Sunday, October 3, 2010

Down For The Count

To prove that Glenn Beck's huge "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington was a fluke, a consortium of over 400 far-left organizations and unions forced their members to attend Saturday's pro-Obama "One Nation Working Together" rally.

Unlike Beck's grass roots rally, "One Nation Working Together" was extremely well funded by powerful political groups including the NAACP, SEIU, and American Communist Party, and had the
additional crowd-building incentive of union bosses reminding their members that non-attendance could lead to "on the job accidents," if you know what we mean.

An eager mainstream media wanted nothing more than to report that the rally was a
huge success, with throngs of people jamming the national mall! But that wouldn't be entirely accurate.

Early reports on the rally spoke exclusively of the many thousands "
expected to attend," even after the event was underway. And photographs were carefully cropped to show people packed tightly...but only in very small groups. In fact, the only aerial shots of huge crowds proved to be (barely labeled) file photos from...Glenn Beck's rally.

At the event's peak, there was clearly a substantial number of people in attendance - several dozen of whom might have actually been there voluntarily. But in the end, it would appear that "One Nation Working Together" might more aptly be labeled "400 Liberal Organizations Failing Together."

CNN experts estimate the massive crowd was approximately "one hundred bajillion."


anombrerose said...

That was so amazing.


Wonder if a full Gross showed up! How many jobs were forfeited, today, by union members in direct disobedience of their union bosses.

And seems by the look of things the unions were not able to find as many scabs to come protest and carry signs for the unions, today, as they have been able to get the last few years.

But then, I've heard unions don't pay scabs very well, either.

So glad to see it was everything we all expected. Right out in the Public byways, for the world to see.

- Rose

moronpolitics said...

You wanna hear a funny? A few years ago the parks dept or whoever used to give the head count on this type thing announced they were giving that up. I don't remember exactly when, might have been around the time of the "million man march", but I can't say. What I DO know is that with modern computer shape recognition routines etc etc it had just become very easy to do those counts with a very high expectation of accuracy. Makes you wonder. They gave a "reason", but it didn't impress me. Anybody got a good shot of the crowd and/or a reasonable estimate?? I'd like to see/hear it.

Anonymous said...

It appears tht the liberal left, which is a small but very vocal minority in this country, is finally falling behind the right. Reason, the right is tired of the minority wielding all the unruly control. People are waking up for the first time. As an article I read from someone in Utah said. Thanks Barack, only you could have woken up the right like you have done.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

You referenced the NAACP, SEIU and the American Communist Party. Why do you keep repeating yourself?

Anonymous said...

How ironic to read newspaper reports that "tens of thousands" of progressives attended yesterday's rally. That was the same number reported over and over again for the Beck rally. This number estimate apparently means different amounts depending on whom you're counting. I'd give yesterday's rally estimate a HUGE margin of deliberate MSM error.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Anonymous- At least one major media outlet had previously identified the number of people attending Beck's event as about the same as any other day in which tourists stroll around the national mall.

Since even the AP is saying that yesterday's crowd was thinner than Beck's, that leaves us with the logical conclusion that the liberal rally not only failed to draw anyone (according to the previously set standards), but actually drove some of the usual tourists away.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Moronpolitics- As we recall, the park service did stop doing crowd counts after they announced that the "Million Man March" had far fewer than a million attendees...and caught hell for saying so.

Pete(Detroit) said...

I'm frequently appalled by the sheer quantity of garbage left by the lefties. Signs, paper, fast food debris just blowing all over the place. Whereas the "tea party" events I've been to, or seen reports of, are ALWAYS clean when it's over.
Just think that needs more press, as well. Not only are the lib ralliers morons, they're also douche-bag litterbugs...

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Pete(Detroit)- You're looking at it the wrong way. By leaving trash and garbage everywhere, the lefties are just creating jobs that Americans supposedly won't do.