Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Spending Freeze On The Rocks

After going on the biggest "debt binge" in human history, Barack Obama promised in his State of the Union message that he was going to cut way way way way way way WAY back on the deficit by continuing to spend exactly the same unsustainable amounts of money for the next five years.

Say what...?

Using this same logic, an overweight person who eats a dozen doughnuts for breakfast can actually lose vast amounts of weight by not adding a 13th doughnut in the future. Or double their weight loss by not eating a 14th doughnut!

Alcoholics can go on the wagon without giving up actual drinks, drug addicts can go "clean" while continuing to shoot up, and rapists can stop being treated as criminals as long as they only bag their usual quota of victims and don't add any extras.

In other words, the president who ran on "Hope and Change" is now suggesting that no change
is the best change.

Or at least, it's the best that we can get from people like Mr. Obama who have
no intention of cutting back on their vices.

And that, sadly, is the state of our union.



gray lady said...

I found my self standing in front of the tv with my fists clinched, screaming, "You lie!!!"

Pete(Detroit) said...

A spending freeze WOULD do it, eventually, if there were any real economic growth - we would eventually grow enough to catch up. But 'freezing' at a rate of $1.4T / year In The Hole!!! is just plain goofy. We need deep, radical cuts soon.

Angry Hoosier Dad said...

Now you know why I couldn't bear to watch him last night, Stilton. I knew that he'd say something that would send my blood pressure through the roof. And it's not so much that he said it...we expected something like that; it's that a vast number of brainless drones out there are thinking that's actually a great idea. After all, we expect thieves and liars to behave like thieves and liars (Democrats). We keep wanting to believe the majority of Americans aren't so easily duped. We are often disappointed.

Anonymous said...

The recipients of all of this hope and change are happy with the prez.

I work in a VERY liberal city, Madison, WI. And you should hear all of the libtards spout the lefty narrative.

THEY want this overreaching government. THEY want the government to rip the wealth out of the hands of the businessman. THEY want to be spoon fed by the government.

Don't you conservatives get it!??!?
We are fighting a seemingly genetic disorder or at least a psychosis.
This type of creature will not listen to reason or logic. Therefore we have to do what is best for the country. This country that is exceptional. This country that was created to be different then every other country. This country that will save the ass of every other country in times of distress.

We need to bulldoze our way back into the seat of power and reassemble the constitutional law of the land. The constitution is NOT a living and breathing entity; as supposedly it can change over time similar to a humanbeing changing. It is a rock solid testment and statement to the correct way of thinking regarding mankind.

It is the an example of man awaking to the true way of life.

Continue the fight all of you tea partiers! Dont' give up the battle. Don't give in to sympathy for the enemy. Don't waver in your resolute belief in the sovereignty of our cause!!!


Chuck said...

I have a job that gets me up early, so I didn't watch it … I was asleep. Full disclosure: I wouldn’t have watched it anyway. Listening to the "news" on my way to work, the main points I got were the one you covered so well, and that "investment" is the newest leftist euphemism for "spending". So not only are we going to "freeze domestic spending at 2010 levels" (current level of intoxication) but we are going to invest more money that we don't have in things that will not provide any return in areas that could and would be better handled by the free market with reduced Federal regulation.

Suzy said...

Wow that's the best diet plan I've ever heard. If only it worked. I'm in the mood for a donut....

Earl said...

Chuck: Excellent summary. Anonymous(Steve):I agree. People who haven't lived or know their history (most college-age kids) are captive audiences for words and ideas that "sound logical." That's why Obama will continue to court the young as he prepares for 2012. I think of that every time I see young rioters in Greece and elsewhere.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- In my opinion, the president's speech basically boiled down to four large themes: "I'm not going to make spending cuts," "I'm going to spend money on the same idiocy as usual but call it investing," "I'm taking a stand against bankers, oil companies, businesses, and the wealthy," and "If America is falling behind in the world, it's because you people are failing...because the government is doing just fine."

Apart from that, the general level of hyperbole and hypocrisy was stunning. Is the man who said "America is not just a place on a map, it's a light to the world" the same Barack Hussein Obama who previously toured the world calling America "arrogant?"

I'm used to the president lying. But when he's transparently lying about loving our country and capitalism, it's sickening and saddening.

Anonymous said...

Gee, and Bush never lied, right!!!!!!!!!!!

Earl said...

No. He didn't.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- Just a quick reminder that, in a pinch, exclamation points can be used as a handy substitute for IQ points.

Howlsatmoon said...

I opted out this year. N$tfl%x delivered the first season of NCIS.

More truth in fiction dontchaknow.

Thanks for the tip about exclamation points!!!!!!

Necron99 said...

Bush... It tickles me that libtards are still beating that dead horse and using it as an excuse for their tin-god Obongo's idiocy and destructive plans for this country.

Whenever a libtard uses Bush, Raaacism, or any of their other phony baloney retorts to defend the "O-zone Liar" it always puts me in the mind of a snotty little kid on the playground screeching, "I know you are, but what am I?"

Tim said...

The exclamation point line is pure brilliance - I hope you don't mind me spreading it around the Interwebs!

Colby_Muenster said...

Dr. Jarlsberg,

We are all in eternal debt to you for "taking one for the team," and watching the circus last night. Like so many others, I can not subject myself to the canned bullcrap. And, even when BO actually says something I agree with (which isn't often), it still gives me the willies. So, thanks again, and may you recover quickly from being exposed.

Now a question. How did the whole "sheep sitting with the goats" thing go? Did they all secretly refuse to wear deodorant? Did all the Demo-groupies still stand to applaud? If so, it must have looked like a Whack-A-Mole game. Did anyone get caught using whoopee cushions?

And... Did Michelle Bachmann kick butt afterwards?

Oh, I almost forgot: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (!!!!!!)

If you insist on bringing up the distant past, let's talk a while about Jimmy Carter, and double digit inflation, and double digit unemployment, and double digit interest rates. Dare we go on?

W is not president anymore. Yeah, maybe he was not the greatest, but I will give him this. He had his priorities straight. He saw the elephant in the room. Obama only sees the mice and bugs (or is that vice and thugs?).

Anonymous said...

Brilliant analysis. Oops, I mean, brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(for any Dems reading this)
The smug, self-satisfied condescending arrogance was breathtakingly pathological. Imagine how narcisissistic the early drafts must have been before the polish team reworked it. Lost track of the times he used 'I" in the same rambling thought fragment.
Worth noting the congressional reactions: his warmed-over DREAM act and DADT references did not receive the kneejerk ovations they would have in the pre-November congress. First time to my knowledge that 1/3 of the Supreme Court boycotted the SotU. Bachmann's few minutes seemed much more germane than O's full hour-plus.
Milking Giffords (again) felt as flat as it did false. My sympathies to her as well as all the other non-famous people who are assaulted in any random day/week/month all over the land, much less coming home in flag-draped boxes from Iraq/Afghanistan... but come on. Naturally a big event in the hermetically sealed privilege bubble of DC, but I don't think most Americans view Tucson as significantly as DC does. Lapel pins? Half of these people wouldn't have known her name in a shared elevator. I wonder if across America it doesn't just make the Beltway look all the more insular, elitist and self-absorbed.

JustaJeepGuy said...

Congress in general for decades has called it a "spending cut" when they simply didn't increase spending as much as they had intended. Now Duh Won won't even use that cheap verbal camouflage? Well, he IS pretending to not increase spending, right? His change is NO change. Uh, I mean, !!!!!!!!

pryorguy said...

I agree with anon#4 up there....Im beginning to believe liberalism IS a disease, one that is incurable! I really DO NOT understand their so-called 'logic'! Maybe I should thank God for that!

John the Econ said...

It's ironic that the most anti-Reagan President ever would suggest a tenant of Reaganomics as a solution to the deficit; that deficits can be grown out of like they were in the late-90s. However, Reagan didn't get to blow umteen-trillion dollars before suggesting that as a solution, either.

I also loved his quip about how boarding all his wonderful new high-speed trains won't be at all like boarding an airplane after being molested by the TSA. Anyone buy that one too?

SC said...

Stilton, yes, thanks for taking the bullet for us & watching the SOTU. I heard a bit on the radio. You're right, no way does he love our country, and capitalism goes against the very fiber of his being. I'm with Suzy...heading over to Dunkin' Donuts.

Stilton Jarlsberg said...

Readers- As some of you have mentioned, it was really interesting to hear the spots in the speech where Obama paused for silence...then moved on. It was subtle; just a beat or two missing (the guy is good at reading an audience). But still, it was impressive how many of his scripted lines simply thudded to the ground, with even Democrats unable to pretend he'd said anything meaningful.

His early reference to Tucson was one of those areas that fell flat, as well it should have. Had Obama concentrated on the victims of that tragedy (as was the case in the Republican rebuttal), it would have been fine. But nooOOOoo, he again wanted to speak about the lessons of Tucson, which is a backhanded way of continuing the myth that it was somehow a political act. Disgusting and shameless.

Jim Hlavac said...

"Well, other than the fact that your husband's an idiot, Michelle, how did you like the speech?"

Really, such a reiteration of the same mush from every other speech he's ever given. Which can be encapsulated in the phrase: "I see the iceberg, full speed ahead!" Other than that, it was pointless.

The only good thing -- and many here will not like it -- but it's the only thing that had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the destruction of the economy and the nation which he's attempting -- is that for the first time ever a president said something good about the most maligned group of peaceful taxpaying citizens. Something that every president is going to have to start to say -- no matter how good or bad they are with the economy. I just hope President Palin says something nice about those people too, and I'm sure she will, in her state of the union speeches I await so keenly. (You know which people, I dare not say the name, lest it offend.)

JustaJeepGuy said...

Jim, everything ISN'T about "those people"; give it a rest, okay?

Rose said...


I Love It!!!